Before being given the name Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the game had gone under two different names, Lux Tenebras and Unknown. The game had undergone several changes before being released as what it is now, with mostly removed or modified content.

Gameplay elementsEdit

The game was initially intended contain combat elements, much like in Penumbra: Overture. However, it had the Sanity element added. Weapons included the pickaxe, bow and arrow, and a flint lock pistol. The player could also use sanity potions, to restore "30 points" of their sanity. These were all removed, with the sanity potion and large oil potion still able to be implemented in Custom Stories.


25 Thalers

A bag with twenty-five thalers used in a Custom Story.

A pouch of coins, called thalers, is available for implementation in Custom Stories. When picking up a bag of thalers, the hint at the top of the hub states that a numerical amount of thalers could be used to open certain chests containing valuable items.

  • In the file that the game saves normally for saved games, in notepad format, has a value for the amount of coins the player has under the line "<class type="cLuxPlayer_SaveData" name="mPlayer"".
<var type="2" name="mlCoins" val="_" />

Large Oil PotionsEdit

Large Oil Potions, which is essentially a larger amount of oil for the lantern per bottle (fills a half of the lantern), can be used in Custom Stories.

  • Although not glimpsed in game, a large oil potion can be obtained if Daniel were to choose the revenge ending and kill Alexander. As Daniel is leaving the Entrance Hall, there will be a shelf knocked over, presumably by The Shadow with a large oil potion perched atop.


Spider enemies, which function the same as in Penumbra: Overture, albeit unable to be killed.

  • These spiders were meant to be a part of the Archives where Daniel hallucinates a dying man. This was eventually scrapped in the final version of the game.
  • These spiders can be seen on the stairway of the Nave when Daniel is on low sanity. They will not harm the player, however.

The Tuurngait InfectedEdit

The Tuurngait Infected (as seen in Penumbra: Black Plague), who were replaced by the Gatherers. They have the same voice files and function as they had in Black Plague, though have the sanity loss effect added.

  • These enemies were only included in the game to test the sanity effect of sightings of enemies. In The Dark Descent's final version, it had it's own monsters, The Gatherers.

Herbert's diary notesEdit

Herbert's Lost Diary (Removed from the game)

Herbert's diary sound files can be found in the Super Secret file using the code lke271tyr299odn314. The file pathway is: "super_secret > design > herbert's lost diary".

17th May 1839

Herbert's Lost Diary - 17th May 1839 (Click for audio)

Early afternoon. It has come to my attention that there has been an accident. Daniel, my research assistant, has been trapped inside the burial chamber. All men are ordered to lift the massive stone hinder.

Recovered Daniel after one hour of entrapment. After some preparation the workers hoisted the heavy stone with block and tackle.

Daniel is delirious and his mind is slowly recovering. I have decided to have him leave for England. It would be foolish of me to risk not just his life, but the expedition's success by keeping him here.

20th May 1839

Herbert's Lost Diary - 20th May 1839 (Click for audio)

Those imbeciles. How dare they sacrifice my expedition to their superstition. The camp is in chaos and they blame the Orb. They won't get their hands on it. I shot one of them to put them in their place. It can't be helped, they are animals, all of them. They killed four men in the most gruesome way. Their skinless bodies torn apart. They say the desert took them, but I know murder when I see it. I have sent Abdullah to contact the French in Algiers.

22nd May 1839

Herbert's Lost Diary - 22nd May 1839 (Click for audio)

That thing is after me. It has been hunting me for days. But I keep out of its trail, so I will persevere. I can see a settlement at the edge of the desert. I'm getting closer. I can see it. But it is not me, it is Abdullah. Through his eyes I see, his mind I hear. Confined to myself, I see only death dressed in the Orb's darkest shadow.

The PickaxeEdit

The Pickaxe, which was used in the Penumbra series, was mainly used to bash down doors/obstacles, and/or stun/kill certain enemies. The pickaxe was intended to be in the game, but was scrapped in the final version.

  • You can still see the file for the pickaxe in the file pathway: "Amnesia - The Dark Descent > models > _hand_objects > pickaxe".