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"A cleansing fire always burns little Mandus, but it purifies and it makes anew."
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Good and evil. Such comforting concepts - but hardly applicable.


Alexander of Brennenburg (unknown – 19th of August, 1839 or later) was an otherworldly being who masqueraded as a Prussian baron during the 16th to 19th centuries after his banishment from the Other World.[1] He is the primary antagonist of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. He is voiced by Sam Mowry.[11]


Alexander was a supernatural, telepathic being who masqueraded as multiple Prussian barons during his centuries-long life.[1] He originated from the Other World but was banished, and although his methods would be considered ethically and morally abhorrent by any standards, even his own, he identified himself as a victim of circumstance and simply desired to return home.[12] He had been capturing humans over the centuries in order to extract their Vitae through torture.[12][13] He apparently was banished from his world of origin, forcing him to reside on Earth and take on a human form.[9]

By human standards, Alexander was a genius, referred to by Daniel as “a true Renaissance man,” experienced in both the sciences and arcane magic.[14] He was also quite knowledgeable and well versed in worldly matters, serving the Prussian throne as a statesman and treasurer, though his knowledge had its limits as he was unable to understand the secrets of life and their relation to the enigmatic cosmic energy known as Vitae.[15][16] The baron was very familiar in anatomical studies, alchemy and botany.[14] Throughout The Dark Descent, Alexander maintained his benign intentions in contrast with his abhorrent methods, claiming that he was a desperate exile from his home-world, who barely recognized or cared for Earth.[12] As evidenced by his various Memory Capsules, he left behind in his home dimension an individual to whom he refers to as "my love."[12] Alexander confessed that his hope of reuniting with "his love" was the main driving force behind his drive to escape, and the reason why he was willing to commit the necessary atrocities to achieve it.[12]

The Other World was much more technologically advanced than Earth. When Daniel touched the orb in the temple, he had visions describing it as having "spiraling towers, endless deserts and impossible geometry."[17] Something which Tasi Trianon sees in person a century later. The baron often complained about the inefficient technology that he was forced to use on Earth, such as the technology used to control the bridge in the Cistern.[18]

It is possible that the Other World used some form of electricity in addition to Vitae, as the same note references "tamed lightning" being the comparable technology.[18]


Is it you, my love, I miss the most, or is it perhaps myself? I know what I have become. I am not blind. I am a monster to them, a demonic sultan perched on a dark mountain top. There is little I can do to redeem myself.


Early life[]

Very little is known about Alexander's prior life before coming to Earth. He was most likely born in the Other World, be it in the Empire of Empress Tihana, the Septarch-ruled Enkindled Fortress, or somewhere else. It is known however that he was homesick for his entire existence on Earth and that some person who was his "love" remained there when he left for whatever reason.[19][20]

A very likely possibility is that Alexander’s true identity is that of Ayandra the Apostate. Ayandra was born in the Enkindled Fortress before being banished, and sought sanctuary in Tihana’s realm, whereupon he proved his worth by implementing the Elixir of Emmeryshwith the victims in the Vitae extraction process, allowing them to be usable for much longer and greatly increasing the yield.[21] This greatly impressed Tihana’s chief alchemist, Temaku, and he worked for years until the true extent of his crimes were uncovered, whereupon he was banished beyond return.[21]

While it is possible he is a different person, Alexander has several traits that mark him as a very likely candidate, such as high intellect, expertise with the updated Vitae refinement process and invention of the amnesia potion, and a history of banishment. It is also worth noting that he could have named Brennenburg Castle after the Enkindled Fortress, as ‘Brennenburg’ roughly translates to ”Burning Castle” in German.

Life on Earth[]

When exactly Alexander arrived in our world is unknown; the first record of his activities date his presence to as far back as the late 16th century AD.[1] Coming to East Prussia at the end of the century, he portrayed himself to the people of Altstadt and Prussia as a nobleman from the Rhineland.[1][2] He soon rebuilt the nearby Brennenburg Castle, which had recently burned down, and claimed its use.[1] Alexander took on the role of a protector of the Prussian state and helped the region flourish, remaining popular throughout his life time.[1]

It is unknown when and how Alexander met and befriended Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa and his pupil Johann Weyer. Although since he was recorded as being from the Rhineland, which if true, would have put him close to Agrippa, who was from Cologne. Which also suggests that Alexander helped both men prolong their lives, as both Agrippa and Weyer were recorded as dying in 1535 and 1588 respectively.

It is also very likely that the reason that Alexander decided to claim the ruined castle in Altstadt was because of its secret association with the Mithraic ats and the orb located there. Which had been uncovered by Agrippa in 1525.[22][23]

Alexander studied the Orbs with both Agrippa and Weyer, and grew to trust both men to the point where he told them his deepest secrets.[8][9]

17th century[]

I'm still unable to grasp the inner workings of life and its relation to the power I sense within it. I shall pursue more books on the subject, but I suspect it will be in vain. Since no research has been made in my particular interest I must attempt to fill that void myself. Clearly humans emanate more of the energy I seek...


Early life on Earth[]

Sometime between the late 16th Century and 1704, Alexander, Agrippa, and Weyer managed to open a portal to another world.[24] But Weyer and Agrippa betrayed him, with the former entering the gate. Alexander was furious at the betrayal, and held Agrippa captive to use as a hostage against Weyer.[9] Over time Agrippa’s body failed him, and Alexander had to inject him with Vitae to keep him alive within the husk.

Weyer and Alexander negotiated, with Weyer claiming he could release Alexander from his banishment, but only if Agrippa was released.[9] Due to the nature of Agrippa’s condition, Weyer provided Alexander a tonic with which to free him.[9] However Alexander did not trust either man, due to the previous betrayal, but still planned to make the tonic.[9]

In 1658, Alexander began studying the capabilities of animals in Vitae production, as people were difficult to acquire, yet his efforts proved in vain, as only humans were suitable for extraction.[25]

18th century[]

Portrait alexander insane

Alexander's portrait on low sanity.

Wilhelm von Gerich and the Order[]

He soon became a founding member of the Order of the Black Eagle—established in 1701 by the soon-to-be first King of Prussia, Elector Friedrich III of Brandenburg, as the new kingdom's highest order of chivalry—retaining a position as "Knight."[3][26] Although he kept his family records secret to hide the true nature about his unnaturally long life from the masses, the higher nobility and members of the Order are implied to have had their suspicions, if not outright knowledge, but respected him nonetheless.[27][28]

Around the year 1702, Alexander made an offer to Wilhelm, from the noble house of Gerich, to work for him.[10] Wilhelm and his men were to kidnap healthy people at the baron's whim without question, with the temptation of greater status in society, the former soldier gave into his diabolic ways easily.[13]

However, only two years later Wilhelm's men were found to be incompetent. Their botched deliveries of the abductees caused many of Alexander's servants to be killed by royal authorities patrolling the forest, whom he felt would inevitably trace their activities back to the castle.[29] The baron was furious, and under the false pretense of raising a toast to celebrate their hard work with as much wine as they could drink, he locked them in the Wine Cellar.[30][31][32] The wine was poisoned, Wilhelm and his men all perished after consumption and possibly turned into Gatherers.[33][34]

The incident made Alexander impetuous.[35] Fearing insufficient prisoners to supply needed Vitae, he hastily proceeded with the ritual to return home.[35] In doing so, he not only botched the attempt to open the portal, but the failure had shattered his only Orb, the one recovered from Agrippa's encounter, leaving him with no way to power his machine or further his research.[35] He tried everything but failed to repair the mystic relic, necessitating that he acquire another one.[35] Alexander lamented that there were precious few replacement orbs in the world that would suffice his purposes and that he had little recourse to obtain them. There was little else the baron could do at this point but wait.

19th century[]

The Black Eagle fears me and after Napolean's defeat it is only a matter of time before they will demand my head on a platter. I must remove myself from this land. This time it must work. If I can't return home now, I shall perish


The Order of the Black Eagle[]

During the early years of the 19th Century, younger nobles joined the royal court and Order of the Black Eagle, taking the positions their grandfathers once held; however, they became very suspicious of Alexander, even fearful.[36][37] The Order's fear of him after Napoleon's defeat grew, which became an impetus for the rapid completion of the portal back to his home-world.[36] Alexander became afraid it was only a matter of time before they would have him executed.[36]

The Professor from Cambridge[]

At some point, Alexander came into contact with an English archaeologist, Professor Thurston Herbert. The relationship between the two men is not fully understood, however it is implied that Alexander shared his knowledge and research with Herbert without revealing everything about his true nature and intentions to him. Eventually Herbert decided to embark on an expedition to Algeria with the hope of recovering an orb from Tomb of Tin Hinan, likely with Alexander’s support. The professor departed with his crew, including his assistant, Daniel. How Alexander reacted to the expedition's fate is unknown.

Invitation to Daniel[]

In early July of 1839, Alexander received a letter from Herbert's assistant, Daniel, who had recently arrived back in London from the ill-fated expedition.[38] Daniel was both curious about the Orb he had recovered from the tomb and fearful for his life.[38]

Alexander knew all too well that with the otherworldly relic in Daniel's possession, he was also being constantly followed by the enigmatic Guardian of the Orbs, the Shadow.[38] Writing a short reply to all of his questions, he simply stated he knew everything, and offered him sanctuary if he came straight to Castle Brennenburg.[38] Naturally, this would give the naive young man the incentive to come straight to him as no one else alive could hope to understand the Orbs or their power. Daniel was frightened by the response, and even more so when he realized that everyone he came into contact with suffered a horrible death.[38] Fearing for his life he trusted the baron's offer to protect him and fled.[39]

Convincing Daniel[]

When Daniel arrived with the orb in tow, Alexander was very pleased, he showed him around the castle and bestowed him with luxurious quarters.[15] He made a very good impression on the guileless young man, who had assumed that he was an eccentric recluse; although Daniel did find his servants to be strange, yet dutiful.[15] The baron kept a close eye on Daniel who thought he was safe but as the man's sleep continued to be plagued with strange nightmares it became apparent the supernatural force had silently chased him to Brennenburg.[40] He promised Daniel they would both put a stop to these "unpleasant dreams."[41]

In the parlour, he told Daniel everything he wanted to know about the threat of the Shadow, and how it would pursue Daniel until he died for taking the Orb from the tomb in Algeria.[40] However, the baron was deceptive, deliberately mixing truth in with lies so as not to cause any suspicion.[42][43] The last thing he wanted was Daniel jeopardizing his chance to escape or risk the Shadow slaying him also. Alexander began to sympathize with his situation, seeing him as a victim of cruel circumstance much like himself.[7]

Carefully manipulating Daniel, Alexander offered him as much care and information as he could without revealing his true motives.[43] He brought the young man into his most precious chamber, the Inner Sanctum claiming here they would permanently banish the orb's Shadow.[14] The truth was it had become a priority for the baron to force Daniel's orb to yield its power unto him, otherwise, he could not proceed with the ritual, Vitae alone was not enough.[14][44] Daniel was enchanted by the relic to take it back but the baron held him firmly back. He channelled the Orb’s power unto them, this enraged the Shadow and it manifested, the walls burst with organic tissue threatening to devour them both.[45] Alexander quickly covered the Orb with cloth and the cosmic horror vanished.[45]

Alexander knew whatever happened now that he had doomed the "branded" Daniel, though he had little time to pause for regret since they were both running out of time.[7] He'd have a small window of time to escape, the Shadow would surely return and consume the entire castle, and them with it.[46] He had to quickly teach his friend how to harvest Vitae through torture, helping transport the captive human vessels, and assisting the baron's servants to reinforce the castle from the approaching living nightmare that threatened to collapse it.[42][47] The Baron lied to the gullible young man, claiming he was charged with the responsibilities of a prison warden, and the castle cells were where violent and wicked criminals were locked up.[48] He fabricated all sorts of crimes and horrific stories that they were supposedly "convicted" of.[43][49]

Slowly, Alexander began to teach Daniel of "warding rituals," torturing and spilling the blood of others to offset the Shadow in its path.[42] Alexander told Daniel that he would have to take part in the rituals, or else the Shadow would find and slaughterDaniel. The baron was partially lying, of course, the Shadow cannot be fully banished and that these criminals, these "murderers" were, in fact, innocent people, but he needed his cooperation regardless.[7] Fearing his death, Daniel became Alexander's pawn, brutally torturing prisoners before killing them.[42] All of the while, Alexander obtained more and more vitae, while at the same time, keeping the Shadow away from Brennenburg.[46] In some diary entries, he writes that he does feel sorrow for Daniel, as the young boy slowly destroys his soul due to his manipulation.[7]

Abducting the Zimmermanns[]

The Baron was aware that the blood wards could not appease the ancient horror, nor would they distract it for very long.[42][46] Alexander became somewhat concerned as Daniel became more and more desperate as the wrathful Shadow beckoned for him.[7] Nevertheless, Alexander was excited as they had nearly gathered enough Vitae required. A few more human vessels were all that was needed. They journeyed to the Zimmermann farm outside Altstadt, the baron struck down Gustaf Zimmermann while Daniel captured the wife and children.[50]

Later that night one of the Zimmermann daughters, Elise, managed to escape from her cell, but Daniel found out.[51] Daniel then murdered her mother, and tracked down the girl upstairs in the Storage, and murdered her in cold blood.[52] This finally broke Daniel's psyche and he realized he was no longer an innocent but a monster, The grieving man could not remove himself from the sight of her lifeless body.[53]

Alexander was alarmed, seeing that the recent event had taken its toll on his friend.[7] Fearing it was only a short matter of time before Daniel turned on him, he stole Daniel's Orb and sealed himself away in the Orb Chamber.[54] Having harvested enough vitae now to initiate the ritual, he had for all intents and purposes abandoned Daniel to the advancing Shadow sooner than he would have liked since he would've rather done so after completing the ritual and removing the threat of reprisal.[54]

Daniel, knowing he'd been manipulated and thanks to Alexander he'd now die as a cold-blooded murderer instead of an innocent, swore revenge.[54] Unable to cope with the guilt of his actions and fear of his impending doom he wiped his memories away with the Amnesia potion.[54] The former Daniel left a final letter to himself behind instructing him to murder the baron.[55]

Events of Amnesia: The Dark Descent[]

The amnesiac Daniel fumbled with his shattered memories has little choice but to comply with his former self's instructions, the arriving Shadow prevents his escape and starts hunting him. Alexander also employs his servants, the Gatherers throughout the castle to patrol the rooms and kill Daniel on sight. The baron is confident that he'll complete the ritual but makes one fatal miscalculation. He left Agrippa's old broken orb shards behind. Daniel is the only one who can rebuild the Orb and using it, is able to penetrate the Inner Sanctum protecting Alexander.

Realizing Daniel meant to stop him, Alexander started communicating with him telepathically, taunting him often that he is responsible for all the death, intent on blaming the young man for his own misdeeds and corrupting influence. However, as Daniel explored further into the depths of Brennenburg Castle, Alexander is horrified, ordering him to turn around, as the Shadow following the man starts breaking down reality everywhere it goes, killing his servants in the process.

When Daniel arrived in the Chancel, he was ambushed by three Gatherers and taken captive. He wakes up in a jail cell. Alexander begins to taunt him again. The baron is perplexed as to why Daniel would drink from the amnesia tonic to get a fresh start. He then told Daniel to stay in the cell and save their work, hoping he'd agree so the Shadow will claim Daniel, leaving enough time for him to enter the portal. If Daniel decided to stay in his cell, the Guardian will soon consume and kill him, but if Daniel rejects his claims that he must sacrifice himself, he will escape from the cell and carry on through.



Alexander in-game.

Finally, Alexander was seen in person, naked and levitating, at the very bottom of Brennenburg Castle, in his Inner Sanctum, in which he is performing the final stages of the ritual in order to create a portal to the world he came from. Here, Daniel had a set of choices to make: Destroy the recreation of the Traveler's Locket and allow The Shadow to kill Alexander, liberating himself of its pursuit ('Revenge Ending'); toss Agrippa's head into the portal, killing Alexander, with Daniel apparently dying and being saved by Johann Weyer in the afterlife ('Good Ending'); or to simply allow Alexander to enter the portal, after which Daniel is killed by The Shadow and haunting memories of those he tortured, afterwards hearing Alexander's voice praising him ('Bad Ending').


Well-spoken, charismatic and intelligent, Alexander presented himself as an articulate, benevolent and headstrong person. However, as the game goes on, more negative and selfishly manipulative qualities are revealed. Centuries before The Dark Descent, Alexander was cunning enough to keep his true identity hidden and rise through the ranks.

When Daniel and Alexander first communicate, both via letters and meeting in person, Alexander's demeanor would suggest that he is being a helpful friend. It was through this friendship that he was able to build the foundation on manipulating Daniel. Alexander was not only capable of torturing others with little to no remorse, but was able to convince Daniel to do so as well.

Despite his manipulative nature, Alexander was not totally heartless, he had been in love with someone from his world and considered Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa and Johann Weyer to be his friends, trusting them with his deepest secrets and being deeply hurt by their betrayal.

Alexander's desire to return to his world was so strong, that he claimed that being trapped in another world was worse than being tortured in one's own world. Though this torture began with criminals, it eventually branched out to innocent people, as him and Daniel needed more people to perform rituals to ward off the Shadow.

Alexander also seems to have a warped view on what's right and wrong, as he always seems to find a way to justify his own actions, no matter how unspeakably horrifying they are. When he discovers that Daniel is marked by The Shadow, he begins to cast Daniel aside, but still wants Daniel to sacrifice himself, so that Alexander can use the power of the Orbs, and create a portal to his homeworld dimension.

When Daniel finally confronts Alexander in person at the end of the game, the latter states, "Good and evil. Such comforting concepts, but hardly applicable." A statement further proving his moral ambiguity. If Daniel allows Alexander to escape to his home world and be taken by the Shadow, he will be thankful of the sacrifice, and tell Daniel that "he will be celebrated forever."


  • "Daniel, is that you? What are you doing?"
  • "Is this guilt I'm witnessing, Daniel? If so, blame yourself. You started this. You sent me that letter asking for help and this is how you repay me? How dare you!"
  • "Do you see it, Daniel? A whole other world—isn't it beautiful? I can finally return... home. But you... I am sorry Daniel. You won't be able to enter. You are still tainted—branded by the Shadow. It will consume you either way."


  • When Daniel sent out letters to contacts asking for information using Herbert's stolen address book, Alexander of Brennenburg was among Herbert's most trusted friends and confidantes. It is very possible that the professor was well acquainted with the Prussian baron, and was even under his employ. He may have been sent to Algeria to retrieve an Orb for him after the baron had accidentally broken Agrippa's Orb in his hastiness to return home. Alexander's response to all of Daniel's questions was simply "I know."[38] It is unlikely that Alexander told Herbert exactly what sort of power was contained within the Orb, nor the dangers of removing it from the tomb, but simply promised a handsome sum for its retrieval.
    • In Rebirth, some notes from Herbert imply that Alexander told him about the Other World and about how the Orbs may serve to open portals through them. Herbert also states that Alexander told him about vitae (though it is unlikely that he told him about its origins).
  • Alexander's relationship with Agrippa and his pupil Johann Weyer is complex and not fully understood. The three appear to have some history and the baron expressed in one of his Memory Capsules his anger at Agrippa's apparent betrayal.[24] It is possible Weyer gathered all the Orbs to journey beyond the Universe without the need for Vitae but did not invite Alexander, who trusted them both with the real reason for his efforts and why he so desperately sought to return home.[9]
  • Alexander's portrait on low sanity might be what his true form looks like, as he clearly isn't from the realm of humans. It could otherwise possibly be a reflection of the corruption that has claimed his soul, similar in nature to The Picture of Dorian Gray.
  • He may have been banished to our world by the Empress Tihana. It is also possible, if unlikely, he was in love with her.
  • His extraordinary long life in our Earth might be explained by the different time elapsing speed in our world versus the Other World's. Judging by Tasi Trianon's development speed of her pregnancy while she was in the Other World, time could flowing faster in that planet/dimension (40 Earth weeks of pregnancy development happened in just a few hours). Thus, citizens of that world could have shorter life span when compared to "human" life span. As a result, Alexander managed to enjoy a much longer life than he would have lived in his world.
  • The notes in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs possibly indicate that Alexander is the great uncle of Oswald Mandus. Oswald received a body of a Gatherer, began research on Orbs, Vitae, and recovered his travel journal from the remains of Brennenburg Castle which inspired his expeditions to the Americas.[6] In addition, the Black Eagle symbols are found in several places near Oswald's residence.[citation needed] Being that there is no mention of Alexander having siblings, or of any fertile intermarriage between Otherworlders and humans, it can be assumed that Oswald would not be related by blood, but by marriage. However, Alexander mention having loved ones in Other World and may not have been interested in marrying a human, even to keep up pretenses as a Prussian nobleman. On the contrary, the only other plausible candidate, although a far poorer one, Daniel, had a sister named Hazel. Furthermore, there are no paintings of other relatives throughout the castle. Of course, there is currently no concrete evidence for or against this claim.


  • Baron Alexander's voice actor, Sam A. Mowry, previously voiced Dr. Eminiss in Frictional Games' series, Penumbra.
  • Alexander appears to have deep remorse for abandoning Daniel to the Shadow and also that he cannot bring him to his home-world.[7] He bitterly considered it ironic that he had to use him, much like how Agrippa betrayed his "trust" in the past, allowing Weyer to journey to the other world and not him.[7]
  • Despite being a Prussian baron for centuries, Alexander speaks English clearly, lacking any noticeable accent.
  • Alexander, being an extra-dimensional entity/being, can mentally attack Daniel's sanity in an attempt to stop him. He does this once in the chancel as he expresses his outrage at Daniel's ungratefulness at his "hospitality" and again in the nave, causing the young Englishman to hallucinate many giant spiders swarming the walls. However, these cannot attack him physically and soon disappear.
  • Daniel cannot honour his former self's final wish and personally murder the baron with his own hands. Alexander is unreachable in the Orb Chamber; only the Shadow can stop him.
  • In the note of the Theater in Amnesia: Rebirth it's implied that Alexander's real name is "Ayandra the Apostate" and that he invented the amnesia potion, called in his world the Emmerysh elixir.[21] But, because of his unappealable crimes, he was sentenced to exile.[21]
  • Many parellels can be drawn between Empress Tihana, the main antagonist of Amnesia: Rebirth, and Alexander. Both characters are the main antagonists in their respective games; both are from the same exact dimension, the "Other World". Both are forced into interacting with Earth's dimension in order to gain what they want, and therefore have manipulated the people of Earth - especially the main protagonists - to get closer to their goals. They both heavily needed vitae (and by extension, the torture of others) for their own survival, and both can die from The Shadow in determinant, optional endings.


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