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This is a page containing all quotes for Daniel.

Real-time dialogue[]

This is for all lines of dialogue Daniel speaks in real-time during Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the Remember short story collection.


Don't forget... Some things mustn't be forgotten. The shadow haunting me... I must hurry. My name is Daniel, I live in London at... At... Mayfair... What have I done? This is crazy. Don't forget, Don't forget. I must stop him. Focus! My name is... Is... I am Daniel.

Intro to Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Random monologues[]

Chapter 1
These voice lines are spoken randomly by Daniel from the start of the game in the Rainy Hall up until he reaches the Elevator.

You have to get out of here

That taste... that fragrance... Damascus rose!

What... What is this place?

The darkness... Closing in...

It's cold...It's so cold.

Something is wrong, oh so wrong!

There is nothing left, everything is gone!

The flicker, the bluish light...

Getting closer, somehow...

What was that!?

Someone's coming!

This shouldn't be!

Is anyone there?

Chapter 2
These voice lines are spoken randomly by Daniel from when he reaches the Prison up until he is captured by Grunts in the Chancel.

What happened to her?

Maybe she knows...

All dressed in blue.

That shimmering, blue light...

Just like Regent's Park.

Is she dead!?

Help her! Find a way!

No! Don't kill her!

The Shadow... It's close now...

Find her!

Get her back!

She deserved it... that little..bitch.

Do whatever it takes!

Who are you to question me!?

Chapter 3
These voice lines are spoken randomly by Daniel from when he reaches the Cells (The Dark Descent) up until the end in the Orb Chamber.

Hmm... Shouldn't trust him.

He's lying.

He sees what I see!

Get away! You shouldn't do that!

Should kill them all, burn this castle to the ground!

He'll never see it coming.

Crush his skull! He deserves it!

The blood! Use it for the ritual.


[Coughing] OH! NO! Argh!

Spoken when he is consumed by the Shadow in Agrippa's ending and Alexander's ending.

It was my greatest triumph... and I never looked back. You think I was afraid fleeing Brennenburg? Quite the contrary. I knew it was my purgatory – hellfire made to wash away my sins. There's no denying the things I've done. But I have paid my tribute. I gave them that awful man... I did the right thing.

Daniel's ending.

RememberOld Friends[]

“I think, I’ll be turning in. Good night, Professor.”


This is for all Daniel voiced lines that are placed in the past during Amnesia: The Dark Descent, i.e. flashbacks.

Journey to Sanctum 1[]

Occurs after entering the Entrance Hall.

Alexander, is it inside the castle?
In a manner of speaking. Come, bring the lamp. You've been to the refinery have you not?
I don't believe I have. Is it connected to the... what did you call it?
The inner sanctum – my most precious chamber, Daniel. And it lies well beyond the refinery. In fact... it lies beneath the very stone of Brennenburg.
Daniel and Alexander on their way to the Inner Sanctum.

Map Room[]

Occurs when entering the floor plans room in the Archives.

Much of the castle is old and hasn't been tended to for centuries. When the shadow arrives, it won't take long until things start falling apart.
We are just buying time anyway. Let's do what we can.
There isn't much to be done about the wards. We should reinforce weak structures. The ground will tremble and there is a risk everything will cave in on us – especially downstairs. Here... here... and there. Let's get the servants working on it.
Alexander and Daniel discussing reinforcing Brennenburg in anticipation of the Shadow's arrival.

Secret Books[]

Occurs when entering the local history room in the Archives.

You have to be swift – when you activate the first one...
[Clicking starts, but swiftly stops]
...You hear that? If it stops, you'll have to start over.
Isn't all this a bit... excessive?
You can never be too careful, Daniel.
Alexander explaining how to access the hidden room in the Archives.

Journey to Sanctum 2[]

Occurs after entering the Refinery.

It sure is dark in here.
Yes, and there is a good reason for it. But you can light the lamp now if you wish.
What's the reason? For the darkness, that is.
Stay close – be careful not to stray.
What's the reason? Why is it so dark?
Pay attention, Daniel. It's important that you keep going straight and make sure not to stray.
Alexander and Daniel travelling through the Refinery on their way to the Inner Sanctum.

Journey to Sanctum 3[]

Occurs when entering the room with the Elevator in the Back Hall.

You have an ascending room! Will it take us to the inner sanctum?
It will definitely take care of the vertical part of our journey. So, you have ridden an elevator before?
Yes, the Colosseum at Regent's Park has one. It takes you to the gallery where you can view the panorama.
[Chains clinking]
Good. This ride might be a little longer – and in the other direction.
[The sound of a lever being pulled, followed by the elevator rumbling]
Daniel and Alexander in the Back Hall, on their way to the Inner Sanctum.

Daniel's Mind 1[]

Occurs after entering the Guest Room.

My journal is gone. What would they want with my journal?
Daniel realising his journal has been taken from the Guest Room.

Daniel's Mind 2[]

Occurs after breaking open the closet door with the crowbar in the Guest Room.

The key! Please, let it be here.
Daniel trying to find the key to the Machine Room.

Daniel's Mind 3[]

Occurs when finding the key behind the painting in the Guest Room.

Oh, thank God, there it is. Huh, I guess it is a good place to hide it then.
Daniel after finding the key to the Machine Room.


Occurs when examining the bed in the Guest Room.

[gasp] What?
Still having nightmares, I see.
Yes, I can't shake them. They come every night.
We'll put a stop to them. You'll see.
Daniel waking up from a nightmare.

Chasing Girl 1[]

Occurs while walking towards the blocked off path in the Storage.

Young girl
Please, let me go. I won't tell anyone, I swear. I just want to go home... No! Get away from me! Leave me alone!
Elise Zimmermann begging for her life.

Chasing Girl 2[]

Occurs while further advancing into the Storage.

Young girl
Why are you doing this!? Get away from me.
Elise Zimmermann growing more panicked.

Chasing Girl 3[]

Occurs just before entering the final room in the storage.

Young girl
Oh god, no! Please, I beg you!
[The sound of a person being stabbed multiple times, coupled with grunting]
Elise Zimmermann begging at her most desperate and being interrupted by death.

Mirage 1[]

Occurs when re-entering the Back Hall after being in the Storage.

Don't forget your bag, Daniel.
I won't, Herbert.
There is no shame in using a parasol in the desert. As it happens, it's imperative to your survival.
But it looks ridiculous.
The shame will hurt much less than dying, I assure you.
Daniel and Herbert during their Algerian expedition.

Journey to Sanctum 4[]

Occurs after entering the prison.

Come – this way.
[A prisoner is heard moaning loudly in the distance]
What was that?
Forgive me. I should have warned you. One of my responsibilities as a baron is that of a prison warden. This is where criminals are locked up.
Like a dungeon?
Very much so. Come – don't linger.
Alexander leading Daniel through the prison on their way to the Inner Sanctum.


Occurs when entering the room where the chipper can be found in the southern prison block.

Where is she!? Where did she go!?
[sobbing] No, I won't tell. I'll never tell you!
You are just making things worse. Look – this is no place for a young girl all by herself. She could be hurt or worse. There is no telling what horrors await down there.
Daniel interrogating Agathe Zimmermann about her escaped daughter's whereabouts.


Occurs while walking through a hallway in the northern prison block.

Hey you! Stop!
Young girl
Don't come any closer! I just want to leave.
[The sound of a door being opened, followed by the sound of heavy rainfall]
You can't go outside! It's too dangerous!
[Door closed]
Young girl
I'm telling Gabriel.
I doubt that very much.
Daniel chasing after the escaped girl.

Journey to Sanctum 5[]

Occurs after entering the Cistern Entrance.

So you use the drain sewers as a means of transport?
Yes – they were built to divert water from an underground spring and are quite spacious. It seemed only natural to incorporate it into the overall structure.
But we won't be using it.
Not today. The flow is seasonal and when the spring runs dry, the damp tunnels produce a rather poisonous type of fungi. There is an antidote of course – but we won't be bothering with it today. Come, this way instead. We're almost there.
Alexander and Daniel in the Cistern Entrance on their way to the Inner Sanctum.

Mirage 2[]

Occurs after entering the Control Room.

[Clacking sound of a camel's hooves]
Herbert, how did we find this place?
An old friend back in Algiers gave me a map.
Why isn't he with us? Didn't he want to come?
He wanted to Daniel. But things don't always turn out the way we plan.
Herbert and Daniel discussing Faraj.

Cistern Visit[]

Occurs after entering the Cistern.

You are conserving water from the spring.
Yes, it enables me to control the water in the drain sewers to some extent. Also, it can be used for all sorts of purposes.
Like for drinking.
Well, that too. But mostly to run different machines.
Ahh... like water mills.
Alexander showing Daniel the cistern.

Morgue Visit[]

Occurs after entering the Morgue.

Do you see Daniel? It has yielded.
The shadow.
It has?
For now. Come; let's get this out of here so we can get some peace.
Yes, lets. Where to?
Just down the corridor. To the morgue.
Are there more – dead men there?
You did well, Daniel. Come, let's get going.
Alexander and Daniel, on their way to the Morgue.

Journey to Sanctum 6[]

Occurs after entering the Chancel.

Just a little further.
It's like Orpheus descending into the underworld!
Are you hiding something?
What do you mean?
Never mind. Your intuition is – remarkable.
I'm not sure I'm following.
It doesn't matter. It's just a myth after all.
Alexander and Daniel entering the Chancel, heading for the Inner Sanctum.

Wait Room[]

Occurs when re-entering the Nave from the Chancel.

These cells are meant to hold prisoners who are under treatment. The people you send for will end up here. Remember that the confinement itself works as a preamble to the torture and you should pace yourself. Don't take anyone before they are ready.
Sounds from the torture chambers are shuffled in through those pipes in the ceiling. Manage your victims well and let one prisoner's pain instill terror in his cellmate.
Alexander explaining the holding cells to Daniel.

Prisoner Dragged[]

Occurs whilst walking towards one of the torture rooms in the Transept.

Let me go, you brute! [grunts]
The Cradle is ready.
You? You're a man... How can you partake in this!?
Is he alright?
He is one of the wicked. Don't pay his lies any attention.
I'm not a bad man. It was an accident...
He set a man on fire.
It wasn't my fault! Why won't anyone listen!?
That's horrible.
Of course – we are dealing with monsters here.
Alexander and Daniel dragging a prisoner to the Judas' Cradle.

Torture Wheel[]

Occurs after entering the room with the torture wheel in the Choir – Main Hall.

The wheel is good for keeping your victim still during the procedure. They can be bound around the circumference or simply stretched across, tying limbs to the spokes and rim. All tools are, by this point, useful and you may administer the torture in any way you like. But the forte of the wheel is the gaps. When you have decided that the victim shall die, you can smash their limbs with a hammer, making them fold in between the frame.
But they'll die – too quickly, I mean.
No, don't worry. The human body is much more resilient. They can survive for days until they finally succumb.
Alexander explaining the torture wheel to Daniel.


This is for all Daniel lines of writing from Amnesia: The Dark Descent, its expansion Amnesia: Justine, and Amnesia: Rebirth.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent[]

Daniel's Note to Self[]

Found at the end of the Old Archives.

19th of August, 1839

I wish I could ask you how much you remember. I don't know if there will be anything left after I consume this drink.

Don't be afraid Daniel. I can't tell you why, but know this, I choose to forget. Try to find comfort and strength in that fact. There is a purpose. You are my final effort to put things right.

God willing, the name Alexander of Brennenburg still invokes bitter anger in you. If not, this will sound horrible.

Go to the Inner Sanctum, find Alexander and kill him. His body is old and weak, and yours, young and strong. He will be no match for you.

One last thing, a shadow is following you. It's a living nightmare, breaking down reality.

I have tried everything and there is no way to fight back. You need to escape it as long as you can.

Redeem us both Daniel. Descend into the darkness where Alexander waits and murder him.

Your former self,

Algeria: 16 May 1839[]

Found in the Archives.

16th of May 1839

The unflinching African sun has continued to plague our expedition, making it impossible to dig until dusk. How Professor Herbert managed to find the location in these vast plains of nothingness remains a mystery to me. When I asked him about the tomb again, he told me about the legend of Tin Hinan, "the mother of us all". An interesting story in its own right, but I can't help feeling there's more.

Later that evening, we uncovered a passage beneath the dunes leading to a sand-covered stone structure. The professor was confident it was the tomb we sought and ordered the others to clear the way—late into the dark cold night.

Tomorrow, I shall lead the men into the ancient structure, hoping to reach the burial chamber. No matter what the professor is keeping from me, the dig should yield something interesting to take back to London and the British Museum.

Algeria: 17 May 1839[]

Found in the Archives.

17th of May 1839

My hands tremble as I write. I feel a need to document my tribulation for I fear that my memory will fail me if I linger.

Today I took some men and ventured into the dark ancient passage we uncovered. Our torches burned faintly in the murky air as we slowly made our way underground. The men were superstitious and fearful. They argued loudly and I felt their strange language getting to me. I mustered my strength and yelled at them to continue down the slopes and broken steps.

The crudely carved passage confused me. It looked much older than the 4th century structure we had expected. The twisting path emerged into a great ante-chamber. The walls were lined with statues unlike any I'd ever seen. Despite their unearthly quality I felt a strange familiarity toward them, which haunts me still. At the far end of the chamber, a great slab of stone sealed off whatever lay ahead. I gave the order to raise it, and as I pushed through the narrow space, the heavy stone suddenly dropped, sealing me inside.

I was trapped.

Algeria: 17 May 1839 – Inside Chamber[]

Found in the Archives.

17th of May 1839

After pounding the unforgiving stone wall for what seemed like an eternity, I realized it was hopeless. I was trapped.

I fell to the ground gasping for air, trying to focus. That's when I saw a faint blue shimmer.

My weakened body was heavy to carry, but I managed to push myself towards the enchanting light.

It was waiting for me. Enclosed in dark nothingness, I felt myself drawn to the mystic light. I reached out, closing it in my hands.

The faint glow escaped my fingers and began to spark brightly and spirit me away. Unlocking alien memories of spiralling towers, endless deserts, and impossible geometry.

The next thing I can remember is the grating sound of stone being lifted. The voices of the Arabs pulling me to safety. And grasped firmly in my hands was the broken pieces of a most peculiar relic.

Return: 22 June 1839[]

Found in the Refinery.

22nd of June 1839

It's been more than a month since my last entry. After the event inside the underground chamber in Algeria, professor Herbert insisted I return to England. He said he didn't want to risk forfeiting the entire expedition lest I took a turn for the worse. An excessive decision in retrospect, but I'm glad it turned out that way.

I found my journal this morning in the haphazard collection of things brought home from Africa. Next to it lay the broken stone orb wrapped in cloth. I tried to assemble it, but I couldn't. The pieces wouldn't fit together, as if they weren't from the same object. Could I have imagined it all? Was there ever a complete orb?

Return: 25 June 1839[]

Found in the Refinery.

25th of June 1839

I feel the need to continue this journal, even though it was intended for my journey in Africa. This must be something very important, I just know it. I've taken it upon myself to piece the orb back together, but it's been more difficult than one might think. The pieces are behaving strangely. They seem to change color, shape and texture, but ever so slightly.

Yesterday I took careful measurements and notated any significant markings. Today, I confirmed my suspicions. They were changing. I was terrified and rushed off to see the finest geologist in London, Sir William Smith. I approached the subject with care, and we discussed how rocks change form. He told me about the nature of glass, how it eventually collapses on itself, like ice slowly melting over the course of centuries.

Smith eased my mind a bit, but I can't escape the feeling that these shards have otherworldly properties.

Revelations: 2 July 1839[]

Found in the Guest Room.

2nd of July 1839

I received a letter today from the Algerian governor's office disclosing the fate of Herbert's expedition. About a week after my departure, Abdullah, one of the men traveling with us, returned from the desert. He was badly injured, as if maimed by a lion. The man rambled deliriously about the expedition being attacked by something horrible.

The French quickly dispatched a search party to look for the expedition. After searching for days, they found the camp abandoned without any trace of Herbert or his men. Tomorrow I'll retrieve the things they recovered from Herbert's tent at the customs house. I don't know what to make of it, but I'm worried for him.

Revelations: 3 July 1839[]

Found in the Guest Room.

3rd of July 1839

Today I picked up Herbert's things at the custom's house. I dug through the trove of documents he had carried and found a log detailing the expedition. The nature of this text ranged from quick notes to colourful accounts of transpired events. I skimmed the pages, trying to figure out what might have happened.

May 17, the day I was trapped inside the orb chamber, Herbert dryly states:

"Recovered Daniel after one hour of entrapment."

This confused me greatly. I was suffocating within minutes. How could I have lasted an hour?

I continued reading the peculiar text. Herbert states his facts without judgement or passion, but suddenly I could read frustration into his text. He pushed his men to investigate the underground tomb, an effort which seems to have strained the minds of his men. Madness spread through the ranks, and Herbert had to take some extreme measures to continue. He finally visits the chamber himself, where he retrieves the orb to the surface.

His account confuses me greatly. If he has the orb, what are those pieces in my drawing room?

Revelations: 4 July 1839[]

Found in the Guest Room.

4th of July 1839

It's done! The orb is assembled. I was awakened by an exhausting nightmare. Shaking and sweating, I retired to the drawing room with a cup of tea. The relic pieces lay spread across the table as I'd left them. But somehow, I knew how it was supposed to be. I fetched the tar, which I had prepared to fix the pieces together, and without fault, I joined them, producing the orb I remembered so clearly. The tar proved unnecessary. It was pushed out from the joining pieces as they merged on their own with no adhesive.

The ancient stone relic now rests on my table. Its immaculate surface and perfect shape could have been molded by a factory. This is all too strange.

Haunted: 5 July 1839[]

Found in the Machine Room.

5th of July 1839

Today I went to the university looking for answers. I was able to sneak into Herbert's office and pick up an address book along with some relevant text books.

Professor Taylor at the faculty of history was very helpful and I managed to approach the subject of the orbs. The most interesting aspect was the prevalent trace they had left in our culture. The mythic orbs may in fact have inspired the Globus Cruciger which so many royal regalia holds to this day. In ancient times the orbs were held by priests as a symbol of the sun and its power.

As I was leaving I overheard a disturbing conversation. Sir William Smith, the geologist, was killed last night. Less than a fortnight had passed since I'd asked for his expertise. I know it's silly, but I can't help feeling responsible somehow.

Haunted: 14 July 1839[]

Found in the Machine Room.

14th of July 1839

I've read every book I can find on the subject. While rich in legend and hearsay, my knowledge is lack for the insight I crave. I've sent letters to many in Herbert's address book, and received answers of varying importance.

Today I got one which differed greatly from the others--- from a baron in Prussia. He said nothing about the quaint stories of priests in underground temples. He didn't even mention them. He simply wrote:

"I know. I can protect you. Come to Brennenburg castle." Signed Alexander.

What am I to make of this? Protect me from what? Is someone after me? I looked up Brennenburg and traced it to the Prussian woods near the Baltic Sea. While being the least informative letter I've received, it causes me greatest distress and interest.

As I write my thoughts are drawn to my nightmares in which a most disturbing sound calls to me. A sound defying description, a voice from the void. The last few weeks have been awful with so many sleepless nights dreading a repeat of those horrid dreams. Tomorrow I shall visit my physician, Doctor Tate, in hope that he can provide me with sedatives to help me sleep.

Haunted: 17 July 1839[]

Found in the Machine Room.

17th of July 1839

How has this escaped me? They're all dead. Limbs scattered, heads split down the middle, their skin flayed as if boiled. I feel like I'm falling into myself. What's happening? Sir William Smith, professor Taylor and now Doctor Tate. Is it following me? How can it not be? It's the damned thing I brought from Africa. Something is after me.

I have no choice but to trust the baron. He better know what he claims. If he is wrong, I suspect he'll regret it as well.

Brennenburg: 2 August 1839[]

Found in the Prison's Northern Block.

2nd of August 1839

I have arrived at the village of Altstadt. It's a haven in the midst of a vast forest and it's the last stop before my final destination, Castle Brennenburg. It's late in the evening and the outrider, who has been with the coach since Bremen, advised me to wait until morning before I venture further.

I have arranged for a bed at Der Mühle, the village's only inn, and am now waiting for the sun to rise. I try to sleep, but as I close my eyes I see the men who fell victim in London. My fear and shame forces me to witness the same scenes over and over.

They are dead because of me.

Brennenburg: 3 August 1839[]

Found in the Prison's Northern Block.

3rd of August 1839

I feel like I have fled the world and all its worries. Brennenburg is a majestic creation perched upon a forest-clad hill with towers reaching well above even the highest pine trees. Following the winding road leading to the gates gives the impression of discovering something forgotten, as if journeying with Marco Polo to the hidden Xanadu.

Alexander, the baron, is a peculiar but gracious man. He seems well versed in worldly matters and is not at all as eccentric as I assumed. My room is exquisite and I am confident that no hotel for miles could even hope to match it.

As the sun sets on Brennenburg its fairy-tale varnish turns to an eerie gloom. Alexander's strange servants are never far away. They are a quiet lot and their behavior could only be described as skulking. Alexander seems pleased by my presence. As he puts it, it seems like I got here just in time.

Brennenburg: 4 August 1839[]

Found in the Prison's Northern Block.

4th of August 1839

The nightmares woke me up in the early morning and for a moment I forgot where I was. Shortly after there was a knock on my door. Alexander had heard my screams and asked me to join him in the parlor.

As we drank our tea, Alexander began to tell me what he knew. It seems like the orb I found casts a long and dark shadow. It is not only a powerful item, but a dangerous one. Simply by touching it you invoke the powers within and if you are too weak to control it, it will devour you. The shadow is a sluggish thing lagging behind the wielder, killing anyone or anything in its path to reclaim the Orb.

I said I didn't care about its powers and that I should throw it away. Alexander advised against this as I would still be a part of the path to the Orb and eventually suffer death. Having the Orb, I would at least have the chance to fight back when the time came. I asked Alexander what he meant when he said he could protect me and he answered that things can be done- but at a price.

Discovery: 7 August 1839[]

Found in the Cistern.

7th of August 1839

There is no denying that Alexander puts a lot of faith into what I can only describe as magic. I'm not surprised, even while traveling across Europe I assumed I would have to embrace the supernatural to save my mind and life. As a novice I do everything in my power to stay focused and not dwell too much on my own doubts.

Alexander woke me up early and told me it was time we got started on our work. He was obviously excited to get going and we headed downstairs to the old dungeon where he preferred to attempt his rituals.

It turns out that Alexander is a true Renaissance man, paralleled only by Da Vinci, I'm sure. He showed me several rooms fitted for specific research such as anatomy studies, alchemy and botany. The crown of Brennenburg must be the Inner Sanctum, a most hallowed ground, where we shall attempt to permanently banish the Orb's shadow.

Discovery: 8 August 1839[]

Found in the Cistern.

8th of August 1839

I could never be certain until today that I was on the right path. Using my Orb, Alexander managed to channel its powers unto us. The Inner Sanctum flared with blue fiery light and I could feel the same things I felt in the dark chamber in Algeria. It was like standing in a mad whirlpool of impressions. It was terrifying, but Alexander kept calm and wielded strange tools of science in order to tame the storm.

Suddenly the blue light was stained by strains of red and the walls burst with pulsating tissue resonating with the scene. Alexander quickly covered the Orb in some cloth and the unspeakable thing vanished. Apparently, the Orb's shadow is closer than Alexander thought. He says I should prepare for a warding ritual tomorrow. I'm not sure what he expects, but I have a bad feeling about this.

Discovery: 9 August 1839[]

Found in the Cistern.

9th of August 1839

It is still early and Alexander is busy preparing for the ritual later today. Seeing him this worked up makes me question, why? What does he stand to gain? I realize he is curious about it all, but surely there must be more. Is he so foolish he will attempt to tame the power of the Orb?

I must admit that yesterday when Alexander flooded the Inner Sanctum with blue light, I realized we had but grazed the Orb's true potential. This might turn out to be more than escaping a creeping shadow. It might be the beginning of something truly extraordinary.

Ritual: 9 August 1839[]

Found in the Nave.

9th of August 1839

I can't stop sweating and shaking. The warding ritual was not something of a sane mind! I did not even realize the dungeon was still in use. Alexander had his servants bring one of the prisoners, a murderer, he told me. Alexander made all of the arrangements but he said I had to perform the ritual in order to have the right effect. The Shadow could be led astray by the blood of another. Killing the man would provide us precious time.

What else could I do? Alexander said it had to be done. He is saving my life, I don't have the luxury of argument.

Prisoners: 12 August 1839[]

Found in the Chancel.

12th of August 1839

The banishment ritual is taking longer than expected and we have to do what is needed. I spend my time helping out with the prisoners. Being around these degenerates makes me ill. None of them even tries to face their punishment with any kind of dignity. They taunt me with their lies of innocence and their cowardly pleas of mercy. What can make a man fall so far from the grace of a civilized existence? They are all wicked men and I remind myself of it constantly. Still, I am thankful for God sending these monsters our way, as they will serve as the instruments of my salvation.

I try to study the different tools in the torture chamber and learn how to use them effectively. Last time was messy and the effect suffered from my inexperience.

When the next warding is to be performed, I shall be ready.

The Ceremony: 15 August 1839 – The Sacrifice[]

Found in the Choir – Entrance.

15th of August 1839

The blood wards are failing. The shadow beckons and its cry disarms my actions.

Hurry, no time to spare. You have to kill another.

Alexander produces a knife. He wants me to cut the flesh.

Do it, save yourself. He is a murderer, Daniel. He is evil – a cold blooded killer. Hurry.

Alexander, you must let me be. I have to concentrate.

Paint the man, cut the lines, cut the flesh, watch the blood spill – let it come.

Please, I didn’t do anything.

Paint the man, cut the lines. Paint the man, cut the lines!

Please! the man cries.

Hush, hush – now you sleep.

I did well! One life for another. You hear me, Guardian of the Orb? I did all this for you! Now, once more, withdraw your shadow from my domain!

Alexander, there isn’t much time. I can feel it. We must act swiftly. I will do whatever it takes.

Visit: 18 August 1839 – The Kidnapping[]

Found in the Nave – Redux.

18th of August 1839

Tonight, we will unlock the power of the Orb and ultimately banish the shadow hunting me. I feel it closing in on me and I fear for my life more than ever.

Just outside Altstadt lies a small settlement where Zimmerman, a dairy farmer, lives with his wife and three children. We took the coach and went there. Our visit was unexpected and Alexander was able to strike Herr Zimmerman down without alerting the others. As he went to take care of the farm hands, I began to look for the children.

We should have more than enough prisoners to finish the ritual now.

Downfall: 18 August 1839[]

Found in the Chancel – Redux.

18th of August 1839

I cannot believe what I have become. One of the girls escaped and I chased after her all the way upstairs. I hunted her down and...

What is a life worth? How many lives can I take before I surrender my own? Sure, I would kill a murderer to save an innocent. But to kill an innocent to save myself – a cold blooded murderer!

Revenge: 19 August 1839[]

Found in the Inner Sanctum.

19th of August 1839

It’s not fair! I’m not to blame. I’ve been manipulated by that demon. He played my guilty conscience and duped me into facing the shadow alone. That vile, conspiring man. He expects me to meet my death as he steals power beyond imagination?

Alexander, I will kill you for what you have done. If only the shadow had caught me in London or Algeria, I wouldn’t have to suffer this humiliation. You made me a murderer, a monster!

And now, I merely await my death. I'm too weak to press on. I can hardly stand as my knees fail me, I cannot see, as my eyes are dressed in tears. I'm as broken as the men I've tortured. If only I could wipe my fear away as we did with them.

Amnesia: Justine[]

Unopened Letter[]

Found in the Dungeon.

7 July 1839

Monsieur Florbelle,

My name is Daniel, a friend and colleague of Professor Herbert. As I have come to understand, you are among his most trusted friends and confidantes, therefor I shall reveal my predicament in hope that you can shed some light on the matter.

Earlier this year Herbert and I set out on an expedition to the deserts of Algeria. While looking for the legendary tomb of Tin Hinan we happened upon a cavern temple buried deep beneath the sand. In its inner sanctum, I retrieved a stone orb which cracked and split into several pieces. Due to exhaustion, I was sent back to Britain and waited for his return.

I have since lost all contact with Herbert and I find myself deeply troubled by the whole affair. I believe Herbert knew more than he was telling and that he sent me back to protect me from whatever ancient horror we may have stirred.

If you can share any insight on the matter I would be most grateful.

Forever in your debt,


Amnesia: Rebirth[]

Letter to Hazel[]

Found in The Fortress

16th May 1839

Dearest Hazel

I hope this letter finds you well. We are now in the desert proper, and the heat is beyond belief. We have taken shelter in the courtyard of a ruined fortress until the sun is lower. There is nothing but desolation outside, mountainous crags amidst endless waves of sand. Professor Herbert is certain he can find the route to the tomb, although I cannot see how, for the dunes shift and change.

I have written on your behalf to father, but I do not think he will [...]