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This is a list of the Crypt memories located inside the Crypt in Amnesia: Justine. If Justine examines the grave headstone or statue in the Crypt, the screen turns white and shows her father's memories, similar to Alexander's memory capsules.


Scattered Debris 3

Loading screen that shows up when entering the Crypt.


If Justine examines the grave, presumably her father's, with the unfinished letter addressed to Professor Thurston Herbert’s lying next to it, this text appears:

"It all made sense, he thought, we all appreciate symmetry. Everyone is comforted by the causality of logic. It gives the impression of a grand plan and that we may be able to grasp the inner workings of this perfect universe.

You see, his wife had died while giving birth to his son. That is why he was able to forgive. His family was just giving in to the symmetry."


If Justine examines the angelic statue, possibly a vivid representation of her mother (or of how her father saw her), this text appears:

"What was mother like?"

"She was the most beautiful creature ever to grace this world."

"I can't remember what she looked like, no matter how hard I try."

"Her beauty was blinding, Justine. We could never dare to chain such memory to our minds. It would be too much to bear."