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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

Achievements are present in the Steam release, as well as the the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S version of Amnesia: The Bunker.

Amnesia: The Bunker has a total of 44 achievements, some of which are secret, and some of which are unmissable and progression-related. To be exact, thirty-eight (38) of the achievements are secret achievements, while only four aren't. At release, the game came with 42 achievements; two new achievements were added by the Halloween Update on 25 October, 2023, relating to the new Shell Shock and Custom modes.

All achievements together are worth a total of 1000 Gamerscore Xbox Gamerscore.


Image: Name: Description: Note: Gamerscore:
Croixdeguerretrophy Croix de Guerre Collected all the other achievements. Achieved by gathering every other achievement. 50 Xbox Gamerscore
Enlistedtrophy Enlisted Found the Administrator's office. Achieved by finding the Admin Office, in the Central Bunker area.
Story-related and cannot be missed.
20 Xbox Gamerscore
Gavetheallcleartrophy Gave the All Clear Released the emergency lockdown. Achieved by getting the Lockdown Wheel, which is contained in Delisle’s locker, in the Central Bunker area.
Story-related and cannot be missed.
20 Xbox Gamerscore
Munitionsexperttrophy Munitions Expert Found the Dynamite. Achieved by getting the Dynamite Bundle, found in the Arsenal, which will require the Arsenal Code to access.
Story-related and cannot be missed.
20 Xbox Gamerscore
Explosivestechniciantrophy Explosives Technician Found the detonator handle. Achieved by getting the Detonator Handle, found in the Roman Tunnels.
Story-related and cannot be missed.
20 Xbox Gamerscore
Toolisttrophy Toolist Found the Cutters. Achieved by finding the bolt Cutters in the cell of the German Prisoner, in the Prison area. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Signalmantrophy Signalman Heard the message on the radio. Achieved by hearing the message on the radio for the code to access the Arsenal.
20 Xbox Gamerscore
Memorialisttrophy Memorialist Retrieved the Foreman’s dogtag. Achieved by getting Foreman Stafford’s dogtag, found in Maintenance, which can be accessed after releasing the emergency lockdown. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Chaplaintrophy Chaplain Discovered the beast’s nest in the chapel. Achieved by finding the Chapel. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Napootrophy Napoo Finished the game. Achieved by finishing the game.
Story-related and cannot be missed.
30 Xbox Gamerscore
Scarpertrophy Scarper Escaped the bunker. Achieved by escaping the Arena.
Story-related and cannot be missed.
20 Xbox Gamerscore
Nopec'esttroptrophy Nope, c’est trop! Quit the game right as things got interesting. Achieved by quitting the game right after the scripted death of the soldier met in the beginning of the game. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Flintandsteeltrophy Flint & Steel Acquired the lighter. Achieved by finding the Lighter item. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Easybreathertrophy Easy Breather Acquired the gas mask. Achieved by finding the Gas Mask item. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Cannoniertrophy Cannonier Acquired the shotgun. Achieved by killing Toussaint Beaufoy in the Roman Tunnels and taking his Shotgun. 50 Xbox Gamerscore
Toycollectortrophy Toy Collector Acquired the rabbit doll. Achieved by picking up the Rabbit Toy in the crater, in the Roman Tunnels area. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Toyfanatictrophy Toy Fanatic Re-acquired the rabbit doll. Achieved by picking up the Rabbit Toy from the Beast's nest, after dropping it for the Beast to pick up. 30 Xbox Gamerscore
Librariantrophy Librarian Retrieved every note. Achieved by collecting all of the Notes in Amnesia: The Bunker (no DLC required). 40 Xbox Gamerscore
Codebreakertrophy Codebreaker Opened all the lockers. Achieved by opening all the lockers using codes from the dogtags. 30 Xbox Gamerscore
Cartographertrophy Cartographer Found all the maps. Achieved by finding all the maps from all the six areas around the bunker (three granted together in the Admin Office, and four more sub-maps in their respective areas—the Prison, the Soldier Quarters, the Maintenance and the Arsenal). 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Packrattrophy Pack Rat Found all pocket bags. Achieved by finding all the Pocket Bags in the bunker. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Cleithrophobisttrophy Cleithrophobist Opened every vent and cut every chain. Achieved by opening all the vents and cutting all the chains in the bunker, using the Wrench and the Cutters. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Gotintroducedtrophy Got Introduced Survived first encounter with the beast. Achieved by scaring off the Beast when it spawns and attacks. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Beastmastertrophy Beast Master Sent the beast back into the screaming darkness. Achieved by defeating the Beast in the final area. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Cutitofftrophy Cut It Off Blocked the beast’s path out of a hole. Achieved by blocking the hole in a wall from the Beast. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Chemicalweaponexperttrophy Chemical Weapon Expert Used gas on the beast. Achieved by using Gas Grenade or Gas Tank on the Beast. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Trickstertrophy Trickster Hurt the beast by triggering a trap. Achieved by triggering a trap and the Beast entering its effect area. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Sentimentalisttrophy Sentimentalist Showed the beast the bunny. Achieved by throwing the Rabbit Toy on the ground while the Beast roams, after they interact with the toy. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Arsonisttrophy Arsonist Lit up a fuel puddle. Achieved by igniting a Fuel puddle. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Pitmastertrophy Pit Master Burnt a corpse to a nice char. Achieved by burning a corpse (that's not already burned). 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Roastmastertrophy Roastmaster Burnt a lot of dead bodies. Achieved by burning 12 corpses. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Saboteurtrophy Saboteur Blew up a door with a barrel. Achieved by blowing up a door with an Explosive Barrel. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Improvisertrophy Improviser Blew open a door with a shotgun. Achieved by blowing open a door with a Shotgun shot. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Tinkerertrophy Amnesia-TheBunker Tinkerer (The Bunker) Disarmed a trap. Achieved by cutting the tripwire of any trap with the Cutters. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Lifepreservertrophy Life Preserver Got the cutters and locked the cell again without the German Prisoner dying. Achieved by taking the Cutters from the Prison cell where the German Prisoner is, and closing the cell before the Beast comes and kills him. 40 Xbox Gamerscore
Culinaryspecialisttrophy Culinary Specialist Used meat to lure rats away from a corpse. Achieved by throwing meat on the ground, around some Rats, to distract them. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Rattertrophy Ratter Blasted a rat with a shotgun. Achieved by kiling a Rat with a Shotgun shot. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Extremerattertrophy Extreme Ratter Blew up lots of rats with a single grenade. Achieved by killing a pack of __ Rats using a Grenade. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Shellshockedtrophy Shell Shocked Shot at the visions in the tunnels. Achieved by shooting at the shadowy visions present in the Roman Tunnels. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Efficiencyexperttrophy Efficiency Expert Never dropped nor stored an item. Achieved by not dropping items or storing them in the storage box the whole game. 30 Xbox Gamerscore
Tootsweettrophy Toot Sweet Completed the game faster than all developers at Frictional. Achieved by completing Amnesia: The Bunker under 40 minutes. 40 Xbox Gamerscore
Gotitinonetrophy Got It In One Completed the game without saving. Achieved by not saving at the lanterns through the whole game. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Revisionisttrophy Revisionist Completed the game on a custom difficulty level. Achieved by completing the game with any customizable difficulty options changed. 20 Xbox Gamerscore
Inrecoverytrophy In Recovery Completed the game on Shell Shock difficulty. Achieved by completing the game with Shell Shock difficulty enabled. 20 Xbox Gamerscore


  • Amnesia: The Bunker has the second-most unmissable story achievements of any game in the series, as it's theoretically possible to complete the game with a minimum number of 7 necessary achievements.
    • Amnesia: Rebirth has the most unmissable story achievements, at 22 total necessary achievements (19 unmissable achievements, plus one out of two torture-related options, plus one out of three ending options). Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs has the absolute fewest at 5 necessary achievements, followed by Amnesia: The Dark Descent with the second-fewest at 6 necessary achievements (five story-related, plus any one of three possible ending achievements).
    • Amnesia: Justine technically has fewer necessary achievements, at precisely 1 necessary achievement upon completion (any one of three possible ending achievements), but Justine is a side campaign DLC and so would not count if restricted to "full-length" games. Thus its achievements are usually combined with The Dark Descent.
  • Analyzing achievements as a proportion of the total, 16% of The Bunker's achievements are unmissable.
    • This ranks it the least in the series for proprotions of achievements being unmissable—A Machine for Pigs is first proportionately with 71% of its achievements being unmissable, then Rebirth second at 54% unmissable achievements, and The Dark Descent is third at 39% unmissable achievements (adding the Justine achievements to those of The Dark Descent).