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An Ankhari stone, held by Empress Tihana

Ankhari stones, also referred to as control stones, are small, fist-sized orbs used by Empress Tihana and the most skilled alchemists (like Temaku) of the Other World's largest empire to control Harvesters.


Composition and uses[]

The exact composition and number of Ankhari stones remains unknown (though it is likely that each Wraith has access to only one of them). Their main purpose was to facilitate control of the otherwise sadistically violent and impulsive Harvesters. When used, the stones are able to trigger transformative episodes of humans in earlier stages of Harvester corruption, complete the transformation outright, and turn fully transformed ones into puppets. This both guaranteed the safety of the user as well as allowing the Harvesters to be used for more productive work.


When the Shadow devastated the other world, the Ankhari stones were turned against the Alchemists who wielded them, and as a result were twisted into Wraiths.[1] Empress Tihana escaped the fate of her subjects and held onto one of the stones, allowing her to maintain some level of control over the Harvesters that still inhabited the fallen empire.

Events of Amnesia: Rebirth[]

After Tasi Trianon refused Empress Tihana’s offer to save the crew in exchange for her unborn child, Tihana tricked the crew into drinking the transformative liquid, which would enable her to control them with her Ankhari stone.