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Amari Trianon was the second daughter of Tasi Trianon and Salim Hannachi. She is a major character in Amnesia: Rebirth.


During the course of Amnesia: Rebirth, while Tasi is still pregnant with the child, she chose the name "Amari," partly inspired in Salim's mother, Amara Hannachi,[citation needed] and partly due to its gender-neutral nature, as at that point she did not know Amari's gender.[citation needed] Tasi laments that she and Salim did not have the chance to discuss it.[citation needed]

In a few of Tasi's blackouts, a child, presumably Amari, calls out to Tasi. She'll comment that "Alys is gone" or she will beg her mother, "Don't let me go!"[citation needed] It is uncertain if these visions are truly Amari's will or simply Tasi's fever dreams.

Later in the game, Tihana reveals that Amari has the same degenerative illness as her late older sister, Alys. Should Tasi find a cure immediately, Amari may not share the same fate as her late older sister. [citation needed]


  • Her name seems to be an anagram of Marai the Stone-Heart, who was the fifth Empress of Other World.
  • Although unlikely, Hazel could have the same disease as Alys Trianon and Amari , since all 3 children were diagnosed at an early age and either died, or were expected to die, soon after.[speculation]