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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

The "Arena" or "The Exit" is the last playable area in Amnesia: The Bunker. It is reached by fulfilling the game's main objective by blowing open the entrance to the Bunker in the Central Bunker, which instead leads Henri down a pit and into the large mystical cavern.


The Arena is an incredibly large, sprawling cavern, with a large chasm that goes deep into and gets lost in fog. Several ancient pillars and platforms are erected from beneath this hole, all fitted with retractable bridges that can be pulled up and down by levers. The area is quite dark, but is occasionally illuminated by flashes of light.

On the opposite side of this chasm is a large brick structure with several flights of stairs that lead into the real exit. These stairs are blocked by a tall stone wall. The area has many crates and barrels, and several burnt and otherwise mangled corpses can be seen through the platforms. The area is very old and ruined. Parts of the bridge are broken and become damaged as time goes on.

It is stated by Alex Noyer that the ancient texts explain this location had been used in brutal combats, bacchanals and other festivals realized by the ancient Mithric Cult that also created the Roman Tunnels. Creatures who plummeted into this pit were consumed by a 'screaming darkness'.[1]


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.

Upon fulfilling his mission of acquiring both the Dynamite and the Detonator Handle, Henri can detonate the explosives to open the entrance to the Bunker.

Upon doing so, however, it instead just blasts open a pit at where the entrance would be. Jumping into this deep pit filled with wooden planks and traversing through a mine shaft, he will run into the Arena. The area features several bridges Henri can cross, some wooden, and some made of stone. One of the wooden ones immediately shatters when a boulder falls and hits it.

Not long into this, the Beast, who followed Henri into the Arena, will be seen at the opposite end of the chasm and will start tracking Henri. At this point, the final confrontation between Henri and his former friend will begin. Some of the stone bridges above the chasm can be lifted or lowered, aiding Henri in avoiding the Beast or closing in on it. The wooden ones can be destroyed as well (each wooden bridge has two sections), although Henri and the Beast can both jump one broken section. The player is faced with the option of making it for the exit, or fighting the Beast head on.

If the player chooses to kill the Beast, they will need go knock him down into the Otherworldy portal below, which can he done by destroying a wooden bridge he is standing on, shooting him mid-jump, or knocking him off as he tries to pull himself up from the edge.

If the player chooses to run, they will need to get over the wall to the staircase, which they can do by climbing boxes as they avoid the Beast’ attacks.

Once the stairs are climbed, Henri simply has to push a set of rocks that are lodged into the wall and the game will end. See Amnesia: The Bunker Endings.


Jumping or falling into the large chasm in the room will cause Henri to fall into an endless void, where the Shadow will appear from the darkness and engulf him. A special message will appear in the loading screen thereafter, saying, "Watch Your Step!". This is considered by some as an ending, but it's not clear if this was the intention, as it will load you back to your last save and there are no credits.


  • The Beast does reduce damage in this area, taking 3 to 4 hits to kill Henri with full health.
  • The red light seen when falling in the chasm is most likely the Shadow, due to similarities in description and the ties of the area to the Mithraic Faith and the Other World.
  • The overall layout resembles the Chancel in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.