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Like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Amnesia: Rebirth has different possible endings for Tasi Trianon, depending on the player's actions.

"Provider" Ending[]

Tasi resists the Empress, and she escapes with her child, Amari, through the portal. They emerge in Paris together. Home safe, at last. The Empress still rules over The Other World, kept alive by an immense supply of Vitae.

If Tasi succumbed to fear too many times during her journey, she will be partially turned into a ghoul in the ending card.

"Harvester" Ending[]

Tasi gives her child, Amari, to the Empress. She then is transformed into a Harvester to serve her forever. She still has memories of her child. The Empress lives on, ruling on perhaps forever.

"Iconoclast" Ending[]

Tasi resists the Empress and injects some of the corruption of the Shadow into the Vitae that is the life-support of the Empress. The Shadow enters the system, corrupting the vitae, and kills the Empress. After it is done with her, it surrounds and kills Tasi and Amari. People will no longer have to be tortured for Vitae to prolong the life of the Empress.

Alternately, at any point before injecting the last of the red liquid into the vitae stream, you can still make a "Provider" Ending by escaping through the portal.

Secret Ending[]

Tasi refuses to give up Amari but, due to the extent of her infection, turns into a ghoul. The Empress saves the child and Tasi fades out, succumbing to the infection. This ending is largely similar to the "Harvester" ending.