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Please go on, move into the next chamber. Just remember they can all be saved, there is always a way.

Justine, phonograph recording

The Cells are the first area of the Cabinet of Perturbation in Amnesia: Justine. The first Suitor and the first hostage, Dr Fournier, are found here.


At the start of the area, the player character awakens in an isolated, locked cell while a disfigured man, Aloïs Racine, paces outside. She then promptly collapses, and when she comes to, Aloïs is gone. There is a phonograph which, when activated, plays a taunting message from a woman calling herself "Justine" (who apparently put the player character in this cruel predicament for her own sheer amusement), gives a lantern, and opens the cell door.

The player character makes her way from her cell to the main cell area through some corridors. In the main cell room, she encounters Dr Fournier, who is still trapped in a cell, and Aloïs, who appears when she enters the first cell to her left.

To progress further, she either kills Fournier by pulling the lever next to his cell a couple of times, which lethally impales Fournier, in order to make a ladder fall down from a hatch on the ceiling, or by stacking boxes to reach the hatch.


The main room contains six cells and a collapsed passage. Each of the cells was used to contain one of the Suitors or hostages, and one of them, Dr. Fournier, is still present in his cell. Various items that belonged to the Suitors, such as Aloïs' racquet and Malo's violin, can be found in their respective rooms.

Prior cell occupants[]

Sans titre

Note that the drawings resemble the Suitors.


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.
  • Wind up the phonograph and listen to the message. This will lower the Lantern from the ceiling. Picking up the Lantern will unlock the door.
  • Moving down the hallway, skip the first right turn, as this is a dead end. Up ahead is a left turn with another dead end, where the Broken Ladder is found among the rubble. You can either pick it up now or come back for it later.
  • Continuing down the hall will take you to the main room. The one and only Laudanum is on a table to the right, between the two cells.
  • Entering the first cell on the left, marked "IV" (4), will cause Aloïs to spawn on the opposite side of the room. Like the other Suitors, he is blind, so he can be easily avoided by simply standing still. Crouching allows you to move around silently, provided you do not bump into any objects. Wait and listen for him to cross the room and wander off down the hallway you came from. He will disappear once he has gone far enough down the hall.
    • This cell contains a Note, so it is only worth it to enter if you want to collect all the notes, either for the Master Archivist achievement or your own desire to discover all the available lore.
  • When you approach middle cell on the left, marked "V" (5), its occupant will call out to you. This is Dr. Fournier. Pulling the lever will lower a spike in his cell, killing him after it is pulled three times, but will also allow you to escape. If you wish to save him, do not pull the lever more than twice. Instead, grab the Broken Ladder if you skipped it earlier, then stack the nearby crates under the hatch in the ceiling at the far end of the room in order to open it and attach the Broken Ladder.
    • If you chose to kill Dr. Fournier, a ladder will have already lowered and opened the hatch.
  • Before leaving the room, there are a couple optional items you can obtain. First is another Note in the last cell on the right, marked "III" (3). The second involves stacking boxes to reach a storage loft above the door to cell IV. The Wax Cylinder is found in the back left corner behind a few boxes.
  • When you are ready, climb the ladder. This will take you to a narrow tunnel where you are forced to crouch. At the first intersection, go either direction, as both lead to the same place. At the second intersection, go to the left; the right leads to a dead end.
  • The tunnel will slope downward, ending at a hole. Drop down the hole. You will take fall damage here, so this is a good time to use your Laudanum, especially if you took additional fall damage in the previous room.
  • Immediately after dropping down, there will be another phonograph ahead of you. This one requires the Wax Cylinder from the previous room, which you can no longer return to.
  • Turning around and proceeding down the hall leads you to an intersection. The room to the left contains the final Note and phonograph. The exit to the Library is down the stairs.


A wax cylinder can be found in the storage area in the cell room, above and to the left of the hostage's cell. Its is behind the large crate between the wall. It can be used on a phonograph at a later part of the cells to play a recording.

Puzzle Items[]

  • Broken Ladder


  • Close to one of the cells in the main central area.


  • A New Plan – This note can be found in the first cell to your left. Picking it up triggers the Suitor to investigate the area.
  • Billet Doux – This note can be found in the far right room, on a table.
  • Newspaper Article – 19 March, 1858 – This note can be found in the torture room that you reach after dropping down from the tunnels in the ceiling.



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