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The Alley is the fourth (4th) area in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. The player arrives here after repairing all the short circuited machines in the Cellar.


The alley is comprised of three main areas: a small warehouse, the alley itself and the graveyard of St.Dunstan's Church. It is also notable as being the first larger outdoor area aside from the Mansion courtyard and entrance. 

The collar, The neck, The noose[]

Come on, Papa! Lets climb this one. I can see more pictures at the top!

Edwin or Enoch, in a flashback.

As the player arrives here, he will see an office room with a telephone in it. There, find a door that leads to the fueling station. Approach the fueling pump, and Mandus will comment that the liquid in the pump is "significant in some way." Go through a door with hanging pigs in it, and find a window to jump through to get into the road outside. Follow the way until you see a church.

There is a large truck blocking access to the graveyard. This truck will have to be moved before you can gain access to the church. However, a gasoline container needs to be filled with gasoline and put in the truck before it can be moved. The gasoline container can be found in a warehouse nearby. Then bring the container back to the pump.

After refilling the gasoline container, a Wretch will break through the door in the warehouse area upstairs and, even though Mandus writes he has to quickly get out of there, this encounter is purely visual.


  • In the next room there’s a telephone, once taken. Exit from this room by taking the door on your left and many doors later outside
  • Entering The Works, head downstairs and you’ll find a Gasoline Station in the far end near the gate and you will need this once you find a canister for it. Head outside by going into the next room and jump out from the Window
  • Once outside, follow the road, head right and to the left and enter the building on your left. Inside you’ll find a canister for the Gasoline Station on your left. Take this and return back to the Gasoline Station
  • Put the canister on the station and start cranking the crank to fill the fuel. After 3/4 of the fuel is stored, earthquake will start and a Wretch will also start banging on the door far end, you don’t need to worry for this one as the Wretch only bangs the door and not damaging it
  • Bring the canister outside and put it on the truck, there’s a note on this truck, pick it up. Once done rotate the crank in front of this truck to just move the truck by a little bit so that you can enter the Church
  • Enter the graveyard and then into the “Livestock and Bibles
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Found Documents[]

  • August 22nd 1899 – It is found in a desk in a small office at the very start of the level. It is the office with the phonograph in it.
  • May 1st 1899 – It is found in another desk in an office, just opposite the previous one.
  • October 11th 1899 – Just ahead, on the left at the small balcony, it sits on a box.
  • September 28th 1899 – On a barrel in a small storage room, just before you head into the alley proper.
  • Delivery Schedule – On the footstep of the truck blocking the way to the church.


  • A belt line can be found near the gasoline container, where a Wretch can be seen inside a cage moving across. (See gallery)
    • If one were to look at both maps for the Alley and the Church, they would notice that it would not make sense for the maps to fit together, as the actual church building would be obstructed by the roads on this level.
    • A possible explanation to this is that there is an unseen transition between two doors which are the exit from this level, and the entrance to the next.
  • It is highly possible that the massive door seen in the Church is the same massive door that can be seen from the inaccessible streets of the Alley.
  • A glitch on this map often used by speed runners can be done using the corpse of a pig.
    • Due to the pig being a "ragdoll," the pig itself is more than one entity block within an object, meaning it is possible to stand on top of the pig while holding it in the air. Hence, it is possible to stand on top of the pig, grab it by the snout while looking down, and rapidly jumping, causing your character to "fly". Note that you should only use this glitch if you are speed running, as you will be unable to return back to the original walkway.