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Count your lucky stars, old chap! We could have come down in the middle of nowhere.

Alex remarking on their good fortune to a more cautious Jonathan

Alex Sterling is a supporting character in Amnesia: Rebirth. He was one of the fourteen members of the Triple Crown Sadiola mining expedition to the French Sudan and was aboard the expedition plane Cassandra when it crashed in the Algerian desert on the 3rd of March, 1937. He was a British businessman and the son of one of the main financial backers of the expedition, acting on behalf of his father. Alex is voiced by English-Hungarian actor Gyuri Sarossy.


Alexander Melville Sterling was a wealthy English businessman. He was the eldest son of Robert Sterling, the head of the Sterling Shipping Company and one of the three co-owners of the newly created Triple Crown Mining Company. He was one of the main organizers of Triple Crown's first expedition to their newly acquired gold mine in the French Sudan, and accompanied it along with his private secretary.[2]


Early life[]

Alexander Melville Sterling was born in Great Britain as the eldest son of the celebrated shipping magnate Robert Sterling. He was presumably raised alongside his younger siblings and attended the prestigious boarding school, Charterhouse.[7]

In his adulthood, he would attend the very prestigious Magdalen College at Oxford University.[7] After his education was complete, Alex ventured into the nascent industry of luxury air travel.[7] He also spent some time in America, which was likely related to his business.[7] It is stated in a magazine that shortly before the ill-fated Sadiola expedition departed in March 1937, Alex had taken his place on the board of the Sterling Shipping Company, likely in preparation for eventually assuming his father’s position.[7]

It is unknown when he met Richard Fairchild or whether or not he and Richard began their secret relationship before or after the latter's employment as a secretary. Although it is more likely that Alex made Richard his private secretary to have a socially respectable reason to always be around each other. It appears that they were in a strong relationship by October 1936.

The Sadiola Expedition[]

In March 1937, the Triple Crown Mining Company sponsored an expedition to one of its newly acquired mines in the French Sudan.[8] Alex appears to have acted on behalf of his father in organizing the expedition, and met with Hank Mitchell directly on at least one occasion in Mayfair to discuss the particulars.[2][8] Apart from sponsoring the expedition, Sterling Shipping also provided the Cassandra and directly oversaw the hiring of the pilot Nicolas Masson, the hostess Yasmin Chabani, and the expedition doctor, Dr. Anton Metzier.[9][10][11] Alex also helped coordinate the expedition's goals with Alain Richemont, a man who worked in a high-ranking capacity at the mine.[12]

In an unusual move for a man of his station, Alex insisted on accompanying the Triple Crown expedition personally.[2] Hank was annoyed by this and believed Alex's presence to be unnecessary, feeling that the man was just looking for an adventure.[2] He was also skeptical of Alex’s claim that he would follow the more seasoned expedition members’ advice and know his place, partially due to his insistence that his private secretary (and secret lover), Richard Fairchild, accompany the expedition as well.[2] Despite his annoyance, he endeavored to treat Alex as a part of the expedition, albeit with no special treatment.[2]

However, Hank noted to Tasi Trianon that over the days of preparation, Alex fit in with and got along surprisingly well with the rest of the expedition’s members.[2][13] By contrast, Richard adapted poorly to the rough and adventurous facets of the expedition, even though at that point they were still making final preparations in Algiers.[14] At one point, Richard complained to Alex about the quality of the hotel coffee while they were sitting in the gardens.[5]

Events of Amnesia: Rebirth[]


Alex was one of the survivors of the crash of the Cassandra and survived relatively unhurt.[15] While the expedition camped in the caves, he consoled the distraught Richard and promised that he would look after him on the trek.[16]

Alex and Richard then left the caves along with the other abled-bodied expedition members in search of help. They travelled through the cave system to Al-Mamaru Fort. On the way they came across a strange idol, to which Alex asked Malick if he knew its origin.[1] When Jonathan Webber expressed uncertainty about the fort’s safety, Alex told him to cheer up about the fact they came across the fort at all.[17]

While inside Al-Mamaru Fort, Alex discovered a well in the garden area.[18] The well presumably supplied the group with much needed water reserves. On entering the living quarters, the expedition came across the corpses of the slaughtered French garrison.[19] As they came across the corpse of Legio. Belanger, Alex and Malick speculated about the reasons for it, they concluded that a mix of local insurrection and hyena attacks was the most likely explanation for the state of the fort.[19]

However, as they explored further they came across soldiers who had committed suicide, which Alex pointed out to an already disturbed Richard.[20] Alex attempted to comfort him, but the group was attacked by a creature shortly after, leaving Jonathan Webber dead and Hank Mitchell mortally wounded.[21]

After fleeing the fortress, the group reached an oasis and took a respite from travel. Suddenly an apparition appeared and invited them into the Other World to receive help and shelter.[22] This was too much for the already traumatized Richard, who refused to accompany the group into the Other World; furthermore, he then fled the oasis despite Alex’s pleas.[23] Alex then decided to leave the group to go after him, before parting ways he told Tasi Trianon to follow the apparition and save Hank, wishing her and the group the best of luck.[24]

It is unknown if Alex ever caught up with Richard, but he appears to have followed his trail down to the Roman ruins and Otherworlder outpost where Professor Herbert’s former excavation site, where Richard likely decided to seek shelter or find supplies. Richard was presumably assaulted and captured by the Harvesters at the entrance of the Hunting Grounds. Alex likely went inside after him but was hunted by and eventually mauled to death by a Harvester. It is possible that the transforming Leon De Vries was responsible for it, although the timeline is unclear and Leon never mentioned seeing Alex, and certainly never mentioned anything about murdering him.

During the game[]


Alex Sterling's Final Fate

During the game, Tasi accidently was transported to the Tomb of Tin Hinan, but she managed to traverse down to the Otherworlder outpost below it. Tasi followed their path while searching for a Leyden jar to power a portal, seeing Richard's ornate canteen on the way.[23] As she made her way into the Hunting Grounds, she discovered Alex's half-eaten corpse behind a recently-barricaded door, causing her to sadly reminisce on his kind, selfless nature and his relationship with Richard.[24]



Alex Sterling was an amiable and down-to-earth fellow, even being regarded as cheerful and charming by the apprehensive Hank Mitchell.[2] In contrast to Hank's fears – likely due to how many of Alex's social status acted – Alex's humble and affable nature led to him fitting in with the Cassandra crew far more easily than he originally expected.[13] Alex appears to have been deeply in love with Richard Fairchild, consoling him several times after the crash.[16] Alex also showed selfless tendencies, telling the rest of the expedition to save Hank before running off to find a wayward Richard.[24]


Alex Sterling had brown hair, blue eyes, and appeared to be of average height. His exact age is unknown, but his position as ‘heir’ to his father’s company despite only being a recent addition to the board of Sterling Shipping, his own business experience, physical appearance, and his overall demeanor suggest that he is in his early to mid 30s.


  • « You won't be staying. You'll be with us - and I'll take care of you. Come here. »
  • « They're dead and gone. Can't hurt you now. »
  • « Go! Follow her. Save Hank. I'm going after Richard. Best of luck, Tasi. »


  • Having had a romantic relationship with Richard Fairchild, Alex Sterling is, alongside Richard, the first explicitly LGBTQ+ character in an Amnesia game.
  • Alex appears to have enjoyed martinis, it is not known if he preferred them shaken or stirred.



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