Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: Justine

"Is that you, my love?"

Aloïs is one of the three Suitors from The Dark Descent DLC Amnesia: Justine.

Personality[edit | edit source]

In-game, despite the seemingly friendly and outwardly gentle personality of Aloïs, don't be fooled. Aloïs may have initially helped play a role in the downfall of the other two Suitors. In his note to Justine, he confesses he is madly, and jealously, in love with her and would gladly murder Basile on a whim. It is unknown what else he may have been willing to do for her. He mentions he'll sedate the carpenter just to please her. Doing so may have provided Justine with the opportunity to blind the man. Aloïs poses the same threat as the other Suitors, and the way he speaks is somewhat haunting.

Information[edit | edit source]

Alois has a self-destructive fixation with Justine and was voluntarily cutting and self-mutilating in order to prove his mad love for her. His note implies that Justine is romantically involved with both other Suitors, and also that Basile has abused her in some way. Aloïs is the first obstacle encountered in the prison cells when Justine enters the first cell to the far left. Within the cell where Aloïs was kept is written in blood on a table "Forgive me" and another on the wall right of the cell door "I am so sorry", being private messages to Justine. Aloïs is the only monster to leave the area completely after a while, but will eventually appear again if the player chooses to sacrifice the victim to get the ladder down from the ceiling. Making noise before he has left completely can also summon him back. Also, going back to the beginning area where Aloïs went can bring him back.

According to a note found in a cell, Aloïs made several sacrifices in his career and family in order to be with Justine, much to the disdain of his mother. It was, in fact, Aloïs' mother who manipulatively sent Dr Victor Fournier (the first victim) to Justine's estate with the intention of giving her a diagnosis of 'hysteric' to have her incarcerated. His father, Lucien Racine, is also very worried about his well-being ever since his affair with Justine, and even more so after his long absence from his loving family and career. He hires Inspector Marot to investigate into his whereabouts, unknowing of the danger involved as Justine captures him and leaves him at the mercy of one of the other Suitors, Malo, who is now so completely insane that he practices cannibalism.

From the way he talks, it is obvious he is still in love with Justine, as he will speak in a mild-mannered tone even when attacking her. It is implied that Aloïs was a racquet sports player, as Justine can find a racquet in the same room where Aloïs left his blood-written "forgive me" message and flashback-Esque racquet-hitting sounds play upon entering the room coupled with grunting noises that sound like Aloïs.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

See Quotes: Aloïs Racine.

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