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This is a page containing all quotes for Dr. Anton Metzier.

Real-time dialogue[]

This is for all of Dr. Metzier’s dialogue that takes place in real-time during Amnesia: Rebirth.


At the Cassandra.[]

« Mrs[sic] Ritter? Mr[sic] Hannachi? Hello... are you there? »
« Crew of the Cassandra – can anyone hear me? »
« This is Doctor Metzier... Mrs Ritter, Salim, is anyone there? »
« Crew of the Cassandra, please respond. »
« We have found help. I am here with Yasmin. Answer, please! »
« Salim, Eva... can anyone hear me? »
« Cassandra, this is Anton Metzier. Please. Say something. »
« I must save the battery. This is Doctor Metzier. I will try again later. »
The Doctor attempting to contact the remaining survivors, left near the wreck of the Cassandra.

At The Fortress Courtyard.[]

« Hello? »
« Hello? Can anyone hear me? »
« Hello, crew of the Cassandra, please respond. »
« Hello, this is Dr. Metzier, is anyone there? »
« Hello, Mr. Hannachi, Mrs. Ritter, are you there? »
« Cassandra, please respond, we have found aid. »
« Hello, this is Dr. Anton Metzier. Please, if you can hear me, respond. »
« Salim, Eva, is there anyone at the plane? »
« Hello, is there anybody there? Please reply. »
« This is Dr. Metzier to any of the crew of the Cassandra. Are you out there? »
« That’s the doctor! »
The Doctor attempting to contact help, via the radio.

At The Fortress, trying to contact help.[]

« Hello, hello. This is Dr[sic] Metzier. Can anyone hear me? »
« Hello. This is Dr[sic] Anton Metzier. Cassandra Crew, please respond. »
« This is futile. »
« Salim, Eva, anyone? »
« I do not know if you can hear me. We have found a village. A settlement. I am here with Yasmin. »
« I will try again, Mrs. Ritter, Mr. Hannachi, please respond. »
« I am here with Yasmin. If you can hear us, you must be quick. »
« Hello, hello. »
« Crew of the Cassandra. Can anyone hear me? »
« Nothing. You try. »
« Crew of the Cassandra, this Dr. Metzier. We have found a village, we have found help. »
« This is Dr. Metzier. Mr. Hannachi, Mrs. Ritter, please respond. »
« If any of the Cassandra crew can hear me, please respond »
« Cassandra expedition please respond. »
« Please. We need to know you are out there. »
The Doctor continuing his attempts to contact help.

At The Fortress, contacting Tasi.[]

« Hello. Hello? Doctor, are you there? »
« Yes! Yes, I'm here! Eva, is that you? »
« Oh, thank god. It's Tasi. Tasi Trianon. »
« Miss... Trianon? »
« Tasi. Hm. Are you well? »
« Yes. Well, no. Not really. Not at all. I can't remember anything, I'm pregnant, I'm lost. Salim... »
« A fort. I'm in a fort. We were here before, I think. I don't know. »
« Doctor, where are you? »
« We have found help, people, a village. But Yasmin, she is not well. »
« The fort... yes, the fort. Go through the mountain pass, and it is maybe an hour beyond there. »
« The mountain pass. Yes, yes - I see the village, here, on the map. Oh, thank god. »
« But... doctor... please, there's something else. I keep blacking out, it feels like I'm losing control... »
« I am aware of your... recent problems, Miss Trianon. In fact, it is because- [of your condition that all of this happened.] » [radio static]
« We must- [get help before it affects all of us] » [radio static]
« Doctor? »
« Tasi. »
[radio static] « [You must be as] -quick as you can. » [radio static]
« [There] -may still be a chance. » [radio static]
« Doctor? Doctor Metzier! Damn it! »
Dr. Metzier warily making contact with Tasi and giving her some directions to his and Yasmin's location, before cutting out.

At The Oasis.[]

« Tasi. Tasi? Hello? »
« Yes! Yes, I'm here, Doctor! It's so good to hear your voice! »
« Ahah! You are still- [human] ... well. Where are you? »
« The oasis. We were here before... what happened to us? »
« I just read... something I wrote... there's a spirit, a glowing spirit. I've seen her... »
« I will explain it all, Tasi. Come to the village. »
« We have lit a beacon in the tower. Look for the smoke! »
« Oh, thank god. Thank you. Thank you. »
« Doctor... you talked about my blackouts. I have these marks on my skin and I keep... losing control. »
« You gave me a medicine. What's wrong with me? »
« I... I do not know for certain. »
« We need diagnostic implements. Reference books. Civilisation. »
« Remember, Tasi - control yourself. Avoid fear, avoid anger, at all costs. »
« I have to go. Yasmin - she needs me. »
« Doctor? Doctor? »
« Shit. »
Dr. Metzier making radio contact with Tasi once again, giving her directions to where he and Yasmin are.

In The Chamber of Pillars[]

[radio static]« [Tasi…] -are you there? It’s… it’s Yasmin. »
« Yasmin? Yes! Yes, hello! I’m here… I’m trapped! I’m in a tomb! »
[radio static]« [You] -should rest. You need to take care. I told [you] »[radio static]
« Doctor? »
« Ahh… damn. Well, I suppose they can’t be far. »
« Although they might as well be on the moon, unless we can get out of here. »
Yasmin tries to make contact with Tasi Trianon over the radio, but Dr. Metzier tells her to rest.

Just outside the Town[]

[radio static]« [do not go to] -the town. It is very- [dangerous] »[radio static]
« Doctor! »
[radio static]« Tasi? Tasi. »[radio static]
« Oh thank Christ. I need you, I need you now! »
« I know it’s crazy- but the baby… my waters have broken! »
[radio static]« [the curse has] -taken Yasmin. *radio static* [Do not] -come to the tower! Do you- [understand me?] »[radio static]
« The tower. I’ll try. I’ll try. »
« *radio static* »
Dr. Metzier tries to contact Tasi Trianon over the radio to warn her about Yasmin’s transformation, but the strong static, presumably from the coming sandstorm, garbles the message.

Mayday calls[]

« Mayday, mayday »
« This is Dr. Anton Metzier, of the Cassandra. We are at a village, called Aman Tesemt. Can anyone hear me? »
« Mayday, mayday. Please respond.»
« This is Dr. Anton Metzier. The aircraft Cassandra crashed in the desert. We are at Aman Tesemt. Please send aid. »
« Mayday. If anyone can hear me.»
« This is the crew of the Cassandra. We are at the town of Aman Tesemt and need immediate medical assistance. Please respond. »
Doctor Metzier attempting to contact potential rescuers, found in the game’s files.


During the Flight.[]

« Alex! »
« Herr im Himmel... »
(German: "Lord in Heaven.")
« Shit, shit, can't see a thing! Yasmin, get up here! »
« Hello, hello, this is Cassandra, out of Algiers, can anyone read me? »
« Mayday, mayday, this is Cassandra! Do! You! Read! »
« Engine down! Shit! »
« No, no... Come on, baby, come on, stay with me, stay with me, baby- »
Dr. Metzier expressing his surprise at the sudden jolt of severe turbulence.

After saving Tasi from Yasmin.[]

« I am here, Tasi. I've got you. »
« Doctor... doctor... the baby... she's coming... »
« It's all right. It's all right. I'm here. »
« I've got you. »
Doctor Metzier rescuing Tasi from the transformed Yasmin.

Before Amari's birth.[]

« No! »
« The curse, the ghoul, it's in you; we cannot risk it. »
« I will help you save the child. Be strong. »
« Don't let the creature take you, breathe, breathe... »
« Focus on me, look at me... stay you, stay Tasi! »
The Doctor reassuring Tasi of his beneficient intentions before the first birthing segment.

During the First birthing segment.[]

« Keep breathing, focus on me. »
« Look at me, Tasi. »
« Keep focused on me. »
« Eyes on me, calm yourself. »
« Good. »
« Now, Tasi, push now! »
« That's it, that's it... »
« Focus, Tasi. »
« No, no, stay with me, stay yourself. »
« Focus, Tasi. Stay strong. »
« Look at me! We must save the child, Tasi. »
Dr. Metzier encouraging Tasi through the first birthing segment.
Note- Some of Dr. Metzier’s lines are determinant on player actions, such as not pushing or not fighting the transformation.

During the Second birthing segment.[]

« Not long now. I can see the head. »
« Once more! »
« You're doing well. Nearly there. »
« Keep breathing, focus on me. »
« Focus on my voice. You are Tasi. You are Anastasie Trianon. »
« You are Tasi, remember it. »
« Pay attention! »
Dr. Metzier encouraging Tasi through the second birthing segment.
Note- Some of Dr. Metzier’s lines are determinant on player actions, such as not pushing or not fighting the transformation.

During the Final birthing segment.[]

« That's it, good girl! »
« That's it! Once more! »
« Now Tasi, push now! »
« Stay in control, damn you! »
« Damn you, you stupid girl, stay awake! »
« Come on! »
« God damn you, Tasi Trianon, I will not let you lose me this! »
« Hah! »
Dr. Metzier encouraging Tasi through the last birthing segment.
Note- Some of Dr. Metzier’s lines are determinant on player actions, such as not pushing or not fighting the transformation.

Just after Amari's birth.[]

« I thought she might be tainted. »
« But see? Perfect. »
The Doctor expressing his relief at the lack of complications for the baby.

While swaddling Amari post-birth.[]

« Well done, Miss Trianon. »
« You have given us hope. »
« Please... let me hold her... »
« I know. For you, the child comes before everything else. »
« Even the lives of your friends, your husband. »
« All she wanted was the child. Just that! »
« No... »
« We could have gone home, if not for you! » / « Look at what you’ve become, through your own misplaced sentiment! » (Note)
« So now I must do what you would not, if we are to be cured. »
« Against our lives, what is one child? »
« Don't you fucking dare! »
« You could so easily have made another. »
« *screams of rage* »
The Doctor absconding with the baby, against Tasi's protestations, to pay the bargain offered by the Empress.
Note: Dr. Metzier’s lines will change depending on how much Tasi has progressed in the Harvester transformation.

In The Mines.[]

« Amari! I’m coming… »
« *muttered curses* »
« Ach! »
(German: "Oh!")
« Verdammt... »
(German: "Damned...")
« Stop! Stop, damn you! »
« Give her back to me! »
The Doctor struggling to dislodge a barricade and escape from the mines with Amari as an enraged Tasi follows in close pursuit.

In The Tower.[]

« I see you bastard! »
« It's our only chance, Tasi. I'm sorry! »
The Doctor shouting back at Tasi from the elevator.

Dr. Metzier’s Death[]

« This is what you wanted, isn’t it? »
« I’ve brought the child! Now save us! Change us! Lift this curse, if that’s what it is! »
« She had no right to take the decision. She was thinking with her heart, not her head. »
« God damn you! Speak to me! Save us, please! »
« I see you, you piece of filth! »
« Tasi... She will not answer- »
« Bastard! What have you done with her! »
« You must listen, I am trying to save- [us] »
The Doctor begging with an unresponsive Empress, before trying to reason with Tasi as she loses control.


This is for all Metzier voiced lines that are placed in the past during Amnesia: Rebirth, i.e. flashbacks.

The Cassandra[]

Take the medicine[]

« I... I have laudanum. It will help. »
« But you must try to keep calm, or it will get worse. »
« Do not allow yourself anger, do not allow yourself to fear. »
« Do you understand me, Tasi? »
The Doctor giving Tasi a bottle of laudanum and his best medical advice for a strange affliction.

After crash[]

« In my case! Left side – bandages. Quickly! »
The Doctor attempts first aid on the injured survivors of the wreck.

The Caves[]

Stitching Salim's wound[]

« Hold him more tightly, or the stitching will tear! »
« I... I am sorry. I will be still. »
« Salim... I have you, I have you. »
The Doctor performing first aid on Salim's grievous injuries, severe to the point of requiring stiches, while Tasi assists.

The Dark World[]

A Strange Tower[]

« This is miraculous, truly miraculous! »
The Doctor expressing wonderment at the alien Other World and the tower.
Note: This flashback precedes others that occurred before it chronologically.

The Fortress Courtyard[]


« There must be some means of communication. »
« Look, see, a windmill - I think it is a generator! »
The Doctor speculating about the equipment and infrastructure the French Foreign Legion installed to stay in contact with the outside world.

The Fortress[]

Saw a ghoul[]

« But what was it? What did you see? Miss Trianon? »
« I, uh... I don't know. »
« It was just a shadow. »
« Yasmin? »
« A ghûl. It was a ghûl. »
The Doctor interrogates the survivors of the attack in the Fortress on what exactly happened.

The Oasis[]

Stay with me[]

« Hank! Stay with me, Hank! »
« It is not good, Miss Trianon. Not at all. We may reach help, but he will not. »
« Fuck. »
The Doctor prognosticating Hank Mitchell's likely demise.

The Mines[]


« It's Leon. Is there nothing you can do for him? »
« He's changing. Like Hank. »
« He may be in control now, but I don't think it will last. »
« I... I have laudanum. It may help. »
Dr. Metzier giving a dour prognosis for Leon De Vries and sharing some medicine in the hopes it staves off the inevitable.


« You're out of your mind! »
« Salim will be dead by now! Accept it! »
« Don't go, Tasi; we can get help. »
« I can't do this any more. I just want to be with him. »
« I don't care what happens. »
The Doctor admonishing Tasi for leaving the group at a desperate juncture for an irrational reason.


« The fountain... it was the fountain. »
« This is our fate. Damn you, Tasi. »
« All for a child that will die with us. »
The Doctor cursing Tasi for the results of her choice.

The Tower[]


« You stupid, selfish little girl! Hank will die because of you! We'll all die! »
« Don't listen, Tasi. It's all right. »
« Please... goddess... queen... whatever you are. He's dying... »
« You know my terms, Tasi Trianon. Have you changed your answer? »
« No. No, I can't stay. I can't give her up. »
« Then I cannot save you. »
« But I am not a monster. I will give you aid, before you face the desert. »
The Doctor snapping at Tasi over her, what he argues is insensible, choice to decline the bargain.

The fountain[]

« Give him water from the fountain, and he will be well. »
« Malick, help me, please »
« I have him. Here. Mr Mitchell. Can you her me? »
« Here. Here, Hank. Drink. »
« God and the Devil... Look... look! His wound, it is closing! »
« Drink. All of you. It will sustain you in the desert. »


« He will die – what other choice do we have? »
« Hank... stay with me, Hank... »
« Accept her bargain, Tasi. I know it is painful. But this way, we all live – maybe even Salim. »
The Doctor pleading for Tasi to accept the bargain, reminding her that her injured husband's life also hangs in the balance.


« I can aid your companions. But you must stay. Until the child is born. »
« life against the rest of us... »
« ...we could save Salim... »
« Tasi? It has to be your choice. It's your life. »
« I can't, Hank. I can't. I lost Alys. »
« I will not give up this child. »
The Doctor pleading again for Tasi to accept the Empress's bargain on utilitarian grounds.


This is for all of Dr. Anton Metzier’s lines in writing from Amnesia: Rebirth.

Note: There are no known documents authored, either completely or partially, by Dr. Metzier.