"Know this, this stone has been in my family for something like three centuries, ever since the siege of Calais. It has fueled the men in my family with great spirit, but also madness."
―Ambroise, about the star-shaped soap stone in his possession

Captain Ambroise is one of the main characters in the Remember - Amnesia The Dark Descent short story Old Friends. Ambroise was a captain in the French army during the year of 1839.

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In 1839, he was stationed in the city of Algiers in Algeria during a rebel uprising in the city. On the 15th of May, while moving his patrol through the harbor, he spots a group of men loading unmarked crates from a ship. Suspecting smuggling, he orders one of his men to open a box. The leader of the group, Abd-al-Qadir Bahij, tries to stop him by informing him that the crates already has been inspected, and that all the papers are correct and in order. Not listening, Ambroise still goes ahead with opening one of the crates only to find that it is filled with grain. However, he kicks the crate over and reveals a stack of rifles.

After this reveal, Ambroise and his men go ahead and raid Bahij's granaries and storehouses. This stirs up a resistance among the people, and Ambroise and his men are forced to fight the rebel forces. They chase the rebels through the city's narrow streets, and encounter Baki, one of the rebels and nephew to Faraj, holding Herbert hostage. Ambroise orders his men to fire at Baki but instead hits and kills Faraj who steps in between them.

Later in the evening, Ambroise shows up at the hotel where Herbert and Daniel were staying. He hands Herbert Weyer's map, which had been in the belonging of Faraj, and throws a Star-shaped soapstone onto the map. He asks Herbert what the stone is and why there is a picture of the stone on the back of the map. He then informs Herbert that the stone had been in his family for a long time, ever since the siege of Calais, which was the setting of the Remember short story With the Blessing of a King, revealing that Sokal was a distant relative of his. He tells Herbert that the stone has brought his family pain throughout the years, and continues on by handing the stone over to Herbert, remarking “I'm not doing you a favor Englishman. This is for my father and my father’s father and so on. It is on you now. Good luck.” before leaving.

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  • Captain Ambroise's fate remains unknown.

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