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In Amnesia: The Dark Descent there are three different endings, and each one is triggered by a specific course of player action while being in the Orb Chamber.

Daniel's Ending (the Revenge Ending)[]

For this ending, Daniel must topple all the pillars in order to ruin Alexander's ritual. The ground begins to shake and the Shadow creeps under Alexander, who screams in pain, curls into the fetal position, and dissolves into a blue mist, seemingly killed by The Shadow, but never touched by it. The Shadow however does not touch Daniel, and after the screen fades to black, a short cutscene will play of Daniel seemingly leaving the castle. Over the sound of shifting stone and The Shadow's growth, Daniel will say:

It was my greatest triumph... and I never looked back. You think I was afraid fleeing Brennenburg? Quite the contrary. I knew it was my purgatory - hellfire made to wash away my sins. There's no denying the things I've done. But I have paid my tribute. I gave them that awful man... I did the right thing.

Alexander's Ending (the Bad Ending)[]

Doing nothing in the Orb Chamber will trigger this ending. After Alexander disappears through the portal, Daniel will hear the prisoners and the little girl he killed begging for mercy while the Shadow invades the room and seems to rip him to pieces within a minute. After the screen blackens and the Shadow's roar fades, Alexander's voice will be heard saying:

Thank you, my friend. Your sacrifice won't be forgotten. You'll be celebrated... forever."

This ending can also be triggered while in the Cells. After being locked inside, doing nothing to escape will draw the Shadow to Daniel, who will be killed by it in the same way as in the Orb Chamber. The same can be done by dying to the Shadow during the chase sequence. This version of the ending grants the Quitter achievement, while obtaining the ending in the Orb Chamber awards Sacrifice.

Agrippa's Ending (the Good Ending)[]

To trigger this ending, Daniel must put Agrippa's head in the portal right before the preparation is complete. Alexander will exclaim:

No, you fool! You have ruined us!

The Shadow seems to consume Alexander and Daniel, who both scream in pain before Alexander dissolves into blue and Daniel collapses to the ground. The screen blackens, then floating blue lights appear on the distance. While Daniel walks towards the lights, Agrippa says:

There he is. Do you see him, Weyer? He deserves so much more. Please, help him, I know you can. Don't worry, Daniel. It will be alright.

The screen will then fade white, then black, and the credits will roll. It is unknown what exactly happens to Alexander or Daniel. Maybe Daniel dies, and then Weyer helps Agrippa resurrect Daniel or save him from the other side of the portal.


After the ending, the words "The End" will appear at the center of the screen, along with a short string of letters and numbers at the bottom. Each ending gives you a different string. Assemble the strings in order from Daniel's ending, Alexander's ending, and Agrippa's ending to get the password for the super_secret rar file in the game folder.