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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

The Beast, also known as the Stalker,[1] is the main antagonist and the primary enemy of Amnesia: The Bunker. The Beast was a mutated Harvester that hunted Henri Clément, a French soldier, through the World War I bunker in which he was trapped.

Unlike previous games, Henri can arm himself and fight back against the Beast, which may frighten it away for a while. However, due to his resistance to conventional weapons, the Beast cannot be killed for most of the game, making fighting it purely an act of last resort.


The Beast is a mutated variant of the Harvester creatures (more commonly known as Ghouls), and like its more "refined" brethren is characterized by its sadistic nature, massive size, and a profound aversion to light.[3] It exhibits a strong negative reaction to sound, becoming alerted and agitated when auditory stimuli are present.[4][5] The creature displays an inherently hostile disposition towards living beings, posing a considerable threat to individuals within its vicinity, being so powerful that it instantly kills the player if they’re caught.

Despite its considerable bulk, the Beast exhibits remarkable agility and speed. It possesses the ability to swiftly pursue humans, closing the distance between itself and its target with alarming efficiency. Additionally, the creature displays a unique capability to burrow underground effortlessly, enabling it to traverse through various openings in walls and gain access to the main areas of the French bunker.

The Beast's sensitivity to light is a key feature of its behavior. It showcases an intense dislike for illumination, actively avoiding well-lit areas and seeking refuge in darkness. This aversion to light may serve as a potential means of defense or evasion for individuals attempting to ward off the creature's advances.


The Beast's behavior (unlike most enemies in previous Amnesia series installments) is dynamic and adaptable—appearing in different places and at varying times almost anywhere on the map accordingly to the protagonist's actions—which makes playing through the game more dangerous and challenging.[6] The Beast is very aggressive, rushing after Henri Clément the moment it notices him. To sneak up and surprise the prey, the Beast utilizes the system of holes within the bunker's walls.

Unlike Gatherers in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, who tend to break the doors, Beast opens the doors (similar to a human) while searching for the player. This might be the result of having a higher level of intelligence when compared to Gatherers.[speculation] However, should the player barricade a wooden door, then the monster will break it down instead. This also applies to crates that block hole entrances. Metal doors, especially those with built-in locks, are impervious to the monster's attack. Instead, the monster will either use the tunnel system to bypass the barrier (as seen within the generator room) or wait in a nearby hole.


The Beast can be encountered at almost any point in the game, with a few exceptions such as the starting area (before you acquire the Revolver), the pillbox, and lastly the old Roman tunnels. Despite this, there are still enemies that can be met within these areas, such as the German sniper in the pillbox and the deranged French soldier wielding a shotgun in the Roman tunnels. Furthermore, on the player's first playthrough, it will not emerge until the red crank wheel is picked up or if the player decides to go straight to the soldier's quarters. After the first playthrough, this restriction is lifted: thereafter, the Beast can emerge at any time after the player gains access to Administration.

There may be a few guaranteed encounters with the Beast, such as after entering the Chapel and opening the confessional. Also, within the Arsenal storage rooms, both Storage A and Storage B, the Beast can be seen patrolling the area even if Henri never made any noise therein.

Even if Beast is in the tunnel system, the player can hear and observe its movements thanks to the dust falling from the walls and Beast's noise. This is especially easier when Generator is working.


The Beast exhibits the ability to traverse through the walls of the bunker, stealthily stalking and hunting the player character. When the Beast detects a noise generated by the player, such as moving an item, running, triggering a trap, or shooting the revolver, it will move toward the nearest opening in the wall and wait there. While occupying a hole, the Beast emits a subtle ambient noise, accompanied by visible breath emanating from the opening. Approaching the hole too closely puts the player at risk, as the Beast will seize the opportunity to drag them into the depths, leading to their demise. Depending on the intensity of the noise created, the Beast may extend its arm out of the hole to assess if the player is in close proximity, or it may fully emerge from the hole to investigate the source of the disturbance.

During its active pursuit, the Beast displays distinct behaviors that add to the immersive and suspenseful gameplay experience. When the Beast is in the vicinity, the game environment responds with atmospheric cues to heighten tension. If the generator is powered, lights flicker intermittently, amplifying the eerie ambiance and signaling the presence of the creature. Secondly, the lights allows the player to indicate which section of the Bunker the Beast is currently hiding in, allowing the player to have the strategic choice to go to an alternative path if the other paths have flickering lights. Additionally, a heartbeat sound can be heard, further enhancing the sense of impending danger. The Beast's impact on the surroundings extends to audio cues as well. When the Beast approaches a room with a playing radio, the music abruptly ceases, creating a sudden and unsettling silence. This serves as a dramatic indication that the Beast is nearby and intensifies the player's immersion in the game world.

During its hunt, the Beast exhibits two primary behaviors. It may choose to patrol the area where it initially emerged from, diligently monitoring its surroundings for any signs of the player's presence. Alternatively, it actively investigates the source of the noise that prompted its emergence from the tunnels, demonstrating a relentless determination to locate its prey.

A notable gameplay mechanic involves the player, controlling the character Henri, utilizing the Beast's strength to overcome obstacles. By strategically luring the Beast towards locked wooden doors or other wooden barriers, the player can use the Beast's force to break through them. This is achieved by enticing the creature with a flare, diverting its attention, and guiding it toward the targeted obstacle.

To avoid fire and gas, the Beast demonstrates a cautious instinct, providing players with an opportunity to strategically impede its path. By placing puddles of gasoline or gas canisters in hallways, players can create temporary barriers that block the monster's movement. However, if the Beast is unable to find an alternative route, it will either patiently wait until the barrier dissipates or utilize nearby holes to bypass the player's traps, demonstrating its resourcefulness and adaptability.

This avoidance behavior also extends to pre-existing traps, including trip wires set up by the player. The Beast will actively avoid triggering such traps, further emphasizing its intelligence and ability to navigate the environment while minimizing its exposure to danger. Player can actually trick the Beast to fall into a trap or intentionally make a barrel (gas or explosive) explode. In some occasions, while in search of or chasing the player, the Beast won't pay too much attention to environment. Therefore, it can explode the barrels or activate the traps. This results in Beast being stunned a few seconds and then, retreating to the nearest opening of tunnel system.

When the Beast fails to locate the player, it will emit a loud, piercing shriek before retreating into a nearby hole. Following this, the Beast's behavior will return to its normal hunting patterns until it detects the player again.

If the player has found the Rabbit Toy and throws it at the Beast, it will cease pursuing the player and pick up the toy. After examining it, the Beast will leave through the nearest hole, taking the toy with it. The toy can be retrieved from the altar in the chapel, allowing the player to use it again. Retrieving the toy will also award the player with the achievement Toy Fanatic.

Killing the Beast[]

The Beast possesses exceptional resistance to all types of weapons, rendering them ineffective at completely killing the beast. Depending on difficulty, the amount of shots required to scare the monster away varies. On easy mode, 1 or two shots from a revolver or shotgun is enough to damage the creature enough for it to crawl back to a hole.

On higher a difficulty than easy however, 1 bullet from a revolver can only momentarily impede its movement, while 2 direct consecutive shots from the shotgun or revolver can stun it temporarily. Frag grenades, Molotov cocktails, and Gas grenades can also induce slight stun or slow down the Beast, providing a brief window for Henri to escape.

However, the only feasible method to eliminate the Beast is during the final segment of the game, specifically during the bridge puzzle. If Henri can successfully lure the Beast onto one of the wooden bridges and either stun it or preferably distract it with the Rabbit toy for a sufficient duration, the player has the opportunity to destroy the bridge using a grenade or by directly blasting the wooden planks with the shotgun. Alternatively, as the Beast will likely jump to safety at the last moment even if stunned (unless distracted by the Rabbit toy), it can be killed by destroying one of the wooden bridges then raising or blocking off with fire or gas any other bridges leading to Henri's position. This will force the Beast to jump across the gap to reach Henri, during which it can be shot with the revolver or shotgun while in mid-air or while climbing up the ledge. Any of these actions will cause the creature to plummet into the depths below. Killing the Beast in this manner unlocks the alternative "True Ending" of the game.


Physical appearance[]

The Beast, despite many similarities, has several physical differences from other Harvesters, which are primarily due to the diluted and contaminated state of the transformative liquid catalyst, but is also possibly due to the abundance of Vitae it has acquired or the rapid regeneration that occurred as it battled the bunker's garrisons.[3] However, this is educated speculation at best.[speculation]

The Beast has a seemingly top-heavy physique, which is likely why it chooses to primarily walk on all fours instead of upright, but can and will walk bipedally on occasion. The Beast is very gaunt and deformed, with a visible ribcage and a pair of bayonets impaling through its torso with the tips sticking out of its back. It has a ghoulish appearance with its hollow eye sockets and a mouth that has become a maw, with the teeth tearing open the cheeks and upper throat. Its skin is painfully brittle and deathly pale, its nails have extended to the length of talons, and it has a hunched back that makes it appear shorter than it really is.


According to the journal entries of Toussaint Beaufoy, the substances that created the Beast caused several noticeable changes in behavior and personality. The first change was consistent nightmares and dreams that made the individual constantly on edge, eventually leading to insanity.[citation needed] This manifested as night time walks that the individual would not remember, as if suffering from amnesia.[citation needed] Over time, these episodes would escalate into extreme aggression and outright murder.[citation needed] This transformation into a monster wrecked the person's mind, leaving a hideous shell of one's former self who has no qualms about slaughtering comrades and attempting to kill even former friends.

Toussaint further noted that the individual would eventually develop a craving for the black substances they had consumed. This craving would elicit powerful primal emotions, such as "Sex. Blood. Flesh."[7]

The Beast still retains some semblance of its original identity deep within. When the rabbit toy is on the ground within close proximity to the Beast, it will investigate the toy quizzically before retreating into a nearby hole and giving it a place in its nest inside the chapel. When Henri finally kills the Beast by plummeting it to the bottom of the Arena, its scream vaguely resembles the creature screaming out Henri's name as it falls to its death.[8] The Beast might also be more sympathetic to Henri Clement, as instead of sadistically mauling Henri as shown by the many corpses strewn about the bunker, the Beast makes it quick by snapping his neck. Though, it still mauls Henri if it attacks him from behind, possibly not recognizing him as someone it would grant that mercy.


When fully transformed, the Beast exhibits a heightened level of predatory intelligence. It demonstrates remarkable abilities such as patiently waiting for prey, carefully listening to environmental sounds, and skillfully navigating intricate routes to reach its targets. Despite its transformation, the Beast seems to retain some of its human intelligence, as it actively avoids hazards such as gas, explosives, and fire, displaying tactical awareness and adaptive behavior.

Moreover, there are indications that the Beast retains certain memories from its human existence. This is evident in its reaction upon encountering the rabbit toy, which triggers a response suggesting a recollection of its past. Upon returning the aforementioned doll to its den, it neatly places the rabbit atop an altar, upright and not splayed over. Notably, the Beast chooses the Bunker's chapel as its nesting location, utilizing it as a dwelling or a sanctuary within its transformed state.

Its high level of intelligence is also demonstrated by its behavior when searching for the player. It won't break doors unless necessary, and opens them like a normal human being.


The Bunker-icon-Big
"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

Losing a rigged bet with his best friend Henri Clément, Augustin Lambert was the one to go out on a routine patrol in the No Man's Land.[9] During the patrol, he fell into an abnormally large crater-like formation getting injured. With his friend's disappearance, Henri, feeling guilty for inadvertently being responsible for it, left the bunker to rescue Augustin.[10]

Henri found Augustin and got him out of the formation. To ease his friend's condition, he gave Lambert some tainted water from the spring located at the bottom of the crater from his flask. As Clement carried Lambert back to the bunker, the Germans spotted them, and opened fire, including mortar. With one close explosion, Henri got knocked unconscious and went into a coma. Augustin who was previously too weak to even stand managed to rapidly regain his strength and carry Henri back to the bunker.

After their return Augustin began to undergo his transformation into a ghoul, losing his mind in the process. Originally, he found himself feeling better than ever, and with "a newfound sense of purpose". Violent thoughts began manifesting soon after, which at first Lambert was able to resist before succumbing to the itch. He took out his bloodlust on Sgt. Reynard, making the Sergeant his first, and by photographic evidence, most brutalized victim. He dug out the underground tunnels and started attacking his former comrades, hunting them down one by one until eventually only two soldiers of the original garrison remained in the scuttled bunker.


The Beast was Augustin Lambert, Henri Clement's best friend, who became transformed into a powerful Ghoul due to the otherworldly tainted water, and the large abundance of Vitae from the extreme horrors of the war.[3]

Notable victims[]

  • Sgt. Reynard – the first known man killed by the Beast. Died on the night of the 14th of July.[11][12]
  • Sdt. Farber – the second known man killed by the Beast. Died on the 16th of July.[13]
  • Sdt. Tremblay – the third known man killed by the Beast. Died on the 18th of July.[14]
  • J. Delisle – one of the officers killed by the Beast. Died between the 18th of July and 21st of July.
  • Q. Friloux - Possibly the second to last victim of the Beast. Died between the 20th of July and 21st of July. The freshness of his corpse would imply he died very recently, possibly even only a few hours before Henri woke up. However, this might just be a result of rats being unable to reach him due to the walls having no holes to breach the generator room with.
  • Sdt. Boisrond – one of the last men killed by the Beast. Died on the 21st of July. Appears early in the game, in the Officer Pantry (Central Bunker). If playing in Shell Shock mode, Boisrond will already be dead.


  • Prisoner #73014 - Karl Springer can be killed by the Beast during the events of the game. However, Springer can also be spared death or alternatively be slain by the player.


  • The tainted water that Lambert drank was the same type of substance containing the Ghoul transformation, meaning that the Beast is a mutated Ghoul, with the liquid contaminated by the events of the ongoing war and by rainwater, snakes, and other earthly substances.[3]
    • The Beast possesses several snake-like characteristics, yet retains the general appearance and claws of a Ghoul.[3]
  • Within Henri Clément's locker, a pair of dice can be seen. These dice might be the ones used during the bet that sent Lambert on his rigged patrol.[speculation]
  • The crater that Lambert fell into may have been caused by the excavation of the Roman tunnels, combined with artillery fire.[citation needed]
  • The Beast shares many elements with Wilbur Frisk, a character from Penumbra: Black Plague, also made by Frictional Games. Like Frisk, the Beast is a human who has mutated into a monstrous predator, hunting for victims within walls. Both also share an aversion to light, as well as leaving large holes in walls through which they will emerge and attack prey. However, whereas Frisk will lie in wait within the walls, remaining an unseen danger to the player, the Beast will actively hunt the player throughout the game.
  • Upon closer inspection, two bayonets that are stuck firmly in the Beast's midsection can be seen. It is very likely that, prior to the game's events, two soldiers attempted to stab the Beast in self-defense, but to no effect. This further demonstrates the Beast's unmatched strength, as these bayonets do not impede the Beast's movement.
    • In real life, the bayonets embedded in the Beast were likely to have been French Rosalie bayonets, used on French rifles of the era like the Lebel 1886, Berthier, and RSC 1917.[15] However they appear to be older Mle 1874 Gras bayonets, with a triangular rather than cruciform blade cross-section and a partially wooden grip.[speculation][citation needed]
  • If the player stays on the game's main menu long enough without starting/loading a game, the Beast's growling can be heard. The Beast's arm can also be seen emerging from the wall, attempting to feel around for something, which can also be seen occasionally in-game.
  • Nearby lights flickering near the Beast is similar to how the lantern reacts in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, as the lantern will flicker constantly when aimed at a manpig, making it somewhat difficult to see them clearly.
  • Rats run away when Beast enters the vicinity.
  • Files of the game refer it as "The Stalker".[citation needed]
  • When the Beast is killed in the Arena, by falling from the wooden bridge, it screams "Henri!"[8]







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