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"Please, call me D. Brevis."
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"I know you, D. Brevis. I know what you fear. I will rain excrement into your very soul. I will destroy you."
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Corporal D. Brevis was a non-commissioned officer of the French Foreign Legion, stationed in the Algerian desert at Al-Mamaru Fort.[2] He is a mentioned character in Amnesia: Rebirth.


Corporal D. Brevis was a member of the French garrison at Al-Mamaru Fort. He died during the fall of the fort caused by an infestation of sadistic and murderous Ghouls.


Early life[]

Almost nothing is known about Brevis’ early life. But it can be presumed that he was of a non-French nationality, due to his service in the French Foreign Legion, and due to the legion’s traditional requirement of taking pseudonyms, it is very possible that “D. Brevis” is not his real name.[1]

Algerian posting[]

At some point, Brevis joined the French garrison at Al-Mamaru Fort as a non-commissioned officer.

Fall of Al-Mamaru Fort[]

Sometime between March 19th and March 22nd, Brevis requested a transfer from the fort, likely due to the numerous deaths.[2] It can be presumed Brevis either committed suicide or was slaughtered by Ghouls.


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