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This page contains the English-language credit sequence for the game Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.



was a computer game developed by
The Chinese Room

and published by
Frictional Games

And this is who did make it for your pleasure and appreciation:

The Drama was Crafted by
Dan Pinchbeck
Peter Howell
Andrew Crawshaw

Patrik Dekhla
Thomas Grip
Jens Nilsson

The Computational Magikery was by
Maarten De Meyer
Thomas Grip
Luis Rodero Morales
Peter Wester

The Machine and its Surrounding Architecture were given Form by
Sindre Grønvoll
Brady Jones
Wesley Tack
Aaron Clifford
Marcus Johansson
Marc Nicander

Overture and all Other Musics were Composed by
Jessica Curry

whilst Associated and Environmental Sound Effects were Produced by
Samuel Justice
Justin Wasack
and Jessica Curry
with Additional Creations from
Tapio Liukkonen

The Story of Mandus´ Struggle Against the Machine and his own Conscience was Written by
Dan Pinchbeck

The Manpigs were Designed and Sculpted by
Tim Appleby

Edwin and Enoch Mandus were Designed and Sculpted by
Andrew Nishet

And the Fine Citizens of London by
Mike Green

The Children and The Citizens were Rigged by Dave Fiala

All of the above were Brought to Animated Life by
Boris Luwinger

These were the Vocal Artists:
Oswald Mandus was played by Toby Longworth
The Machine and The Professor were played by Mark Roper
Edwin and Enoch were played by Zak Craig

These were recorded at Portsmouth University
and ALT Recording Studios, Brighton
by Philip Thompson

These are the Musicians What Did Make the Soundtrack:
The Soprano was Joanna Forbes L´Estrange
The Boy Soprano was Oscar Pinchbeck
The Cellist was Jonathan Byers
The Pianist was Jessica Curry
Who also played the Glass Armonica, the Zither, the Water Harp
and other Assorted Musical Curiosities through the Power of Digital Sampling

All of this was recorded at The Square, London
by Jarrad Hearman

Fine Painterly Visions of the Machine were duly supplied by
Ben Andrews

The Manpigs evolved from Sketches committed to paper by
Tim Appleby
and Mark Beer

The Illustrated Map of the Plant was created by
Matthew Sergison-Main

The Helpful Icons for Your Assistance and Orientation were designed by
David Satzinger

The Mandus Processing Company Logo was designed by
Hedda Steen Kennemo

Stained Glass Windows were designed by Dan Francis

Additional textural references were supplied by
Max Boughen

and Additional Art by
Linus 'Traggey' Asplund
Daniel Tonks
Ann-Sofie Vercruysse

The Test Subjects that did Point Out What was Inefficient, Unethical or Broked were
Frictional Games and Associates
HumbleBugs Team
Robert Briscoe, Adam Griffiths
Javier Mairena
Krystian Majewski
Leigh Simmons, Sebastian Vasselbring, Matthew Weise, Stuart Yarham

The Fine Song "When I was a Laddy" was written and performed by
Cameron Clegg and the Lardons
featuring Glen Capra on pub piano

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs was Executively Produced by
Thomas Grip (Frictional Games)
Jens Nilsson (Frictional Games)

And the piglinewas kept in motion throughout by the Producers,
Dan Pinchbeck (The Chinese Room)
Jessica Curry (The Chinese Room)

Thanks to
Edward Rudd - Mac & Linux
Plato ´plutomaniac´ Mavropoulos
Julio Jerez - Newton Game Dynamics
Andreas Jonasson - Angel Code
DevIL Image Library

Mark Carter, Kate Charles, Karen Lee, Mel Johnson
Steve Hand, Les Black (University of Portsmouth)

The Austin Deans, Robert Briscoe, Chris-Curry-Cliff, Michael Garth
Adam Griffiths, Katie Howell, Aaron "Pig Czar" Linde, James Tilly Matthews
Lisa McCaw, Jayden Nguyen, Oscar Pinchbeck, Hedda Steen Rennemo
Eleanor Seller, Leigh Simmons, Stuart Yarham
and the Great Unknown Masses of Piggy Fodder What Did Scream for us

The party that leans upon the workers but serves the bourgeoisie,
in the period of the greatest sharpening of the class struggle,
cannot but sense the smells wafted from the waiting grave.

Leon Trotsky

The End