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Alys incorrectly counting the blocks she was playing with.

Alys Trianon was the daughter and first child of Tasi Trianon and Salim Hannachi. She is a posthumous yet major character in Amnesia: Rebirth. She is voiced by Saskia Donnelly.[2]


As Tasi Trianon regained her memories through the deserts of Algeria, she recalled that Alys suffered from an unspecified, neurologically degenerative disease that severely reduced the quality of Alys' life and her lifespan. Even upon visiting multiple doctors, her disorder was with her since birth and her demise was deemed inevitable. The disease soon degenerated Alys' ability to speak, perceive, swallow, and breathe, eventually causing her death.


  • It is not specified in-game from what degenerative disease Alys suffers. However, as far as can be told, the symptoms given and implied most resemble that of Tay-Sachs disease, a genetic wasting disorder that normally kills in infancy. In infants, Tay-Sachs begins to present within 6 months of birth, and causes initially slow neurological development, then more serious symptoms like loss of motor control, deafness, blindness, muscle atrophy, and eventually the fatal inability to do anything on their own (including involuntary muscle actions like swallowing and breathing). Often affected children die from complications of related infections, including pneumonia owing to pooling mucus in the lungs.
    • Alys being a little older than that when displaying the first signs, she may have a juvenile form of the disease, which strikes at an older age, though she still dies at roughly 3 years old (within the normal period for infant Tay-Sachs).
    • Tay-Sachs, while notably being most common in Ashenkazi Jewish populations, is also present in certain French populations, such as the Acadians of Canada and Cajuns of Louisiana. Tasi Trianon being an asymptomatic carrier for a Tay-Sachs-causing mutation, while as of yet unconfirmed, is not far-fetched.
  • Another, somewhat more remote, possibility is that Alys suffers from cystic fibrosis, also a genetic disease that causes difficulty breathing, stunted growth, and early death without modern care. However, it does not seem to cause blindness, which Alys experiences, claiming to her mother "It's all dark."
  • A third potential possibility is that Alys suffered from Krabbe Disease, in which the protective coating (myelin) of the nerve cells in the brain and throughout the body is gradually destroyed. Krabbe Disease, like Tay-Sachs, causes progressive degeneration in fine motor skills, loss of vision and hearing, and the loss of the ability to breathe and swallow without aid. The average lifespan of an infant with Krabbe Disease is around 2 years of age, while symptoms typically show within six months, so it is possible that Alys had a slightly late-onset form of the disease. For Alys to have suffered from Krabbe Disease, both Tasi and Salim would have to be asymptomatic carriers of the defective gene that causes the disease, as the gene is autosomal recessive, meaning an individual must have two copies of the defective gene for it to affect them.
  • Although unlikely, Hazel could have the same disease as Alys and Amari Trianon , since all 3 children were diagnosed at an early age and either died, or were expected to die, soon after.


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