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"I am begging you. You made me. You are my Creator, my Father. You cannot destroy me!"
This article is about content that ended up unused or was removed during production.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs contains a great number of materials or features that were scrapped throughout the development stages.



  • Tinderbox – Tinderboxes were planned to be included, similar to Amnesia: The Dark Descent.[2]
  • Oil – Oil was also planned to be included, similar to The Dark Descent.[2]
  • Bandage – An equivalent to Laudanum from The Dark Descent.[2]
  • Laudanum – This version of Laudanum was meant to decrease Infection by one level. It's also an equivalent of an unused Dark Descent item, the Sanity Potion.[2]
  • Penicillin – Penicillin was meant to decrease Infection by two levels. It's another equivalent of the unused Sanity Potion item.[2]


  • Infection – An equivalent of the Sanity mechanic.[1][2]
  • Inventory – The inventory menu was also planned to be included, similar to The Dark Descent.[2]
  • Hardcore Mode – A mode with a higher difficulty where enemies deal more damage, all saving including automatic checkpoints are disabled (meaning death of the player would require a complete replay from the beginning), and all pause functionality is disabled. There would be opportunities to find 'safe areas'.[2] It was possibly later recycled for The Dark Descent's Hard Mode.
  • Sprint meterRunning was originally limited, intended to emphasize Mandus' age and level of fitness as well as making enemy encounters more dangerous by reducing the player's ability to run long distances when spotted. This was removed later on to provide a more consistent experience for players, as the meter was more of an unnecessary annoyance rather than an interesting tactical addition in parts of the game that did not have enemies. This was especially noticeable in the game's larger environments where artificially limiting the player's movement speed provided no experimental benefit.[2]


Found in the "sounds" file folder, there are some unused voicelines.

"comeandplay.ogg", found in music/temp/. This was recorded by Dan Pinchbeck, the writer of the game. This was used as a placeholder until Edwin & Enoch's voices were recorded:

  • "Come and play with us, Daddy."

At the Mansion:

  • Edwin: "It's hide and seek, Papa." / " *whispering, low pitch* "Daddy."

A flashback at the Church level:

  • Edwin: "I don't like this one. It's another one with the knives."

A line at the Factory Tunnels:

  • Edwin: "This way Papa, come and find us."

The Machine telling Mandus to enter the Bilge after draining all of the water in the Factory Sewers:

  • The Machine: "Yes, yes! Now enter the bilge. Flush away this rotten world and open the doorway to my heart!"

At the Bilge:

  • Edwin: "I told you he'd come!"

After Mandus reactivates The Machine at the Reactor:

  • Edwin: "Oh Papa, oh Daddy... what have you done?"

At the Engine Rooms:

  • Enoch: " *whispering* Papa."
  • Edwin: " *whispering* Papa." / " Papa!"

The bargain scene between Mandus and the Machine at the Pigline:

  • Oswald Mandus: "Oh men, how have I wronged you? Your filth is your humanity. To scrub you clean is to lose the very act of life itself."
  • The Machine: "Silence, Mandus. You imbecile, you weakling, you cretin! A revolution of simpletons. These retarded harbingers offal and spew them. Yes, you belong amongst them and you can die amongst them."

At the Temple:

  • The Machine: "Yes, yes Mandus. I knew you understood. Just a few seconds more and the egg will hatch." / " I am created. My layers peel and the air begins to vibrate around me! Soon, we will be aflame!" / " It is done, thank you Mandus. Let there be light!"
  • Edwin: "Smash it Papa, Smash it!"


There was a scene where the Manpig is having sexual intercourse with a dead corpse of a woman, likely used for the Manpigs' London streets invasion. It was considered too disturbing and the body was switched to a male corpse, but the developers finally decided to scrap it completely in order to dodge possible controversies.[3]