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We bid you welcome to the Amnesia Wiki. It is our study of the Amnesia games – specifically, their shared world. A set of buttons have been prepared below to chaperone you through the articles ahead. There are a few parts to this wiki and it is up to you, not only to read, but to figure out how you can improve or add to it.

Please go on, move into the next article. Just remember: they can all be improved, there is always a way.


As the Amnesia wiki strives to provide complete and detailed information on the Amnesia series, many of the pages will contain spoilers. Furthermore, as the Amnesia games are meant for a mature audience, many of the games' adult themes may be reflected or related on the wiki. Personal discretion is advised.
This wiki currently has 385 articles and 19,820 pages; with 1,681 files.
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