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The Bilge or Bilge Pumps is the ninth (9th) area of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. It features a vast system of water containers, pipes, pumps and various machinery intercrossed with numerous catwalks. The purpose of this area is similar to the Cistern found in the previous game, as it is used to store water, though primarily rotten water.


The Bilge pumps are flooded at the time Mandus makes his way to the area. The waters below are infested with Failed Experiments, which must be flushed out to proceed further.

From Tide to Spine[]

When Oswald finally arrives, the pumps are inactive and the whole lower level is flooded with vile water. In order to drain the area and gain access to the Reactor, Oswald needs to activate both the auxiliary and the main pumps. The main pumps machine is currently missing two small cogwheels and you must reattach them to their respective positions in order to activate them.

At one point as the player investigates the area, a catwalk collapses and Mandus has to escape from a pair of Failed Experiments through the water and up a ladder. After the pumps are activated, the lower catwalks are cleared of water, and the creatures are flushed away, Mandus can proceed through a Decontamination Chamber straight to the Reactor.


  • At the entrance, there’s a phonograph you can listen to. Follow the only path until you reached the ladder
  • Climb up then climb down on the next ladder. Here you’ll find a door that are locked for now, go to your right and climb the ladder. This will lead you to a machinery to “open” the door (actually the door is pushed toward), turning this machinery will also block one of your path with a hot steam, you can just use another unblocked path for this
  • Follow the path until you reach where the path splits onto two paths. The left is safe but it’s blocked by a hot steam, so you are forced to cross the right path where it has unstable bridge when crossed
  • When collapsed, you need to quickly run because the Failed Experiment will start chasing you (just like Kaernk). Here you need to go to your left and take a right turn in the end, this will lead you to the ladder going to the previous level
  • Now that you are on the other side where the hot steam was, you can proceed to the Main Pump control room. Here put 2 gears lying on the floor onto the machinery before you can start the machine by tuning the crank
  • This pump will drain the waters bellow you so that you can travel this level more safely. Now exit the room and go down to the bottom level via the previous ladder you used and enter the Decontamination Chamber and to the “The Children, Dancing
"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
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These are all the phonographs found in the Bilge:

Found right at the Bilge's entrance.

Professor A
"You seem to have undergone quite a profound conversion in Mexico, Mr Mandus."
"You could not have seen it yourself and not, Professor. As we disembarked, even through my fever I saw the detritus of this so-called progress. I saw starvation and disease, rot and destruction polluting the waters of the Empire. We are ruiners, you and I and all of us, and we make the world unclean."
Professor A
"And you took it upon yourself to act as redeemer?"
"Professor, I would not be so presumptuous. I am merely a conduit. I am constructing an architecture to wrestle our damnation to the ground and smother it with steam."


  • A Pig Mask will flash briefly in front of Mandus upon ascending a ladder, giving a startling jump scare.
  • This level along with the Engine Rooms does not have an auto save upon entering. Whether this was a glitch or intended is unknown.




Bilge Pumps