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Amnesia: Rebirth is a horror adventure video game, developed and published by Frictional Games. It was released on 20 October, 2020 for Windows, Linux, and the PlayStation 4.[2] It is the third installment of the Amnesia series.

The plot of Rebirth follows the amnesiac protagonist, Tasi Trianon, as she explores the Algerian desert and other locales, while—as in previous games—solving various puzzles, maintaining her sanity, and avoiding monsters, all the while slowly piecing together the horrifying events she has forgotten.


Amnesia: Rebirth is a first-person survival-horror game, which shares many gameplay elements with its predecessors, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. You take control of Anastasie "Tasi" Trianon throughout the game, while exploring, discovering, and progressing through the environment as well as escaping enemies.

Similar to The Dark Descent, the player can light up candles and torches around the world to create a permanent light source to reduce or maintain "Fear," similar to sanity from The Dark Descent. However, the player does not use tinderboxes to light up these areas, but matches. These matches do also deliver a temporary source of light when used, and in between this time the player can light any candle or torch they come across by interacting with it. On top of that, the player has a lamp similar to the lantern in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, in terms of needing to refuel with found oil.

In the final version of Rebirth, a manageable health system and healing items are not present. In Rebirth, healing happens automatically and except for the on-screen indication of having taken damage, there is no proper representation of health (meter or otherwise). There is only the Fear system, which likewise is not represented by a meter or other visual, except for screen effects indicating Tasi's fear by showing black string-like elements whilst hearing spidery sounds. Fear is reduced by the player through remaining in (quietly designated) "safe rooms" and kept from further increase by remaining in well-lit areas. Spending too long in dark areas increases Tasi's fear, as do being caught by monsters and witnessing other disturbing events in-game.

Other items can be acquired and later accessed from the inventory—some having an obvious function, some a less obvious function, and some maybe no function at all. It does not seem possible to fill all the inventory slots during normal progression through the game, though matches and various sizes of oil canisters (small, medium, and large) are limited by type to occupying one inventory slot. The maximum number of matches it is possible to have at once, within that inventory slot, is ten. For oil canisters, the maximum number of large canisters is two, of medium canisters three, and of small canisters four.

Balancing the use of matches, refilling of oil, solving puzzles, and escaping monstrous enemies forms the core of Amnesia: Rebirth. The player must continue forward into dark, dangerous areas to explore for resources, to slowly uncover the story, and to make progress, but must also do their best to keep Tasi's fear level low and especially to stay out of the grasp of horrible creatures that wish her harm.



Approximately 98 years after the events of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Rebirth takes place in an Algerian desert during March 1937. Anastasie "Tasi" Trianon wakes up in the remnants of a plane crash with her memories lost. Her search for her missing companions, including her husband Salim, leads her through ancient caverns, a military fortress, and forgotten ruins. But even as she hunts for her past and for safety, supernatural darkness stalks from afar—their intentions uncertain and nefarious.


The story follows Anastasie “Tasi” Trianon, a French engineer on an expedition in colonial Africa. After her plane, Cassandra, crash-lands in a desert in Algeria, she wakes up to discover that all of her partners have gone missing and that she is stricken with amnesia. As she seeks her companions, she discovers an ancient cave littered with previous signs of habitation and death. Clues left behind by her husband Salim draws her deeper into the cavern, where tribal artwork and documentation speak of a mysterious guardian named Tin Hinan.

Her navigation of the cave ends in several realizations. Firstly, Tasi discovers that she is in possession of an alien relic named the Traveller's Amulet, a device capable of traveling through Rifts in the fabric of the world. Some Rifts allow her to travel to a dead alien world. Secondly, Tasi remembers that she is pregnant but appears to be further along than she'd previously realized. Lastly, she comes across Salim's body; he had succumbed to the mortal wounds suffered in the crash. Distraught but determined, Tasi continues onward to safety and the possible discovery of her other companions.

This search leads her out of the cave and to an abandoned French fort where the entire military garrison had been killed by an unknown force. Here, she remembers that she and others had stumbled upon the fort before; some of them had been wounded by a creature similar to the one that now hunts her. She finally manages to radio contact another expedition survivor, Dr. Metzier, who is surprised to hear from her, but instructs her to head to a nearby village. Only Tasi sinks deeper into the fortress, encountering mutated ghouls, the creatures hunting her, and a strange spirit that appears to guide her through the ruins.

When finally able to leave the fort, Tasi is then caught in a cave-in and drops into a strange building set in the alien world. Her studies reveal that the facility was created by a race dubbed the Gate Builders, a now-extinct society capable of traversing worlds and extending their lives. The latter is accomplished with the consumption of vitae, a substance sourced from the torture of mammals. An unknown calamity, however, destroyed the world and its inhabitants, thereby releasing the Shadow—a dangerous entity that manifests as red flesh and is intrinsically linked to orbs. Tasi's experimentation with one such orb opens a Rift to her world but, consequently, incurs the wrath of the Shadow.

Her return to the other world is preluded by a strange hallucination. When she regains consciousness, she discovers that she is now 6 months pregnant and is stuck in a crypt. The crypt, it is learned, is one of the many layers of ruins upon which an Other World Gate, used to harvest people for vitae, had been built. Tasi finds the remnants of a prior expedition camp led by Thurston Herbert here. After multiple encounters with ghouls, Tasi finally manages to open another portal only for her destination to be derailed by the Shadow. Instead of being sent to the desert village where Dr. Metzier is, she is sent back into the alien world.

Here, she finds a machine that creates an x-ray of her body and discovers her fetus, Amari, is stricken with the same degenerative disease as her late daughter, Alys. The spirit of Tihana offers a solution to the problem—vitae—and Tasi remembers that the Empress has made a similar offer before. As she navigates the facility, Tasi is given a choice whether or not to extract vitae through torture. Memories and documents, here, reveal that an uprising occurred against Tihana, leading to the destruction of the Other World. Players can also choose whether or not to infect the Shadow into the vitae systems, thereby relieving trapped people from their torture. After fleeing from wraiths, Tasi manages to reach a Rift and leave, only to go into labor upon her return.

She stumbles through the desert to the aforementioned village and discovers its occupants have been killed. She is instructed by Dr. Metzier to head to a nearby tower where a trap leads to an encounter with Yasmin, who is turning into a ghoul. Yasmin admits she killed the villagers, but manages to free Tasi before being overcome. She is later shot by Dr. Metzier, who saves Tasi and brings her to a cave. Here, Tasi gives birth to Amari, but the doctor flees with her and the Traveller's Amulet, determined to bargain Amari for a cure to the sickness.

Tasi's chase leads her back into the Other World and into its central tower. Memories reveal that Tihana offered to save their group, in exchange for the baby. Tasi's refusal caused the Empress to trick them into drinking from a fountain as a method of salvation and, thereby, infecting them. She later learns that these ghouls are, in fact, harvesters—Other World beings used to torture and extract vitae. At the top of the tower, Tasi kills Dr. Metzier in a fit of rage and the Empress appears. She tells the protagonist that Amari can only be cured with vitae and implores Tasi to leave Amari with her so she can fulfill her wish of motherhood.

Tihana then leads her to Amari so Tasi can hold her. Here, she is faced with the decision to leave Amari here, so she can live, or leave with her. A third decision is also available if players retrieve the Shadow infection, capable of killing the Empress and her vitae supply.


  • If Tasi leaves Amari for Tihana, the Empress turns her into a full ghoul and she roams the Other World with only fragmented memories.
  • If Tasi leaves with Amari, the two escape through a teleporter that sends them to Paris and into an unknown future.
  • If Tasi decides to use the infection, the Empress and the vitae supply are corrupted. This action will kills Tihana but unfortunately, so does with Tasi and Amari as well. Allowing the Shadow to consume the entire planet (presumably the Ghouls and Wraiths too), and ending the cycle of Vitae harvesting for good.


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Review Scores
Reviewer Points Reference
Metacritic 80/100 (PC), 75/100 (PS4) [4][5]
GameInformer 7.5/10 [6]
GameSpot 8/10 [7]
IGN 8/10 [8]
The Guardian 3/5 [9]




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  • The game takes place in 1937, 98 years after the events of The Dark Descent, 38 years after A Machine for Pigs and 21 years after The Bunker.
  • Amnesia: Rebirth had several teaser pictures after its initial announcement. These teasers were deliberately enigmatic and not much could have been gleaned from them.



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