Cassandra's interior

Cassandra was a plane that carried out a private business flight, in which Tasi Trianon was part of, from Algiers to French Sudan, on the behalf of the Triple Crown Mining Company.

It suffered a breakdown of some sort and crashed at the Algerian Desert, somewhere between Salah and Kayes.

Cassandra Investigation Edit

Cassandra crash newspapaer

Newspaper article about the crash

A newspaper article describing the crash and the investigation was published in March 6th, 1937.

The plane was last heard of in March 3rd, when it began its second part of its flight towards French Sudan.

It was estimated by the British embassy there will be no survivors. This however proved wrong, as Tasi Trianon, Anton Metzier and Yasmin seemed to have survived the crash.

Algeirs desert Cassandra

Cassandra crash site.

Trivia Edit

  • The logo of the Triple Crown is visible on the plane seats.
  • The Tomb of Tin Hinan is located relatively close to the area between Salah and Kayes, which is the estimated location Cassandra has crashed.
  • Cassandra is the name of the priestess of Apollo in Greek mythology cursed to utter true prophecies, including catastrophes, but never to be believed.
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