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"My name is... Is... I am... Alexander's beloved!"
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One day I will return. If it wasn't for the thought of you, my love, I wouldn't be able to go on. When I find myself doing terrible things, I take comfort in you.

Alexander of Brennenburg, memory capsule

Alexander's beloved is the conjectural name for the love of Alexander of Brennenburg, who he was presumably in a relationship with before his banishment from the Other World. Judging from a series of diary entries in the form of memory capsules left behind by Alexander throughout Brennenburg Castle, wanting to see his beloved was one of Alexander's main motivations for wanting to return to the other world.


Alexander, hailing from the Other World, had access to Otherworldy technologies such as memory capsules (or at least the knowledge on how to create them). During his time on Earth, he used these memory capsules in the same way one would diaries, recording his thoughts and memories and often addressing his beloved in them. It is unknown what Alexander's beloved’s name or gender is.