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Captain Augustin Lefevre was an officer of the French Foreign Legion, stationed in the Algerian desert, commanding the garrison at Al-Mamaru Fort.[2] He is a mentioned character in Amnesia: Rebirth, and is later shown deceased.


Captain Augustin Lefevre was the commanding officer of the French garrison at Al-Mamaru Fort.[2] He committed suicide when the fort and its garrison were overrun by Ghouls.[2]


Early life[]

Almost nothing is known about Captain Lefevre’s life before he was stationed at the fort. What can be said is that he was likely born in France (while Lefevre, as a member of the Foreign Legion, was possibly not French, most officers were still French) and that he had a daughter named Aurelie.[4] Lefevre also had a fondness for Armagnac brandy.[5]

Algerian posting[]

Captain Lefevre was the commanding officer of the French garrison at Al-Mamaru Fort, set on the mountains of a particularly dangerous area in the Algerian desert.[2] In contrast to many of his men, Lefevre treated the local Kel Hanan with relative respect, and gave them the benefit of the doubt on multiple occasions.[6] He also on at least one occasion punished Legionnaires Lauritz and Desrosiers for repeatedly harassing Kel Hanan women.[7] These actions made him unpopular with some of his men, such as Sergeant Fournier.[6]

Fall of Al-Mamaru Fort[]

In response to his men growing restless and rowdy due to the lack of actual work, Captain Lefevre ordered his men to excavate the lower chambers of the fort.[7] On March 18, 1929, the men breached an underground chamber, unknowingly drawing Ghouls to the fort, it was after this that strange activity was noted both in the cistern and outside the fort’s barricades.[7] Corporal Lavoie believed the Kel Hanan were sowing discord; Captain Lefevre was more skeptical, although he did double the guard.[7]

On March 19, Corporal Delacroix and Legionnaire Desrosiers went missing, and two days later, Desrosiers was found dead in the cellar by Corporal Khalid, with Delacroix nowhere to be seen.[7] The captain suspected the two men had gotten into an argument, leading to the accidental death of Desrosiers and the desertion of Delacroix.[7]

On March 22, Legionnaire Duguay was killed in an apparent animal attack, although Sergeant Fournier believed the Kel Hanan were responsible for his death.[1] The recent deaths led to terror among the ranks, due to the chaos, the captain requested for urgent reinforcements and led a search of the cistern.[1] It is likely that at this time, Fournier and the other men convinced him of the Kel Hanan’s culpability in this matter, as he mentions that he suspected a native insurgency in his final telegraph message.[8]

Soon after this, the Ghouls overran the fort, slaughtering the most of the garrison, with the rest committing suicide. While he tried to rally his men against the Ghouls, it was to no avail.[2] The situation hopeless, Captain Lefevre barricaded himself in the Arsenal’s secured storage room, and, after writing one final note about his situation, committed suicide.[2]



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