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Decontamination chambers are industrial contraptions, which are encountered throughout the factory in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Their purpose is apparently to clean and disinfect those workers and overseers, such as Oswald Mandus, who are exposed to the hazardous materials—potentially including viscera, feces, chemicals, and other waste—as part of the operations of the Machine.


The first chamber is encountered in the Cellar. Their operating procedure is relatively simple. First, the entrance valve is turned to gain entry into the chamber. Once inside, there is a console with an on-off switch, two valves at the side and a switch on the opposite of the console.

After the switch is pulled a safety fence will raise and the pressure will build up in the left valve, operating it will close the gates through which the player has entered first. 

When the chamber is sealed, the switch in the central console must be turned on to begin the decontamination process. After it is finished, the pressure in the right valve will build up and the exit door can be opened.

Lastly, to end this operation, simply turn the switch opposite of the console off, the safety fence will lower and the player can proceed.


  • In the Cellar, near the end of the level.
  • In the Sewers, before the Manpig's nest
  • In the Bilge, after the rotten water has been flushed.


  • The chamber can be seen in the background of the Main Menu.
    • This specific chamber on the Main Menu is missing a left valve.
  • In the earlier versions of A Machine for Pigs, the massive fan in the centre was not present, but the beating sound of the fan could still be heard. This is most likely a glitch which was patched.
    • The chambers we're also meant to clean off the Infection fully.
  • The exit door in the Cellar seems to open much faster than the other two encountered in the game.