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This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

The Arsenal is a level in Amnesia: The Bunker. It can be accessed after lifting the lockdown in the Central Bunker. It is a key area in the acquisition of several items needed to escape the bunker, as both the items required to escape are obtained in and through this location.


The Arsenal is a large area with several chambers that are initially locked to the player. It is filled with crates, presumably both ammunition and armaments, like weapons and explosives, as well as with explosive barrels and grenades. Storage Area A and Storage Area B are full of loot that would have been used in the war, and can still prove of use to Henri. Storage Area C has been partially collapsed and flooded, with items floating in the water and piled up, blocking any passage until they're moved.

It is one of the darkest areas inside the bunker, with few lights to illuminate the area. It is also the most fortified area in the game, requiring several items and a code in order to even leave the entrance room and enter any of the other rooms.


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.

The Arsenal is a late-game area, as fully exploring it requires Henri to have the Cutters and the code from the Communications Room in Soldier Quarters.

To the left of the entrance is a locked metal door. Right next to it is a shut area with iron bars, labelled the Explosives Storage, which is where explosive charges are stored. Using the code from the Soldier Quarters on the door, access Storage Areas A and B of the Arsenal. Inside, navigate past around many shelves and barrels and climb over a small shelf. You will be able to loop back around to the main area. Once inside Explosive Storages, you can retrieve the Dynamite Bundle.

Now heading back to the entrance of the sub-area, Henri can head forwards from the entrance door and crawl through a partially collapsed doorway and enter Storage Area C. Then force the door open with the Cutters. The area has been largely flooded and collapsed. A water-draining machine leftmost of the door can be manned and, provided the Generator is fueled and active, will quickly drain the water out, allowing passage once more. Moving forwards putting everything aside a path can be cleared into the Roman Tunnels.