"Mademoiselle Justine, are you down there? Is everything all right?"
―Clarice, as Justine leaves the Cabinet of Perturbation
Clarice is a character in Amnesia: Justine who is a childhood friend and later housemaid to Justine Florbelle. She is voiced by Lani Minella.


Not much of Clarice's past is known, but a note found in the Library tells us that Clarice used to spend her childhood times with Justine, and was consequently scolded several times by the housemaids for merely playing with Justine. This is common because at that period of time, those living downstairs were mostly not allowed to made contact with the aristocracy. In the game, Clarice is never showed in person, as she is only mentioned in the notes. Her voice can be heard, however, at the end of the game.

After Justine survives the "tests" she prepared for herself in the Cabinet of Perturbation, she will call Clarice and ask if the evening banquet has been prepared. Depending on the ending, Clarice will ask Justine if she heard noises coming from downstairs too, Justine denies it and Clarice apologizes for her silliness. Or Justine will ask Clarice to deliver some letters, Clarice asks if the letters are urgent, but Justine says they should've been sent years ago, she simply told her "I just thought they should know... I'm still alive".

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