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The last entry of Daniel's diary.

Daniel's personal diary entries are found throughout the castle in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. They are one of the primary sources of knowledge of Daniel's actions before he drank the Amnesia potion.

The diary itself appears to have been destroyed and the pages ripped out and scattered throughout Castle Brennenburg by either Daniel himself, Alexander, and/or Gatherers.


One part is found on the table in the "Rare Books" section of the Archives, another is found on the desk in the "Study" room, and a third is found in the "Maps" section. Gathering all three will trigger a cutscene.

16 May 1839[]

17 May 1839[]

17 May 1839 – Inside Chamber[]


One part can be found by entering the room to the left of the hall where you see the Servant Grunt, and another can be found on a table in the corresponding room to your right.

22 June 1839[]

25 June 1839[]


One entry can be found on the desk in the room you start it. Another one can be found in the bedroom to the left, and a third one can be found in the large wardrobe accessed by breaking open the door with a crowbar.

2 July 1839[]

3 July 1839[]

4 July 1839[]


One part can be found in the room with the levers, another part can be found in the room where you insert the rods for the elevator machinery, and a third one is to the immediate right on a small table in the main room with the elevator machinery.

5 July 1839[]

14 July 1839[]

17 July 1839[]


One entry can be found in the prison kitchen. Another entry can be found in a cell to your right as you're heading towards the storage, and a third one can be found on the floor in a cell at the end of the corridor you reach if you head to the left once you reach the fork that is labelled "Cell Area III."

2 August 1839[]

3 August 1839[]

4 August 1839[]


The Cistern is shaped vaguely like a cross (+), and one diary entry can be found at each spoke of the cross (aside from the one you entered from). They are all close to the water valves you use to drain the water from the sewer.

7 August 1839[]

8 August 1839[]

9 August 1839 (1)[]


9 August 1839 (2)[]


12 August 1839[]

The Ceremony[]

15 August 1839 – The Sacrifice[]


18 August 1839 – The Kidnapping[]


18 August 1839[]


19 August 1839[]


  • There are few diary entries scrapped from the final release of The Dark Descent:
  • Despite being an Englishman, Daniel uses the American English spellings of several words. This is likely just an error on the game's writers' part.