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The Cellar is the third (3rd) area in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.


As a result of the tremors caused by The Machine, this area is slowly collapsing, numerous machinery can be seen falling down.

Another telephone is found near the Cellar entrance. The mysterious man claims that the tremors Mandus feels are "their" attempts to clear the flooding.


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Against the Rising Waters[]

Bandaged feet and eyes. Small bones in the orchard. I have carried this world on my back, with its legs about me. Damn this wretched soul, I am given birth to nothing but machinery.

As Mandus enters the stairs leading to the cellar, a large steel pipe falls from the roof collapsing the stairs and making him fall. Mandus then wakes up after the fall and it becomes apparent that there is only one way ahead: deeper into the dark basement.

It is here that Mandus must repair several machines in order to progress further below. This can be done by replacing the broken cylinders with new ones that are scattered about. The first broken cylinder can be replaced with a new one found near the Telephone, or in the small room near the lever where two cylinders can be found. The second cylinder machine lies further in the Cellar. Mandus must either bring a good cylinder with them or return to the small room near where the first broken machine is. If Mandus chooses to go back there, a Manpig will make a brief appearance, but it won't hurt him.

Once all the levers are activated, Mandus can advance deeper into the Cellar, and eventually he will come across the first Decontamination Room.

The cellar is riddled with various machinery and engines and suspended above are a number of walkways and catwalks. The area is also segregated by iron gates. This area leads up to the Alley.


  • Before going to next room, there’s a note on a barrel behind. Once done, proceed to the next room
  • In a hallway, a telephone will ring, pick it up. Beneath the closet on your left after the telephone, there’s a fuse that you will need it later. Bring it with you
  • Enter the room with lots of barrel here, to you left there will be a room with a machine inside and a downstairs to your right but it’s locked for now (facing to the machine room). Before entering the room you will heard the kid running on the catwalk above you
  • Enter the next room and replace the broken fuse with the one you bring earlier. Once done, push the lever next to it. If you didn’t bring the fuse from earlier, there’s 2 more fuse on the next room in your right.
  • Enter the room on your right, follow the path and rotate the crank, this will pull down some sort of wooden stairs for you to walk on in the other room in front of you
  • Return to the main room with lots of barrel, the path leading to downstairs will now be unlocked because of the machine before, half way to downstairs there will be an earthquake event.
  • In front of you there’s a path that are locked for now, you have to find another machine for this, to your left is the wooden stair leading you to the next machine
  • Jump on those big barrel and head to your right where the machine is located. The machine has the fuse in it already, so just push the lever to start the machine
  • Go back downstairs and enter the previously locked path that leads you to a stairs in the end. Taking the upstairs there are 2 path, to your left is another stairs but locked and to your right which is unlocked, take this stair and proceed to the last machine
  • The last machine has it’s fuse broken, so you have to find one. The room to your right leads you to the downstairs and the first machine room. A wretch will be waiting on this room but it will flee and does not attack you
  • Go back to the room where another 2 fuses are located, bring the with you and return to the last machine upstairs. Another wretch is also waiting on the last machine upstairs but again it will flee and does not attack you
  • Another path will be unlocked on your behind, but this will also locked the path where you came from first, so go straight from here. In the end it will lead you to downstairs and back to the path where you came in first
  • Going back to previous stairs, the stairs on your left is now unlocked (while the stairs on your right is locked as previously mentioned) Go there and enter the “The Decontamination Chamber” on your right
  • Exit the chamber and enter the next room “The Collar, the Neck, the Noose
"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
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Found Documents[]

  • June 3rd 1899 - This note is found on a barrel behind you at the very start of the Cellar level.
  • August 19th 1899 - There are three machines in the cellar. After finding the third one on the catwalk, head off to the right and down the stairs. The note is on a box in front of you at the bottom of the stairs.


These are all the phonographs found in the Cellar:

Found near the Decontamination Chamber entrance.

Professor A
"Extraordinary, quite extraordinary. And you built it all. Good God man, you have been busy."
"It is wonderful how tragedy focuses the mind. What else was I to do? Fall into grief, pine and fade in my hopelessness? Why not then simply die in that jungle amongst those dead temples."


  • There are only two visual, yet harmless encounters in the Cellar - a couple of pigs can be seen running away from the player after their return to certain areas upon a retrieval of machine cylinders. However, Mandus's children's speech is constantly heard, as well as the underground tremors.





Note the map glitch in 4:03 .