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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

The Central Bunker is the central area of the bunker and the hub area of Amnesia: The Bunker. It serves as the starting point past the Prologue once Henri Clément regains consciouness. Central serves as Henri's hub and hideout where he can store items and the game can be saved.


The Central Bunker is the first gameplay area after the Prologue, and the first experienced in the bunker. Its upper part houses an infirmary, kitchen, and mess hall for officers, serving as the first immediate explorable areas to Henri Clement. Behind a locked door that Henri must open to progress is the Administration Room, a spacious room secured by two metal doors with deadlocks, lit by a ceiling lantern, and occupied by, among other things, a large storage chest. One wall sports a large map of the bunker's layout. The Administration Room connects to the Generator Room by a downwards staircase, in which lies the generator that powers lights for the entire compound.

Past these doors into the outside, a four-way corridor spans the entire area; the Central Bunker is thus the game's traditional Amnesia style hub level, with connections to multiple other areas of the bunker. One of these ways leads to the exit, blocked by rubble and debris from an explosion, where dynamite could be fitted in order to blow open the way out. The other aforementioned areas are largely locked behind a Lockdown that must be lifted by Henri, so he can progress.

The Central Bunker is generally the most well-preserved area of the bunker, with the exception of the collapsed exit.


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.

Henri will wake up inside of the Infirmary. Once he's up, collect the Flashlight down the hall, a beneficial yet cumbersome tool for survival. Once Henri passes through the Mess Hall, he will find Boisrond, a French soldier left alone injured in the Pantry. He will ask for Henri to spare him the torment of the Beast and give him an honorable death at the hands of a "brother soldier" and hand him the Revolver. Henri wanders into the other room to collect the necessary ammunition, but the moment he crosses the threshold from the pantry back to the mess hall, the Beast rapidly approaches the blocked off hole Boisrond is laying against. Boisrond realizes what is happening just before he is grabbed and dragged through the hole, screaming as Henri watches on in horror. Now equipped with the tool necessary to exit the area, Henri can shoot the padlock on the locked door outside the Mess Hall to proceed.

Down this path Henri finds the Administration Room. This room is a hub area where the game can be saved and Henri can store items into the inventory box. It also boasts a full map (albeit not fully detailed) of the bunker. Right next to the box and map is a passage into the Generator Room, which powers the whole facility and is paramount in maintaining. This generator is powered by fuel which can be looted around the map. Outside of Administration are several hallways, all of them closed at their ends as an Emergency Lockdown is in place. Henri can find his way into the only open path is down the south, the way to the Arsenal, where a corridor to the left leads you into Officer Quarters.

Once the Lockdown Wheel is retrieved, Henri can lift the Lockdown and access all the other areas.

The Administration Room is a safe room traditional to many survival horror games, its lockable metal doors providing Henri with a safe space where he can take a breather and prepare for his next venture into the deeper bowels of the bunker. That is until roughly half of the game's primary objectives have been completed. At this point, the Beast will dig a tunnel into the Administration Room, making the Generator room down the stairs the only remaining safe space inside the entire bunker.


  • The Beast is not present until it kills Sdt. Boisrond, but it will not leave its tunnels, instead only attacking you if you go near them when it's present. It will, however, start hunting you down actively once the Lockdown is lifted. This restriction only exists on the first playthrough however; on subsequent playthroughs the full AI of the beast is enabled once the player wakes up. This functionality can be changed prior to starting a run.
  • On Amnesia: The Bunker's initial release, the hole dug into the Administration Room partway through the game did not actually permit the Beast access to the safe room. It was merely a cosmetic change to unnerve the player. The Halloween Update added proper tunneling functionality to the hole, meaning this is no longer the case.