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Alchemist is an achievement in the Steam version of the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and in the Xbox and Playstation versions as part of the Amnesia: Collection. In the Playstation version, it exists as a bronze Trophy. Alchemist is story-related and cannot be missed, as long as the player progresses normally through the game.


Alchemist is achieved by using the Pot of Acid to remove the residue blocking the way to the Refinery. It is an unmissable achievement, unlocked by progressing through the game.


The achievement icon depicts a green-shining glass bottle of translucent substance, corked on top.


  • "Alchemy" is an archaic term for the study of properties of matter, a science which would now mainly be referred to "chemistry," or in other cases as "physics" and/or "materials science." An alchemist, therefore, is one who practices alchemy.
    • However, alchemy was less scientific and more mystic in its procedures than modern science, and it was pursued with both esoteric aims, such as understanding the role of humanity in the universe, and practical aims, such as converting worthless elements into valuable ones (like turning lead into gold) or creating sources of eternal life.[1] Alchemy mostly fell out of fashion when scientific chemistry became standard practice and showed greater results.[1]
    • The word "alchemy" in English comes from Arabic "al-kīmiyā," through Medieval Latin "alchēmia"—ultimately deriving from Ancient Greek "khumeíā," a term for the "art of alloying metals."[2]


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