"The flow is seasonal and when the spring runs dry, the damp tunnels produce a rather poisonous type of fungi."
―Alexander talking about Sewer access

The Cistern Entrance, or Entrance to Cistern, is the area following the Prison, and is the seventeenth Location and third Hub.


There are four rooms connected to this area:

  • Control Room - The ladder has to be lowered before it can be accessed.
  • Cistern - The bridge needs to be lowered before it can be accessed.
  • Morgue - The bridge needs to be lowered before it can be accessed.
  • Sewer - The sewage water must be drained, and Daniel has to inject himself with an antitoxin to survive the poisonous fungi that thrive in the Sewer.

The Cistern Entrance is a large, well-lit, safe room. According to a commentary node in this area, the developers designed the Cistern Entrance in such a way that it provides a break from the frightening, dark, and claustrophobic (not to mention dangerous) atmosphere the Prison possesses.

The first puzzle is to lower a ladder on the pillar in the middle of the main room in order to access the walkway above, which leads to the Control Room and to levers that can lower bridges to two other rooms. But while the bridge to the Cistern can be lowered immediately, a machine in the Control Room must be fixed, and a chain holding the other bridge connecting to the Morgue unstuck using one of the rocks in the area, in order to bring this second bridge down. The water blocking the path to the Sewer entrance must be redirected to the Cistern. Since the Sewer, when dry, breeds poisonous fungi in it, a vaccine from the Morgue is required in order to pass through unharmed.


  • If Daniel has low sanity, a dead man can be seen hanging against the pillar.
  • It is possible that the inaccessible gate found in here is the same gate found in the Chancel, since Alexander tells Daniel they are close to their destination.
  • The Cistern Entrance is the only one of the four Hubs that is not consumed by the Shadow by the time Daniel leaves the area.

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