Before being given the name Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the game had gone under two different names, Lux Tenebras and Unknown. The game underwent many changes before release, resulting in a lot of content being left on the cutting-room floor. This is a summary of all the known cut content from the game.


  • Cloud Thing - Referred as from the files. This particle would occur at least four times in the Archives location. What it means remains a mystery.
  • Many Books - An unfinished scare sequence involves the books falling off from the shelves upon entering one of the Archives rooms.
  • Darker Fog - Found from the script, the fog was meant to have the Storage area a much darker and stronger atmosphere.
  • Blood Rituals - Two sequences meant to reveal Daniel performing the torture during his time with Alexander from the Transept and Choir room.


  • Greenhouse - A garden room with bizarre plant lifeforms.
  • Dissection Lab - The laboratory with post-tested animal corpses.


The game was initially intended to contain combat elements, much like in Penumbra: Overture. Weapons included the pickaxe, bow and arrow, and a flintlock pistol. These were all removed, with the Sanity Potion and Thalers still able to be implemented in Custom Stories.


The monsters were first intended to be hybrid combinations of humans and plants,[1] before ending up quickly rejected.

  • Fish Head - A zombie head with thick root-like tentacles sprouting from the mouth.
  • Plant

    Baby plant concept art.

    Flower Man - A human corpse-like entity infested by a large flower.
  • Baby Plant - A plant-like creature that opens its "mouth" like a pea pod to attack.
  • Spider - Small enemies that were meant to be a part of the Archives where Daniel hallucinates a dying man. Functions the same as in Penumbra: Overture, albeit unable to be killed.
  • Tuurngait Infected - A monster from Penumbra: Black Plague who is used as a test enemy from one of the prototype gameplay videos, before ending up replaced by the Gatherers. They have the same voice files and function as they had in Black Plague, though have the sanity loss effect added.
  • Sorcerer - A monster who is originally planned to be included in the game, as suggested from one of the developers' enemy description logs.

Documents and RecordingsEdit


  1. "Initially, monsters in Amnesia: TDD were meant to be disgusting plant-human hybrids. Some idea were: - Fish-face - Headless brute - Puking baby-plant - Flower-man #Amnesia10Years" - Frictional Games. September 8, 2020.Twitter.
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