"I will kill you, you cunt."

Basile is one of the Suitors from Amnesia: Justine.


Basile Giroux is the angry one of the three Suitors and the second to appear. His anger towards Justine is implied to initially have been triggered by an event where Justine drugged him, tied him up, and blinded him.

Basile appears to have retained the most sanity of the three Suitors, and wants to exact retribution upon the woman who ruined him. In a phonograph recording, one can hear an exchange between him and Justine that involves Basile regaining consciousness after being drugged, and finding himself restrained in some strange device. After this, Justine forces him to read from a prepared script, which states "your beauty is blinding". At that moment, an uncredited weapon or method (possibly a hot poker from a nearby fire) damages his eyes, and he screams out in pain. Justine laughs at him, and Basile curses her for blinding him and threatens to kill her. He appears in the basement area after leaving the library section, whispering threats and curses as he hunts for Justine. When he appears, all the lights in the basement will be blown out, and the door will slam shut, locking you in.

Once spawned, Basile does not de-spawn and will continue to patrol the area looking for the player. It is necessary to sneak past him in order to continue. However, this isn't too difficult as long as you do so without making too much noise since he is blind. Once the player passes a group of chairs near the exit of the area, the Suitors' chase tune will begin playing and Basile will automatically be alerted of the player, however, at that point, you're close enough to the exit that it usually won't make a difference. It is possible that Basile was a carpenter, as entering the empty prison cell between the other two cells (where Aloïs and Malo were being held) causes flashback sounds of sawing wood and hammering. Other elements in the game that hint to Basile's former career are that Aloïs' note stated Basile was strong, and if the player enters any other cell, it won't produce flashback sounds that require physical work (apart from the racquet sounds in Aloïs' cell and violin sounds in Malo's). It is notable that several bricks in Basile's cell were removed, but not without it causing injury, as there is blood around the brick slots and on the bricks themselves.


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