"Is this another dream?"
―Daniel's thought after being rescued from the ocean.

You may have been looking for the similarly named area from Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, the Factory Tunnels.

The Archive Tunnels are entered from the Cellar Archives. It's the ninth area visited in the game. The original purpose of these corridors are unknown.


These flooded halls must be traversed for Daniel to reach the Back Hall. When the first door is opened, a Kaernk will appear at the entrance and begin to chase. In addition, the Shadow's presence in this location is very intense as it has almost fully consumed the area, its loud roar can constantly be heard in the distance. Chairs and boxes as well as other debris can be found blocking the watered path. These can be jumped over or moved out of the way, but provide no barricade against the Kaernk as it will simply push them aside. The wooden doors can be used to temporarily halt its progress however.

The Archive Tunnels lead to the Back Hall.


  • It is one of the few areas in the game to contain no collectibles whatsoever.
  • Oddly enough, most of the candles are still lit even though the Shadow can be seen infesting this area quite extensively. Consequently, neither lantern nor tinderboxes are necessary.
  • The quickest way to navigate the level is to simply run down the tunnels, closing the doors behind oneself to stall the Kaernk.
  • Although there are two tunnels leading to different exits, only one door can be found in the Back Hall. (This could simply be explained by the existence of another tunnel connecting the two different exits and the single exit to the Back Hall that is not shown in the game.)
  • There are actually multiple Kaernk in this area, four in total. To get every single one of them to follow you, it is necessary to leave all the doors open as they spawn behind you as you go through them. In order to get the two extra monsters, you need to run through to the end of both hallways as this will trigger the script to spawn them.
  • It is possible to kill all of the monsters in the Archive Tunnels by smashing a crate into them repeatedly.


Archive Tunnels

Archive Tunnels

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