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This is Dr. Anton Metzier, of the Cassandra... Mayday. If anyone can hear me. This is the crew of the Cassandra. We are at the town of Aman Tesemt and need immediate medical assistance. Please respond.

Dr. Anton Metzier’s futile distress calls - circa March, 1937

Doctor Anton Metzier is a major character in Amnesia: Rebirth. He was a medical doctor and one of the fourteen members of the Triple Crown Mining Co. Sadiola mining expedition to the French Sudan.[6][8] In Rebirth, Tasi refers to him as "the Doctor" in most circumstances. He is voiced by British actor Nicholas Boulton.[9]


Dr. Anton Metzier was a Swiss physician based in Basel, a Swiss city on the river Rhine, very close to the triple border with modern-day France and Germany; additionally, it appears his first language is German.[7][6] Very little is known about his life before the expedition, but Hank Mitchell speculated that he had a problem with alcohol, joking with Tasi about how he could have been sent to "dry out;" however, this was likely idle speculation rather than a serous conversation.[10]

When the expedition was in its planning stage, Robert Sterling insisted that a European physician accompany the expedition, much to Hank Mitchell's annoyance, as he believed a physician was unnecessary on such a short and relatively safe trip.[6] Nonetheless, Sterling was not dissuaded and acquired Dr. Metzier's services, sending the necessary information to Mitchell.[6]

After meeting him, Hank Mitchell’s initial opinion changed very little, still regarding his presence as unnecessary.[10] He didn't have much of an opinion about the man himself, remarking to Tasi Trianon that Metzier was alright; however, he joked about the man’s sobriety, speculating that he was the assigned to the expedition to help him “dry out.”[10]

Events of Amnesia: Rebirth[]

The crash of the Cassandra and afterwards[]

Dr. Metzier was one of the survivors of the crash of the Cassandra and survived relatively unhurt.[8] Immediately after the crash, he sprang into action and worked to save the life of Lukas Ritter, who was severely injured and trapped in the wreck.[11] Both Rachael Holt and Nicolas Masson ended up dying of their injuries either during or just after the crash, with both being buried in the desert sands at the crash site, it is not clear if Metzier attended to them as well.[8] Once the group had entered the cave he successfully treated Salim Hannachi by stitching up his abdominal wound.[8]

Metzier was part of the group that left the caves in search of help, carrying his medical case with him, which contained: Laudanum and other medicines; medical tools; and various bandages.[12] He travelled with the rest of the expedition through the cave system to Al-Mamaru Fort. Upon entering the complex, Metzier speculated that the abandoned fort’s windmill acted as a generator, which he hoped electricity for some means of long range radio or telegraph communication.[13] During the group’s exploration of the fort’s living quarters, they were watched by creatures that skulked around. After one such sighting, Metzier asked Yasmin Chabani and Tasi Trianon about what exactly they saw, with Yasmin ominously mentioning that it was a "Ghûl," which were supposedly-mythical abominations from desert legends.[14] Shortly afterwards, Jonathan Webber and Hank Mitchell were respectively killed and mortally wounded by one of these "ghouls."[15] After this, Dr. Metzier escaped with everyone else into the mountains. Upon reaching the oasis, he tended to Hank, although he later confided to Tasi that the wounded man would not survive for long.[16]

Dr. Metzier was among the expedition members who went to the Other World after the apparition gave Tasi the Traveller's amulet. After Empress Tihana made her bargain to Tasi, Metzier was among those who told her to accept the bargain in order to save the life of Hank, as well as the rest of the expedition’s members.[17] However, he initially respected her choice to decline.

Metzier was one of the six members of the expedition to drink from the Harvester fountain, thus unwittingly turning himself into the same creature he and the group previously ran from, a Ghoul (or "Harvester," as called by the Otherworlders).[18] Soon after this, the now-healed Hank had a transformative episode into a harvester and attacked the group, with Malick Tamboura sacrificing himself to allow Tasi and the rest of the group to escape unharmed. Metzier then escaped back to Earth, along with Tasi, Yasmin Chabani, and Leon De Vries.[2] As they fled, Yasmin came to the realization that it was the fountain that turned Hank, leaving them with the terrible knowledge that they too would become Harvesters.[18] Metzier ― now distraught ― angrily blamed Tasi for this.[18]

Once they returned to the desert, Leon slowly began showing signs of Harvester corruption, Metzier gave him Laudanum to help him keep control; however, he confided with Yasmin and Tasi that he did not believe the mercurial man would maintain his self-control for long.[19] Metzier and Yasmin tried to persuade Tasi to stay with them and Leon.[20] He reasoned that Salim would have been dead by that point, but he was unable to persuade her to stay, although he gave her laudanum before she departed, using his inferences on how the Harvester corruption worked to give her medical advice, namely to "avoid fear and anger."[20]

Sometime after Tasi left, Leon also parted ways with him and Yasmin.[21] It is unknown whether or not Metzier and Yasmin left Leon behind as his transformation progressed, or if he wandered away on his own while in a transformation episode.[21]

After Tasi's reawakening[]

After Tasi left to find Salim, Dr. Metzier and Yasmin managed to make their way to the Kel Hanan's village, Aman Tesemt, where the locals offered them help.[22] It is around this time that Yasmin’s transformation into a Harvester hastened, leaving him to tend to her.[23]

After reaching safety, Metzier began to periodically try and contact the injured expedition members in the cave.[22] Upon making contact with Tasi in Al-Mamaru Fort, he told her of their location and asked after her health.[23] He then told her to get to the village as quickly as she can, due to there still being a chance for the transformation to be reversed, although the radio static garbles most of what he said, making little sense to Tasi.[23]

After Tasi reaches the oasis, Metzier called her again to check on her, as well as tell her that they had lit a fire beacon in the village watchtower to provide a smoke signal to guide her.[24] He abruptly ended the conversation to tend to Yasmin, whose condition had worsened.[24] Later on, Dr. Metzier can briefly be heard on the radio in the The Chamber of Pillars admonishing Yasmin for not resting.[25]

In the time that Tasi was stuck in the Other World, Yasmin succumbed to the Harvester transformation and slaughtered the Kel Hanan villagers who had tried to help her. Metzier ― who was with the young woman when she lost control ― fled and barricaded himself in the salt mines near to the village to get away from her. After Tasi arrived back on Earth near the village, her radio picked up Metzier trying to contact and warn her about Yasmin, although the transmission suffered from interference, likely due to the incoming sandstorm.[26]

Metzier shot the transformed Yasmin after she ran down Tasi and tried to killed her, he then took Tasi inside the mines and helped her give birth to Amari. However, he then stole Amari and fled to the Other World to give her to the Empress to try and cure Tasi, himself, Leon, and Hank, as well as save any other non-Harvester expedition survivors, which enraged Tasi.[27]

He was able to bring Amari all the way back to the Empress's throne room, but the Empress did not respond to his offering or pleas, making him break down in tears.[28] Tasi ultimately caught up to him and despite Metzier trying to reason with her, she repeatedly bashed his head against the ground in her transformative rage, killing him.[28] An act of violence which seemed to gain both Empress Tihana’s attention and condemnation.

Given his relative lack of Harvester corruption, it is very likely that Dr. Metzier was not far enough along in the transformation to regenerate from immediate fatal damage like most of his corrupted brethren.[29]


Dr. Anton Metzier was a skilled and knowledgeable Swiss medical doctor that accompanied the Triple Crown Mining expedition to the French Sudan.[6] He was determined to help the crew survive, constantly radioing his state of emergency and identifying information, even though he received no response until Tasi reestablished communication with him.[22][23]

Physical appearance[]

Dr. Metzier has brown hair, blue eyes, and appears to be of average height. He was originally clean-shaven but as stubble by the time of Amnesia: Rebirth due to an inability to shave under the circumstances. His age is unknown, but accounting for the fact he is neither visibly middle-aged nor visibly youthful, as well as the lengthy education required of medical doctors, it can be reasonably estimated that Metzier is somewhere in-between the ages of 35 and 50.


When Tasi Trianon encounters him at the Kel Hanan’s village, Aman Tesemt, Metzier is wearing the following: a white, short-sleeved dress shirt; a loosely-worn red tie; a green waistcoat; brown trousers; and a pocket watch. He shows signs of early stage Harvester corruption but no serious injuries.


In times of crisis, Dr. Metzier showed himself to be calm and decisive, as befitting a physician. He tended to the expedition’s wounded without hesitation and made exhaustive attempts to contact the injured survivors in the caves. While he genuinely cared for the well-being of the entire expedition, he was also willing to try and persuade Tasi Trianon to give up her unborn child to Empress Tihana so the rest of the expedition could reach safety. Dr. Metzier also displayed signs of high intellect, as he put together how the Harvester transformation broadly worked in a short amount of time and maintained his sanity.

During the events of Amnesia: Rebirth, Metzier grew increasingly desperate, due both to the effects of the Harvester toxin slowly but surely transforming Yasmin and himself, as well as the fact the rest of the expedition members were either dead, transformed into Harvesters, missing, or not responding. This is implied by the fact that while his first call on the broken radio inside the Cassandra was short and to the point, his second call on the radio in Al-Mamaru Fort several hours later was unnecessarily long and rambling, lasting nearly the entire time Tasi was trying to get to the room in which it was kept. However, it appears he was fulfilled with a newfound hope when Tasi responded - since he had originally believed she had transformed into a Harvester by that time ― and instructed her on how to find the village.

By the end of the game, Metzier had grown desperate enough to steal the newborn Amari from Tasi and give her to the Empress. Although his actions were self-serving and cruel at a first glance, his dialogue revealed that he was still thinking about saving the rest of crew, or at least what was left of it; furthermore, he apologized to Tasi, and stated that trading over Amari was their only chance to obtain a cure. It is also clear the Harvester infection affected his critical thinking and decision-making skills at this time.


  • « Crew of the Cassandra – can anyone hear me? »
  • « Hold him more tightly, or the stitching will tear! »
  • « You stupid, selfish little girl! Hank will die because of you! We'll all die! »
  • « So now I must do what you would not, if we are to be cured. »
  • « It's our only chance, Tasi. I'm sorry! »

Death Scene[]

  • « God damn you! Speak to me! Save us, please! »
  • « You must listen, I am trying to save- (us) »


  • The given name "Anton" is derived from the Latin given and family name, "Antonius." The surname "Metzier" is related to "Metzler" or "Metzger," which originated as a Germanic occupational name for a meatmonger or butcher, possibly influenced in spelling and/or pronunciation by the French language.[30]
  • By the start of Amnesia: Rebirth, Dr. Metzier is one of the six surviving members of the Sadiola expedition.
  • Dr. Metzier is one of two expedition members to be killed by a transforming Tasi Trianon, the other being Richard Fairchild.
  • From Tasi’s pre-crash drawings, it appears that Leon De Vries animatedly talked to Dr. Metzier as he packed his medical case. What Leon was saying is unknown, but Metzier’s expression looks to be one of mild annoyance.



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