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"Please, call me Captain Ambroise."
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Know this, this stone has been in my family for something like three centuries, ever since the siege of Calais. It has fueled the men in my family with great spirit, but also madness. You know, inspiration to the point of obsession.

Ambroise, about the star-shaped soap stone in his possession — May, 1839

Captain Ambroise is one of the main characters in the Remember - Amnesia The Dark Descent short story "Old Friends." Ambroise was a French army officer, serving as a member the colonial pacification force in occupied Algiers in 1839 CE.[1]


In 1839, Captain Ambroise was stationed in the recently conquered city of Algiers in French-controlled Algeria at a time of significant unrest and rebellion.[1] Sometime in early May, while moving his patrol through the harbour, he spotted a group of men unloading unmarked crates from a ship.[2][3] Suspecting smuggling, he ordered the dockworkers to stop their work.[4][5] The owner of the cargo, Abd-al-Qadir Bahij, tried to stop him by informing him that the crates already had been inspected, and that all the papers were correct and in order.[6][7] Still suspicious, Ambroise demanded that one of the crates be opened, only to find it filled with grain.[5][7][8] However, noticing Bahij's subtle relief at the apparent innocence of the discovery, Ambroise kicked the crate over, revealing smuggled rifles.[9]

After the rebel smuggling was revealed, Ambroise and his men raided Bahij's granaries and storehouses to search for other caches.[10] This stirred up resistance among the people, and Ambroise and his men were forced to fight the rebel forces at the city docks.[10] They managed to beat back the agitators, who scattered and fled down into the narrow streets of the Casbah.[10] Ambroise and his men then chased the rebels through the city's narrow streets and managed to pin down Baki, one of the rebels and a nephew to Faraj, inside the latter’s house.[10][11] In desperation Baki took Herbert hostage, believing that a European hostage would give them leverage over the soldiers.[11] Despite the danger to Herbert’s life, Ambroise ordered his men to fire, killing all the rebels but also murdering Faraj as well, who had stepped in between them to save Herbert and to try and work things out.[11]

Later in the evening, Ambroise unexpectedly showed up at the opulent hotel where Herbert and Daniel were staying.[12] He accosted Herbert at the restaurant and handed him Weyer's map, from the confiscated belongings of Faraj, and threw his star-shaped soapstone onto the map.[12] He asked Herbert what the stone was and why there was a picture of the stone on the back of the map.[12] He then informed Herbert that the stone had been in his family ever since the siege of Calais—the setting of the Remember short story "With the Blessing of a King"—revealing that Sokal was his distant relative.[13] Ambroise told Herbert that the stone has brought his family great inspiration and spirit, yet also pain and "obsession" throughout the years, then handed the stone over to Herbert, remarking before leaving, “I'm not doing you a favor, Englishman. This is for my father and my father’s father and so on. It is on you now.”[12]


  • « I'm not doing you a favor, Englishman. This is for my father and my father’s father and so on. It is on you now. »


  • Captain Ambroise's fate remains unknown.


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