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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

The bunker is the main setting of Amnesia: The Bunker. It is located somewhere along the Western Front of the First World War, situated somewhere in northern France. It encompasses most of the locations of the game, with the exception of the Roman Tunnels. The bunker and its occupants have been overwhelmed by the onslaught of a horrifying creature.


The bunker is a large and expansive World War I fortification that has been abandoned by the time Henri Clément regains consciousness. By the time he does so, the area is largely devoid of life, save for a few that remain—such as the injured Sdt. Boisrond, the German prisoner, and the insane mutineer, Toussaint Beaufoy.


It is comprised of dozens of derelict and beaten corridors, pathways, storage rooms, and several divded sub-areas. The Bunker is seemingly sustained by a single fuel-powered generator, that maintains several if not all essential electric functions of the main area and sub-areas save for the emergency lights. Among these areas are:

  1. The Central Bunker, the main central area that links to every other area and acts as a hub.
  2. The Officer Quarters, where the French Army officers resided.
  3. The Maintenance area to the east through the Office Quarters, where various tools were stored and repairs were done.
  4. The Soldier Quarters to the west, where the infantrymen resided, as well as where the radio was located.
  5. The Prison to the northwest, where individuals were jailed and interrogated.
  6. The Arsenal to the south, where weapons, ammunition, and explosives were kept; and served as access to the excavated Roman Tunnels.

These areas, with the exception of Officer Quarters, were all shut behind an Emergency Lockdown that took place before Henri regained consciousness. This must be lifted in order to progress to these sub-areas. The bunker also houses one of the two only save points (on Normal) and the only known exit to the bunker that, once blown open, leads into the game's final segment.


  • On one's first playthrough, despite it being heard moving inside the walls and reacting to noise the player makes, the Beast will only be able to emerge once the Emergency Lockdown is lifted.
  • On Easy Mode, every sub-area has a Save Point. On Normal Mode, there will be only one in Administration and one at the entrance to the Roman Tunnels.
  • It is stated by Renoir that, despite the bunker's already considerable expanse, it was planned to have been dug even deeper.[1] This was an order that came from high command, intending to outpace the Germans in the war.
  • The bunker might be located somewhere near Naours or Amiens, as there is a real ancient tunnel in Naours,[2][3] and the lines of the Western Front at this time ran near Amiens. The developers at Frictional Games may have been inspired by this tunnel to locate the bunker nearby.
  • Although there are no rifts or portals are seen/mentioned in Amnesia: The Bunker, Other Wordly people have a Harvester fountain right next to the Bunker and Roman Tunnels. So, it is unknown how they managed to travel to this location and construct these structures. This was likely possible due to an unseen rift/portal just outside of the bunker and the tunnels.[speculation]


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