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For the rest of Anna's family, see Stoss Family.

[M]other spoke to the lawmen and later wrote a statement to the magister in town.

Anna Koch, in a statement of her own

Anna Koch is a supporting character in one of the Remember - Amnesia The Dark Descent short stories, "House of Gerich."


Anna Koch was the daughter of Prussian farmer Herr Stoss and his wife, Dorothea. They lived on the outskirts of the town of Altstadt at the family farm, where they employed a farmhand named Emil.

In 1718, Anna married into the Koch family and moved away from the farm, her mother moved in with her a decade later.[6] After her mother’s death in the 1750s, Anna (and possibly her siblings) sold the farm, presumably to the Zimmermann family.[6] At some point, Anna’s husband died, although she was able to live comfortably in a townhouse along with a personal maid, it is unknown if she had any children.[6]

Events of House of Gerich[]

Anna Koch was still alive as of the events of “House of Gerich”, and she gave an interview to the investigating historian, Klaas Gottschall, from the University of Königsberg, recounting what she could still, after seventy years, of what had happened during and after the incident of arson.[6]

Frau Koch recalls that the whole affair had been a simple accident, with Emil leaving his makeshift nightlight burning after falling asleep.[6] The revelations confused Klaas, who had believed the official records from Wilhelm von Gerich and Anna’s mother, Dorothea Stoss, were accurate.[6]


  • "He was such a sweet man."


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