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"How do you justify your violence? Is it for the greater good? Are you doing the world a service?"
―Alexander taunting Daniel telepathically when the latter enters the Choir - Main Hall

The Choir - Main Hall is a large room within Brennenburg Castle, accessible from the Choir Entrance.


The Choir was used for torture and contains three rooms, each of which has a different torture device: an Iron Maiden, a Torture Wheel and a Brazen Bull. Extreme methods such as the Brazen Bull were not used to extract vitae but rather to instill terror in the other victims, ensuring maximum vitae could be harvested via other torture methods later on. Pipes run to each of the torture rooms from the entrance, which supposedly carry the screams of torture victims back to the cells in the Nave. These can be used by the player as a guide for navigating the dark, red fog-filled area.

As soon as Daniel enters, Alexander telepathically taunts him about "salvation", blaming him again for all the death and suffering, trying to urge him to abandon taking revenge.

The mushroom for Agrippa's Potion can be found in the Choir. It is located outside the entrance to the chamber with the Brazen Bull.

The Choir is full of Brutes, making it perhaps the most dangerous area in the entire game. Despite the presence of the thick fog, the lantern is actually not needed (with the exception of the walkway leading to the torture wheel room), so keeping the lantern off is advisable to avoid encounters and save on oil. Should a Brute encounter ensue, Daniel should not attempt to run -- Brutes can overtake him easily -- but hide and wait behind a nearby pillar for the monstrosity to walk by. Hiding and even running is not too difficult here as the entire area is dark, although these tasks may be difficult at low sanity. It is possible to lure a chasing Brute into a pit, like jumping onto collapsed pillars suspended over the chasm, but one has to be incredibly swift and nimble. [1]

After Daniel escapes the Cells and makes his way back to the Nave, the Choir and Transept will have completely collapsed underneath the Shadow.

Best Way to Navigate the Area Edit

  • As you enter the Choir, you will automatically face left. Hug the left wall while walking forward and you will eventually reach the Iron Maiden room. Collect everything, most importantly the Orb piece.
  • Exit the Iron Maiden room and move forward. You will pass a bridge to your left. Do not cross it as a monster lurks nearby. Continue moving forward until you reach the edge, then turn right and cross the first bridge you see to your left.
  • Collect the items near the rocks in front of you, then move near the wall. Proceed forward while hugging the right wall, and you will eventually reach the Wheel room. Collect everything.
  • Exit the Wheel room and continue moving forward with the wall to your right. Once you come to the collapsed pillar, you might hear a Brute growling. Hide for a while until you feel safe, and then cross over the gap using the collapsed pillar. Keep moving forward while hugging the wall to your right until you reach a room with a bunch of mushrooms outside. Break the largest one with your hammer and chipper and take the Poison Gland. Afterwards, enter the Brazen Bull room and collect the last piece of the orb.
  • Exit the Brazen Bull room and move forward, still hugging the wall to your right. When you have to choose between going right and going straight, go straight until you reach the edge. Move forward with the edge to your right until you reach a bridge. Slowly cross it and move forward until you reach the exit.

Collectibles Edit

Tinderboxes Edit

  • Take an immediate left when you enter the choir - Main Hall until you reach a corner. A tinderbox sits here on the ground next to a couple of boulders.(129)
  • Turn back around towards the entrance and follow the wall all the way until you reach an endless pit. A tinderbox sits in the corner between the wall and the pit.(130)
  • Cross the bridge nearby and head on straight. A tinderbox and an oil canister can be found on the ground near a couple of boulders.(131)
  • From 131, follow the wall to the left until you reach a corner. A tinderbox sits on the ground here. Beware though, as a Brute lurks nearby.(132)
  • Keep following the wall, around the bend and past the torture room until you reach a bottomless pit with a fallen pillar bridging the gap. The tinderbox is near the pit, at the pillar.(133)
  • Jump up on the pillar and walk across the pit. It can be a bit tricky, but it's possible - try spamming the jump button. When you've reached the other side, turn left and take a look at the corner of the pit and the wall - a tinderbox should be at the floor.(134)
  • Keep heading straight from the fallen pillar, and turn right when it's possible to reach the Brazen Bull torture room. In here, a tinderbox can be found behind a pillar on the left side of the room.(135)
  • Head out of the room with the Brazen Bull and head straight until it's possible to take a right. Near the wall and another bottomless pit there is another broken pillar on the ground. A tinderbox is on the ground nearby.(136)
  • From 136, follow the bottomless pit to the left until you reach a bridge. Once you do, head right all the way until you reach the torture room with the Iron Maiden. In here, turn left into the first little protuberance in the room. The final tinderbox of the Choir sits here on the ground. (137)

Oil Canisters and Barrels Edit

  • One oil container can be found near the wall, across the bridge on the east side of the choir.
  • Another one can be found opposite the broken down pillar that form a makeshift bridge.

Laudanum Edit

  • In the room with the iron maiden.


  • The player can also navigate the Choir simply by following the pipes on the ceiling.
  • The music heard in the Choir is the same music heard in the game's menu screen.
  • As Daniel approaches the Iron Maiden, it will suddenly open, a terrifying cry will be heard, and blood will burst from it.
    • If Daniel tries to get into the Iron Maiden, it will suddenly slam shut, obviously damaging Daniel's health.
  • If Daniel uses a tinderbox to light the fire under the brazen bull then the cry of a bull will be heard and Daniel's sanity will fall considerably.
  • According to Thomas Grip, the Choir's thick fog and difficulty to navigate was inspired by Silent Hill.[citation needed]
  • Brute's shouting can be heard even if it is unencountered by player, and the closer it is, the more frequent and louder it will be.
  • The Choir doesn't actually have a physical ceiling. If one were to remove the fog and/or have jump boost hacks, they would notice that the ceiling is in fact, an invisible barrier that cannot be passed. Beyond this is complete darkness.
  • As you make your way back to the entrance when you're leaving the choir, the Shadow can be heard roaring, and bones will fall from the ceiling. This will damage your sanity.
  • It is possible to fool a Brute to its own demise. Take note that at the top of the map there is a endless pit between two ledges. The ledges are connected by a broken column that can be traversed safely to and from either side. When a Brute comes in pursuit, go to this section of the map and stand on a part of the ledge that slightly juts up and out. From there, jump up onto the fallen pilar. Get the Brute's attention if it had lost you. Watch as it attempts to charge and fail in the process. Make sure to keep a safe distance away or else the Gatherer will take you too!
  • It is possible to fool a Brute and simply tease it by entering areas it cannot reach. There are certain pillars that have plant life on them. The game treats the plants as an object, making it possible to climb the vines. Some reach the pipes that can be seen coursing the ceiling. Simply by jumping rapidly while walking into one of these plants can send you soaring high in the air, or simply allowing you to "run up" the vine. Once you've reached a balanced location on the vine, you can safely walk on the pipes. The chains suspending the pipes in air are entities, meaning you can walk right through them, as if they aren't there. Get a brute's attention, and laugh as it tries to reach you and fails. You can use these pipes to find your way to the torture rooms, or simply lead a brute into the void.
  • On rare occasions, if the player steps in the water that surrounds the area of the brazen bull and eventually leaves it, splashing sounds can still be heard even if the player isn't stepping in the water anymore. This is also a notable bug in the Back Hall, after the player leaves the unusual fountain.
  • In cathedral architecture, the choir/quire is where the church choir will sit. Considering that the purpose of the room is to project screams into the cells within the Nave, it truly fits the name.


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