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This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

A Brick is a non-inventory interactable world object that Henri can use in Amnesia: The Bunker, mainly for the purpose of breaking down locked wooden doors.


Bricks are first introduced as useful objects during the prologue in Henri Clement's fight through the trenches. Bricks can be found throughout the bunker and its areas, like the Prison and the Soldier Quarters, and as far deep as the Roman Tunnels. They are usually found on the floor and can be picked up. Bricks are very heavy, which will encumber Henri's movement speed and cannot be rotated like other lighter objects.

They are the only interactable object that Henri Clément can use to break doors, besides the explosive barrels. This is the most cost-efficient way of opening a door, as the only other options of destroying a door are detonating a flammable barrel triggered by the player with a weapon (which will cost ammo), using a grenade, luring the Stalker to break the door in question, or blasting it open with a shotgun. It is also the most quiet way of clearing a path through a door, though it still makes noise and is likely to alert the Stalker. Bricks can also be used to destroy padlocks with a few hits, saving valuable ammo and making less noise.

It will take two hits from a brick to completely shatter a door. Multiple use of bricks will eventually cause them to break apart and become unusable. Like other objects, they can be thrown at rats to hurt them, making them slightly retreat (though this is far from being as effective as a Torch, Petrol Bomb or a pool of Fuel, and will only work briefly).

After Sdt. Boisrond gets abducted by the Stalker near the start of the game, the player can use one of two bricks found in the same room to smash the padlock on the metal door leading to administration, instead of shooting it. This option is implemented to prevent the player from "soft-locking" themselves if they fired all their ammo before destroying the lock. If playing the game in "custom mode", enabling the option to have the gun in a random locker will remove Boisrond completely, therefore the two bricks will not appear, as that entire scripted event will not be there to spawn them.


  • The Stalker is not stunned by being hit with a brick. He will, in fact, ignore it. Any brick will go right through him.
  • There are technically two types of bricks: standard ones and bright ones. Bright ones are found in the Roman Tunnels, and are designed that way so that they match the lighting and atmosphere of the Tunnels. Bringing a brick back from the Roman Tunnels into anywhere else in the Bunker will show a constant "glow in the dark" effect on the brick.