The Chemistry Pot is a required item in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It is found in the Laboratory.


The Chemistry Pot is found on a desk, in one of the key rooms of the Laboratory. It is first used to hold four mixed ingredients that, when combined, form a highly acidic solution that's needed to progress through the game. The four ingredients are as follows:

These ingredients are found in the Wine Cellar. An apparatus in the Laboratory must be used to properly combine the four ingredients before the acidic solution is collected in the pot. Once the solution is collected, it must be used to dissolve a wall of organic matter left by The Shadow in the Entrance Hall. When the organic matter is finally dissolved, the player can progress through the game by heading to the Refinery.

A bit later in the game, the Chemistry Pot must be used once again to clear a path. When the player enters the Storage, there will be an area that is blocked by fallen rubble and debris. In a different area of the Storage, a hand drill must be used on two barrels of liquid chemicals, so that they can be collected with the pot and act as an explosive for clearing the path-blocking rubble. When the explosive is placed near the rubble, the player must find a way to set it off from a distance as not to take damage or be killed by it.

As expected, the Chemistry Pot will vanish upon exploding.


  • It is extremely likely that Alexander used the exact same pot, given the notes found in the game written by him. He also mentions one of the chemicals, being Cuprite, which is heard when a flashback is triggered upon nearing the desk where the pot is found.
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