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Der Mühle (anglicized as Der Muehle) was an inn located in Altstadt, in east Prussia, and a location mentioned in both the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent and in the short story collection Remember - Amnesia: The Dark Descent—and a full setting in the short story "The Outrider."


In 1839, Der Mühle was run by an unnamed innkeeper, who kept an orphaned boy, Jacob, in his employ. On August 2nd, Daniel arrived in Altstadt and at the recommendation of his outrider, Gabriel (who by coincidence was also a local to the town), spent the night at the inn before continuing on to Brennenburg Castle.[1] Gabriel stayed there that night as well.[1] Jacob usually looked forward to hearing the stories told by visitors, especially by outriders, as they would have the most interesting stories.[2] It is unknown if Daniel obliged him in this instance.

Altstadt was not a particularly busy town, "even on market days," so the inn would not have had many visitors who would stay the night.[3] However, it was certainly enough to keep both Jacob and the innkeeper afloat, especially since it was apparently Altstadt's "only inn," which possibly means that the townsfolk frequented it for food, drink, and socializing.[1]


  • "Der Mühle" is German for "the mill."[4]
    • However, being that "Mühle" is a feminine word in German, the correct article would be "die."[4] So the inn name ought to be more accurately called "Die Mühle."[5]
    • While never specified, it's likely the inn at some point used to be, or was built on the site of, a mill. If so, it may have been a gristmill, used for grinding wheat or other grains into flour (more specially known as "gristmills" or "cornmills").[6] Some were powered by wind, some by hand, some by animals, and some by the flow of water.[6] By which of these, if any, Der Mühle once was powered is unknown.


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