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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
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"My name is... Is... I am... Crater!"
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The Crater is a key location in Amnesia: The Bunker, being behind most of the main events of the game. It is featured in the Prologue and can later be accessed again through a discreet crawlspace.


The Crater is a large area found amidst the No Man's Land of the Western Front, France. It is a rocky and cavernous in nature, with a misty pool sitting in the middle of its base.


The Crater is first seen in the Prologue, when, on the 9th of July, protagonist Henri Clément set out to find his friend Augustin Lambert, who had disappeared earlier after being sent out to patrol duty. He wandered No Man's Land and followed a flare, finding Lambert, weakened, laying inside the crater.

In an attempt to aid his friend, Henri unknowingly scooped what he believed to be spring water and had Lambert drink it. He then grabbed hold of him and uses a rope to get them both up and out of the Crater. However, once they attempted to make their way back to French lines, they were spotted by German forces and attacked. Clément was hit by an explosion and knocked out, severely injured. As revealed by Lambert's notes, Lambert himself miraculously regained strength at this time and carried Lambert back to the bunker.[citation needed] Unfortunately, the "spring water" was no ordinary water, and over the following week, Lambert lost his mind and transformed, eventually mutating into a monstrous creature.

Escaping the bunker[]

The Crater can be found weeks later, by entering a tight crawlspace right behind the Detonator Handle in the Roman Tunnels. Inside, Lambert's dog tag can be retrieved from the ground, along with the Rabbit Toy he mentioned in his jounals.[citation needed]


  • It is widely believed the liquid emerging from the Crater is the liquid from Amnesia: Rebirth that is utilized in the creation of the Ghouls.[speculation] This is due to similarities in Lambert's journal entries descriptions of his slow mutations into The Stalker and the many notes from Alex Noyer and Toussaint Beaufoy that mention the Other World and even Empress Tihana
  • Occasional soldier voices and machine gun bursts can be heard in the background.