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This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

Soldat Augustin Lambert (French: /o.ɡys.tɛ̃ lɑ̃.bɛʁ/) is one of the main characters in Amnesia: The Bunker. He was a French soldier stationed on the western front of the First World War and a close friend of Sdt. Henri Clément.[3] He is voiced by Anglo-French actor Ossian Perret.[5]


Early life[]

Augustin Lambert was born somewhere in France during the 1890s, most likely in Paris.[3] At some point he married and had a son. Due to the requirement to complete a period of military service upon adulthood at age 20, Augustin would have been conscripted into the army for a few years before becoming a reservist till he reached middle age; however, it is possible Augustin was still completing his mandatory service when the war broke out due to his youthfulness.[6]

Regardless of whether or not Augustin was selected during mobilization or already serving, at the beginning of the war he was sent to the front to help repel the advance of the German army. Augustin held the rank of "Soldat," which is equivalent to a private, serving in Sgt. Stéphane Joubert's unit and under the overall command of Commandant Fournier. At the front, he became very good friends with a fellow soldier in his unit, Henri Clément. Their unit was possibly transferred to, or originally stationed at, a secure frontline bunker.

Events preceding Amnesia: The Bunker[]

In the trenches[]

During a German attack on the French lines, Augustin helped Henri into a trench leading to the "rendezvous" of the retreat.[7] He then shadowed Henri’s path, covering for his friend by shooting enemy soldiers along the way. However, he got separated from Henri at some point before the Germans threw gas grenades into the trench; despite this, he managed to reach him in time to give his friend a gas mask, saving Henri's life again.

A friendly game of chance[]

On July 8th, 1916, Sgt. Joubert informed Augustin and Henri that he needed one of them to go on a relatively safe and routine nighttime patrol to the communication wires.[8] Joubert suspected one of them was part of the tunnel sabotage, and so wished to test them; however, he allowed the two friends to choose who would go between themselves.[8]

Augustin and Henri decided to play a game of dice to decide who would go on patrol, but Henri, wanting to get out of a boring patrol and prank Augustin in response to previous ones, used a slight of hand to cheat and win.[8] Augustin gracefully accepted his loss and left on his patrol.[8]

However, while on the patrol, Augustin fell into a deep crater and injured his leg.[9] He was unable to escape and by the following night was losing the strength to live.[9] However, Henri, having been burdened with guilt after his juvenile prank took on real consequences, snuck out of the bunker and into no man's land to find and rescue Augustin.[10][11][9]


Henri then found Augustin in the crater, close to death.[9] He lowered himself into the crater with a rope and gave his injured friend some water from a nearby spring, and then extracted him from the hole; however, the spring water had a peculiar quality to it, with Augustin noting that it held a strange, sweet taste.[9] Henri then carried the injured Augustin on his back in order to get him to safety.[12] However, the duo were spotted by a German outpost and were fired upon, Augustin then tried to convince Henri to leave him, but Henri wouldn't hear of it and ran as fast as he could, however the unlucky pair were nearly struck by an artillery round.[12] Henri was knocked unconscious from the blast, and the resulting head trauma put him into an amnesiac coma.[12] Augustin, strangely enough, quickly recovered from all his injuries and carried Henri back to the safety of the bunker.[12][13]


Augustin returned to the bunker carrying the comatose Henri, managing to get him to Doctor Josinski, who diagnosed and treated Henri.[14] Augustin would patiently await his friend's recovery over the following days, visiting him in the infirmary regularly.[12][13] After returning, Augustin gave a report to Sgt. Joubert, describing the chain of events to him.[12][13] Joubert and Augustin himself both noted the oddity of the latter's recovery and fortitude, given his fall into the crater and Henri's serious wounding by the near-strike.[12][13]

On the morning of July 12th, Augustin realized that the Rabbit toy he had bought for his son was missing, and he presumed that he'd lost it in the crater.[15] Augustin was filled with a profound sense of hopelessness whenever he imagined the toy lying there, forever lost in the mud and rain.[15] That afternoon, he checked in with Dr. Josinski and asked about Henri's recovery, but the man informed Augustin that Henri was having memory issues.[14] Despite this distressing news, Augustin was feeling stronger and stronger, he noted that it was as if his body was filled with a new purpose.[14] That night, Augustin tried to pray, but found that this feeling was like an itch, he found it difficult to concentrate on anything besides the crater, the rabbit toy, and the bizarre taste of the water.[16] He felt that there were things that he needed to do.[16]


By the next morning (July 13th), August learned from his comrades that they heard scratching at the walls, and was even informed by his bunkmate Sdt. Tremblay that there was howling in the barracks.[17] Augustin also noted that he felt strange, finding his hands to be gnarled and bulbous.[17] The itch in his mind grew ever stronger, he was filled with seductive and bloody thoughts, calling to him, although he didn't entertain the thought of acting on them.[17]

However, on the night of July 14th, Augustin gave into his bloody thoughts and lost control for the first time, suffering a transformative episode.[18] As he roamed the bunker, he was either discovered by or came across the hated and sadistic Sgt. Reynard, who was in charge of nighttime security.[18] Augustin then brutally tortured and murdered the man before retreating.[18] By the next morning, he had no memory of the incident; however, Augustin was growing increasingly concerned for Henri, and wished that his friend would recover soon.[18]

On July 16th, Augustin suffered another transformation episode and tunneled into the mess hall, he tried to kill Sdt. Boisrond, but Sdt. Farber managed to drive Augustin off by shooting him with his revolver, only for Augustin to return a few minutes later and murder Farber, dragging him into the wall.[19] By July 18th, Augustin lost the last of his self-control, making his final diary entry and soon after killing his third victim and bunkmate, Sdt. Tremblay.[4] Following this, he began to hunt and pick off the rest of his comrades throughout the bunker, giving into his urges and fully transforming into the Beast, until Henri awoke from his relative safety of his quiet, coma-like state.

Events of Amnesia: The Bunker[]

The Last Man[]

By July 20th, Augustin had slaughtered most of the garrison, even killing at least one of the other officers (J. Delisle). With the pressure mounting, Commandant Fournier, the bunker's cowardly commanding officer, fled the bunker along Sgt. Joubert and the other surviving officers; furthermore, they blew up the exit behind them to seal off the rampaging Augustin, however, the cowardly officers also left behind all their men to die at his hands, including the still comatose Henri.[20]

The next day, Henri awoke from his coma, in fine physical health, albeit with no memory of the past two weeks. As he stumbled around in the Officer's mess hall, he came across the last survivor of Augustin's rampage, a mortally wounded Sdt. Boisrond. Boisrond greeted Henri with delight upon discovering one of his brother-soldiers was still alive; however, Augustin then burst from one of his tunnels and killed Boisrond, but not before the man was able to inform Henri about how to escape and give him a revolver.

Augustin then began to hunt down his former friend, but Henri successfully evaded or held him off until he reached the ancient underground Otherworldly Roman arena, where Augustin attacked his friend for the last time.


If Henri evades Augustin and manages to push two boxes over to a large wall blocking access to the exit stairs without letting his former friend catch him or break the boxes, he will reach a crack in a cliff and fall down a ditch full of the corpses of fellow infantrymen. Augustin then comes out of the same hole, roaring and running outside through the cliffs. This alerts the German soldiers outside, who can be seen approaching their position.

If Henri in the final battle decides to stay and confront Augustin, he will instead utilize the environment around him, and is able to knock off his mutated friend from the arena platforms into the screaming darkness below, which houses a portal to another world, one where the Shadow awaits.



Augustin was a kind, affable, and selfless man and soldier. He saved his friend Henri on multiple occasions despite putting himself at great risk and had no apparent quarrels with his fellow soldiers, or even the officers whom many of his compatriots despised. He did have a somewhat mischievous side as well, as he played numerous pranks on Henri, most of them being very childish, suggesting that the conditions in the bunker and trenches didn’t wipe out the softer aspects of his personality.


Augustin had blue eyes, brown hair, and appeared to be of an average height. His exact age is unknown; but due to his service in the wartime French Army, his general demeanor, his marriage and the age of his son, and his boyish appearance, Augustin is likely between twenty and thirty years of age.[1] As the Beast, Lambert transformed into something completely unrecognizable. He transformed into a ginormous monstrosity, lost all of his hair, his eyes turned pitch black, he grew huge claws, and his teeth abnormally and unevenly grew, ripping open his cheeks. By the time the game takes place, two bayonets have been stabbed through his torso, which have done little to harm or impede him.


On duty, Augustin wore the regular uniform at the time, like the army blue greatcoat and Adrian helmet. He also wore round glasses. As the Beast, his uniform was torn to shreds by his massive growth.


  • « Blood on my hands... Blood on my hands... »


  • Despite his new state Augustin still retains some basic semblance of his original self, though this only emerges when he is presented with the rabbit toy he bought for his son and lost in the crater, as it was one of the core memories disturbing him during his descent into madness from the effects of the Harvester water. If the toy is thrown at him in-game, he will pause, pick it up and cradle it while sobbing in a half-human manner before taking the toy and fleeing. This shows that some of Lambert's mind remains, but only in fragments that are unable to fight past the influence of his transformation.
  • His transformation seem to be occurred over a period of 9 days.[4][10] Lambert drank the "liquid" from the spring on 9th July and wrote his final journal entry on the 18th of July.
  • His surname, Lambert, is a French name derived from Germanic and roughly means "bright land."[21] His first name, Augustin, is the masculine, French-language version of the name of a medieval Catholic saint, St. Augustine of Hippo; the name was taken from the Latin title-turned-name "Augustus" or "Augustinus," meaning "majestic" or "venerable" (hence the meaning of the English word "august").[22][23]
  • During the intro, if one looks closely at the rifle while Lambert gives Henri a gas mask, it appears to be a Mauser Gewehr 98, a German rifle. French infantry during World War I primarily used the Lebel model 1886 or Berthier rifle.
    • It is entirely possible that something happened to his rifle (lost, damaged, ran out of ammo, etc.). As the trench was being overrun with German soldiers, it's likely that he replaced his lost rifle with a Gewehr 98 during the raid.



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