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1280px-Algeria relief location map

A modern day map of Algeria.

Algiers (Arabic: al-Jazā'ir) is the capital and most populous city of Algeria. It is situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in the very north of the country.

Algiers is a mentioned location in Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the short story Remember, as well as a referenced location of Amnesia: Rebirth.


Early and Medieval[]

Algiers was established as a Phoenician colony, circa the 3rd century BCE, that was eventually subsumed under Carthaginian rule.[1] When the Romans defeated Carthage in the Second Punic War, they took over and colonized the settlement, then called "Icosium."[1] The town fell into obscurity for many centuries after the Muslim conquest of North Africa, though specially traded with Spain.[1] After the Reconquista, a large number of Spanish Moors fleeing forced conversion or execution settled in the city, growing its population significantly.[1] Many pirates, or "corsairs" as they were sometimes known, operated out of North Africa, preying on European shipping and raiding shoreline communities for slaves, to the point that the unprotected Mediterranean coastlines of Spain, France, and Italy were abandoned of settlements.

Ottoman rule[]

Algiers, among other "Barbary Coast" city-states like Tripoli (in Libya), Tunis (in Tunisia), and Morocco, were nominally under the control of the Ottoman Empire. However, in reality, they had a great degree of latitude, and real authority was held more locally under pashas or deys.[1]

French rule[]

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Points of interest[]

The major airport of Algiers was built in 1924 as the Maison Blanche Airport, named after the suburb in which it was located, about 17 kilometers southeast of the city.[2] It is now known today as the "Houari Boumediene Airport."[2]

Remember – "Old Friends"[]

By the time of Herbert's arrival, Algiers has grown into a bustling casbah under French rule. Algiers was full of activity, commercially and revolutionary alike. Herbert and his good friend Farja get wrapped up in a revolt against the French guards. The guards are commanded by French captain Ambroise. Said revolt ends in Farja, among others, getting killed. Herbert is spared thanks to his english heritage. He returns to his plush hotel set away from the carnage. Later that night, Captain Ambroise arrives at the hotel resturant bering a strange soap stone. He gives it to Herbert, claiming it is a family heirloom that his brought his lineage great madness. The morning after the encounter, Herbert and his expedition leave for the Tomb of Tin Hanan.

Amnesia: Rebirth[]

The Cassandra set out from the Maison Blanche Airport, ferrying a mining expedition underwritten by the Triple Crown Mining Company and the Sterling Shipping Company. All of its passengers flew to Algiers prior to boarding the Cassandra, spending more or less time in the city preparing. For instance, Jonathan Webber went sightseeing, bought a postcard, and wrote to his children of his experience in the busy bazaars of the city.[3]


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