You may have been looking for the similarly named area from Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the Cells.

"Please go on, move into the next chamber. Just remember they can all be saved, there is always a way."

Not to be confused with the area of the same name in The Dark Descent, the Cells are the first area of the Cabinet of Perturbation in Amnesia: Justine. Alois and the first hostage, Dr. Fournier, are found here.

At the start of the area, the player awakens in an isolated cell while Alois paces outside. The player then promptly collapses and when she comes to, Alois is gone. There is a phonograph which, when activated, plays a message from Justine and gives the player a lantern, along with opening the cell door.

Justine has to make her way from her cell to the main cell area through some corridors. In the main cell room, she will encounter Dr. Fournier, who is still trapped in a cell, and Alois, when she enters the first cell to her left. To progress further, she either has to kill Fournier by pulling the lever next to his cell a couple of times, which will cause Fournier to be impaled, to make a ladder fall down from a hatch on the ceilling or if she wants to keep Fournier alive, stacking boxes to reach the hatch. A wax cylinder can be found in the storage area in the cell room, above and to the left of the hostages cell. Its is behind the large crate between the wall. It can be used on a phonograph at a later part of the cells to play a recording.

Prisoners and cell locationsEdit

The main room contains six cells and a collapsed passage. Each of the cells was used to contain one of the Suitors or hostages, and one of them, Dr. Fournier, is still present in his cell. Various items that belonged to the Suitors, such as Alois' racquet and Malo's violin, can be found in their respective rooms.



Collectibles Edit

Laudanum Edit

  • Close to one of the cells in the main area of the Cells.

Notes Edit

  • A New Plan - This note can be found in the first cell to your left. Picking it up triggers the Suitor to investigate the area.
  • Billet Doux - This note can be found in the far right room, on a table.
  • Newspaper Article - 19 March 1858 - This note can be found in the torture room that you reach after dropping down from the tunnels in the ceiling.

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