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This is a list of update patches which have been released for Amnesia: Rebirth. The patches may introduce new features or content, optimizations, bug-fixes, etc. The player must download the latest patch before playing the game.

All Platforms[]

Patch 1.04 - October 23, 2020[]

  • Tone down of Fear Flashes.
  • Fixed several blockers.
  • Potential fix for GUI missing.
  • Various fixes.

Patch 1.0 - October 20, 2020[]

  • Game released.


Adventure Mode – March 30, 2021[]

Adventure mode announcement
  • Adds a new mode, "Adventure Mode", that allows players to experience the game with reduced scares
    • Monsters still exist in the game, but they won’t attack you anymore.
    • Locations that contained pitch black darkness have been brightened up a lot, making environments possible to explore at one’s own pace, allowing for easier navigation and removes some of the oppressive atmosphere.
    • No active fear mechanic, meaning that you don’t have to worry about taking fear from being in darker areas or near monsters.
    • A few bonus puzzles.

Patch 1.23 – February 18, 2021[]

  • UI bugfixes.

Patch 1.2 – November 6, 2020[]

  • Custom Stories can now be selected from the main menu.
  • The editors used in the development of Amnesia: Rebirth have been added to the install directory of the game.
  • Fear is no longer increased while reading notes.
  • Disabling Video Distortion now disables the pulsing tilt and zoom effect while standing in darkness.
  • Inventory can now be opened with D-Pad Up on gamepads that don’t have a View/Back button.
  • Fixed a major bug where the game would be stuck on a black screen after the intro.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would not progress after a major late-game cutscene.
  • Fixed a bug where some memories could not be replayed from the sketchbook.
  • Fixed a bug where some objects wouldn’t play sounds while being dragged across the floor.
  • Various other bugfixes.

Patch 1.1 - October 29, 2020[]

  • Skip memories by holding down the interact button.
  • Linux graphics glitch fixed.
  • Various blockers and bugs fixed.

PlayStation 4[]

??? - April 29, 2021[]

  • Adventure Mode is available in the PlayStation 4 version.
  • PlayStation 5 upgrade for the PS4 version of Amnesia: Rebirth that increases performance to 60 frames per second.