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The unflinching African sun has continued to plague our expedition, making it impossible to dig until dusk. How Professor Herbert managed to find the location in these vast plains of nothingness remains a mystery to me.

Daniel's diary, detailing his expedition in Algeria

Algeria (Arabic: al-Jazā'ir) is a country in North Africa on the Mediterranean coast, and plays a role as a minor setting in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The country itself is only mentioned in Daniel's diary entries in The Dark Descent.

Algeria is the main setting of the sequel Amnesia: Rebirth and of the story "Old Friends" from the Remember short story collection.


Little of Algeria is seen in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The only actual location mentioned, and possibly seen, is the Tomb of Tin Hinan, through a brief flashback in the Archives.

Remember – "Old Friends"[]

Back in 1839, Daniel took part in Herbert's expedition to Algeria, in order to uncover an ancient tomb, located in the country's deserts. They arrived in French-occupied Algiers on May 14, amidst severe strife between the native Algerians and the French occupying force. The next day, Herbert met up with his old friend, Faraj, and received a map from him showing the way to the Tomb of Tin Hinan.

Concurrently, French Army Captain Ambroise incited a local insurrection by exposing a merchant, Abd-al-Qadir Bahij, for smuggling arms to the Algerian rebels. However, the French managed to brutally crush this riot, and the Captain's squad chased fleeing rebels through the streets. A group of rebels, including Baki, Faraj’s nephew, barged into Faraj’s house to seek refuge him, but when Baki saw Herbert, a European, he took him as a hostage. Meanwhile, Ambroise’s men had taken up positions outside the house. Baki emerged with his compatriots and a captive Herbert, trying to bargain with Ambroise, who disregarded their hostage and opened fire, killing Baki, Faraj, and the rest of the Algerian rebels. However, Herbert managed to be spared the same fate, and he fled to his hotel.

As Herbert ruminated over the events of the day in the lobby, Captain Ambroise unexpectedly showed up and returned Johann Weyer’s map to him. He then asked Herbert about the star-shaped soapstone shown on the map, revealing his relation to Sokal. Giving Herbert the stone, Ambroise enigmatically wished him good luck before leaving. The next day, Herbert and Daniel left the city to begin their journey to the Tomb.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent[]

On May 17, Daniel became trapped inside the tomb after the stone slab collapsed behind him, sealing him inside. Though Daniel's body was heavy to carry, he managed to move on, and suddenly saw a faint blue shimmer, which was The Shadow's orb. After closing it in his hands, the enchanting light began to spark brightly and spirit him away. While having visions about "spiralling towers, endless deserts and impossible geometry", he eventually was freed by a few Arabs, awoke to several orb pieces clasped firmly in his hands. Since the incident, Herbert sent Daniel back to England, fearing he might risk the entire expedition.

After these events, Herbert, who had connections to Alexander of Brennenburg, had found a second orb which he retrieved. Hoping that it would reach Alexander, Herbert's expedition had gone terribly wrong, as the only survivor, known as Abdullah had been badly injured, and rambled deliriously about the expedition being attacked by something horrible, which was in fact, The Shadow.

Amnesia: Rebirth[]

Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 9.05

Algerian desert, as seen in the crash site of Amnesia: Rebirth.

In 1937 CE, during the events of Amnesia: Rebirth, the secrets of the Algerian deserts were disturbed once more. Tasi Trianon, along with several other people, were stranded as their plane —the Cassandra— crashed during a private business flight, somewhere between In Salah and Kayes. After the crash, Tasi and the rest of the expedition became embroiled in a series of events involving Other Worldly matters.